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The Ultimate Spirituality Quiz

Think you can ace this spirituality quiz? There are many types of spirituality that people base their beliefs on, how in tune are you with your spiritual side? From crystals and tarot to common spiritual practices, you’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds for some spiritual quizzing.

Round 1

1 – What are the four elements?

2 – What colour represents the Heart Chakra?

3 – Which chakra is believed to be linked to the pineal gland?

4 – What is the highest Chakra?

5 – How many Universal Laws are there?

6 – What was Mystic Meg famous for?

7 – How many tarot cards are in a deck?

8 – How many ‘Claire Senses’ are there?

9 – Manifestation means to practice yoga – True or False?

10 – Everyone has an Aura – True or False?

Round 2

1 – What colour is a Rose Quartz crystal?

2 – What is the lowest Chakra?

3 – We are looked after by our Guardian what?

4 – Clairaudience is the ability to do what?

5 – Spirituality is the feeling or belief that there is something greater than us – True or False?

6 – Which book made Law of Attraction popular?

7 – What is the meaning of a New Moon?

8 – When a robin appears it means a passed loved one is visiting – True or False?

9 – What does the Amethyst crystal promote?

10 – Which colour represents the Sacral Chakra?

Round 3

1 – What common spiritual practice is used by Buddhists?

2 – We are all made up of energy and matter – True or False?

3 – What colour is the Citrine crystal usually?

4 – Clairsentience is the ability to do what?

5 – How many astrology signs are there?

6 – What two Rs are the meaning of a Full Moon?

7 – Reiki is the healing of what?

8 – You get in a large bath when having a Sound Bath – True or False?

9 – When a white feather appears it usually means what?

10 – When do Witches celebrate their new year?

Round 4

1 – How many Sabbaths are there in the pagan wheel?

2 – Clairvoyance is the ability to have what?

3 – Palmistry is the practice of what?

4 – Burning sage is also known as what?

5 – What is the meaning of a white or clear crystal?

6 – The colour of Selenite is usually green – True or False?

7 – The Death tarot card does not actually mean physical death – True or False?

8 – What three things does the planet Jupiter represent?

9 – When is the veil between the world of the living and the dead thinnest?

10 – The Ouija Board is said to do what?

Round 5

1 – Where did the act of smudging originate?

2 – What is the number 1 Tarot card represented by?

3 – Tea Leaf reading is a form of what?

4 – Clairgustance is what ability?

5 – What two things does the planet Saturn represent?

6 – EFT is said to create balance in what?

7 – What colour is the Solar Plexus Chakra?

8 – Herbs are used in spells – True or False?

9 – Salt is used for protection – True or False?

10 – Clairalience is the ability to do what?




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The Ultimate BTS Quiz

Could you be the world’s biggest BTS fan? if you think you know K-pop, find out by taking the ultimate BTS Quiz – everyone’s favourite k-pop boy band from South Korea! You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some poptastic quizzing.

Round 1 – Birthdays and Dates

1 – On which date did BTS debut?

2 – What date is Jungkook’s birthday?

3 – What date is RM’s birthday?

4 – What date is Jin’s birthday?

5 – What date is J-hope’s birthday?

6 – What date is Jimin’s birthday?

7 – What date is V’s birthday?

8 – What date is Suga’s birthday?

9 – What date is PD Bang Si Hyuk’s birthday?

10 – What date is ARMYs’ birthday?

Round 2 – Guess the BTS Member

1 – Who is BTS’ leader?

2 – Who is the youngest member?

3 – Who is the oldest member?

4 – Who was the first member to join the group?


5 – Which member sang the solo song ‘Serendipity’?

6 – Who are the two members from Daegu?

7 – Which member used the stage name AGUST D for his mixtape?

8 – Which member is the one called ‘worldwide handsome’?

9 – Which member debuted in acting for the K-drama ‘Hwarang’?

10 – Who was a member of the dance team ‘Neuron’ pre-debut?

Round 3 – BTS Songs

1 – What was the band’s debut song?

2 – What was their first full English song?

3 – Which song won ‘Song of the Year’ at MMA 2017?

4 – What was the BTS’ first official fan song?

5 – Which song did they first collaborate with Halsey on?

6 – With what song did BTS win their first ever music show?

7 – What is the intro song in the BTS WINGS album?

8 – What is the secret track in the album Love Yourself: Answer?

9 – What song was used as the theme song of the Japanese movie ‘Your Eyes Tell’?

10 – What BTS song MV was the first to reach 100 million views on Youtube?

Round 4 – BTS Firsts

1 – What was BTS’ first full album?

2 – What was BTS’ first variety show?

3 – On which date did BTS tweet their first tweet?

4 – When was their first Fanclub concert in Seoul?

5 – What was the first major award the band received as BTS?

6 – Which BTS album first entered the UK Billboard Albums Chart?

7 – At which music award show did they win their first Daesang?

8 – What did BTS receive from Twitter as a first for a KPOP group?

9 – What was the first award that they won in Billboard Music Awards?

10 – What award show recognized BTS as the first group to receive a daesang, not from the BIG3?

Round 5 – True or False

1 – BTS has six members – True or False?

2 – BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan – True or False?

3 – ‘Burn the Stage’ is NOT a BTS docu-series – True or False?

4 – BTS anniversary celebration is called FIESTA – True or False?

5 – BTS official lightstick is called the ARMY BOMB – True or False?

6 – ARMY stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth – True or False?

7 – BTS partnered with UNICEF for its anti-bullying campaign – True or False?

8 – BTS member, Jungkook, has the word ARMY tattooed on his right hand – True or False?

9 – BTS collaborated with British pop star, Charli XCX, for the song ‘Dream Glow’ – True or False?

