Claire has 20 years of experience in competitive quizzing, content creation and web design. She designed, created and runs Quiz Questions UK single-handedly…


Claire Roach

Claire Roach – Founder & Quiz Master @ Quiz Questions UK


I live and breathe money saving, finding deals, and sourcing the best freebies throughout the UK.  With having 5 children and enduring a gruelling lockdown for a year, I turned to online quizzes to keep our families entertained.

This is when it became apparent that there weren’t a lot of good quality ‘quiz question’ websites available, which is why I decided to create one, which will of course be completely free to use.

I am also the force behind Money Saving Central, the UK’s biggest Christmas website Christmas Countdown UK.

I have 20 years of experience in competitive quizzing, content creation and web design, so I designed and created Quiz Questions UK myself as well as all the content including quizzes, picture quizzes and dingbat puzzles. 

You can find more information about the quiz processes in my Editorial Policy


I absolutely love hosting quiz nights with my children, I couldn’t find many with click to reveal answers, which meant I couldn’t join in (and obviously win) so I did something about it – Claire Roach


The website will be packed full of quizzes suitable for adults, friends, children, and families.  All quizzes will include click to reveal answers which means even the question master can join in.

There will also be a handy PDF with a more basic list style and a separate answers sheet, for you to print off if you prefer.


Every Quiz on our Website is Totally Free to Use. You will not be asked to Log In, Supply Contact Details, or Pay a Subscription – Claire Roach


If you have any requests for a  themed quiz that we haven’t already put on the site, please do get in touch with us via any of our social channels and we will be more than happy to get it up for you.


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