10 – BTS member V said that Purple means “I will trust and love you for a long time” – True or False?




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The Ultimate Kids Football Quiz

Enjoy this simple football quiz with 50 easy questions, divided into 5 rounds that is suitable for both kids and adults that are fans of ‘The Beautiful Game’! Think stadiums, famous sporting event dates and players for inspiration to ace our free football quiz.

Round 1

1 – What colour is the home kit of both Manchester United and Liverpool?

2 – Which team did Lionel Messi debut for?

3 – What is the top English league called?

4 – Which country beginning with A is Lionel Messi from?

5 – Which country beginning with P is Cristiano Ronaldo from?

6 – What shirt number did Cristiano Ronaldo have when he first arrived at Real Madrid?

7 – Who managed Liverpool when they won the Premier League for the first time?

8 – What is the biggest FIFA international competition called?

9 – What country won Euro 2020 – France, Italy or Germany?

10 – Leicester has won the Premier League – True or False?

Round 2

1 – Which team did Ryan Giggs spend his entire career with?

2 – Who is the son of Peter Schmeichel?

3 – Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham are all based in which city?

4 – How many lions are on the England badge?

5 – What is the name of England’s home stadium?

6 – What position does David De Gea play?

7 – Which country is Pele from – Brazil or Portugal?

8 – How long is one half of a football game?

9 – Which country does N’golo Kante play for – France, England, or Brazil?

10 – What colour is Chelsea’s home shirt?

Round 3

1 – What position does Harry Maguire play?

2 – In which year did England first win the World Cup – 1966, 1967 or 1971?

3 – What country is Gareth Bale from – England, Ireland or Wales?

4 – You get a red card if you get two yellow cards in the same game – True or False?

5 – What country is Zlatan Ibrahimović from – England, Sweden or France?

6 – What is the top Spanish league called?

7 – Harry Kane hasn’t scored over 100 Premier League goals – True or False?

8 – How many players are allowed on the pitch for each team at once – 8, 9 or 11?

9 – What country is Luis Suarez from?

10 – Which Country won the 2018 World Cup – France, Germany or Brazil?

Round 4

1 – What is Manchester United’s stadium called?

2 – Which country is David Beckham from?

3 – Which city do Aston Villa play in – Manchester or Birmingham?

4 – Who was Arsenal’s manager during their invincible Premier League season?

5 – Who was Manchester City’s manager when they became the first team to reach 100 points?

6 – What is an overhead kick also known as?

7 – Which team plays at Vicarage Road – Fulham or Watford?

8 – What colour is the Tottenham home kit?

9 – Who was the England manager at Euro 2020?

10 – Which ‘TT’ was Chelsea’s manager when they won the 2020 Champions League?

Round 5

1 – Which Liverpool player is known as ‘The Egyptian King’?

2 – What country is Heung Min Son from?

3 – What is the league below the Premier League called?

4 – What is Newcastle’s stadium called?

5 – What does VAR stand for?

6 – Which club did Steven Gerrard play the most games for – Liverpool or Manchester City?

7 – Frank Lampard played for Manchester City – True or False?

8 – What country is Jose Mourinho from?

9 – What is the name of the prize that the Premier League top scorer wins?

10 – In which year was West Ham’s stadium used for the Olympics – 2010, 2011 or 2021?




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The Ultimate Books Quiz

Are you a Bibliophile? Think you could ace this book quiz? You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, from the beloved classics to modern-day reads, this quiz has it all. Think novels, authors, and famous literary characters for inspiration to ace our free book quiz.

Round 1 – British Literature

1 – Who wrote Frankenstein?

2 – The orphan Pip is the protagonist of which novel?

3 – Who wrote Small Island?

4 – Who wrote Homage to Catalonia?

5 – Mr. Darcy, George Wickham, and Mr. Allen are characters from which author’s novels?

6 – Which sisters wrote Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall?

7 – Which Scottish novel gave its name to a major train station?

8 – Who wrote works including Ulysses and Dubliners?

9 – Who wrote Trainspotting, later adapted as a major film?

10 – Who wrote The Wasp Factory?

Round 2 – European Literature

1 – Who wrote The Unbearable Lightness of Being?

2 – The protagonist of Kafka’s Metamorphosis becomes a giant ant – True or False?

3 – Who wrote the satirical novel ‘Candide’?

4 – Who wrote The Stranger, also known as The Outsider?

5 – What language did Tolstoy originally write in?

6 – Who wrote Crime and Punishment?

7 – Les Misérables is set during the French Revolution of 1789 – True or False?

8 – In Don Quixote, what does the protagonist think are hostile giants?

9 – Who wrote The Name of the Rose, later adapted into a film?

10 – Who wrote In Search of Lost Time?

Round 3 – American Literature

1 – Who wrote The Catcher in the Rye?

2 – What kind of creature is Moby Dick?

3 – Who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

4 – In which conflict is Catch 22 set?

5 – Whose work includes Tender is the Night and The Beautiful and the Damned?

6 – Who wrote The Song of Solomon?

7 – Who wrote A Farewell to Arms?

8 – To Kill a Mockingbird was written by Shirley Jackson – True or False?

9 – Who won a Hugo award for Bloodchild?

10 – Who wrote The Sound and the Fury?

Round 4 – Early Literature

1 – What is the name of the collection of stories compiled in Welsh, in the medieval period?

2 – Who composed Le Morte d’Arthur, one of the most famous Arthurian stories?

3 – Which early epistolary novel is over 1,500 pages long?

4 – What story, supposedly the diary of a shipwrecked man, is considered one of the earliest novels?

5 – The Tale of Genji was written by a Japanese noblewoman – True or False?

6 – Aphra Behn, the author of Oroonoko, was also a spy – True or False?

7 – Which British politician wrote The Castle of Otranto, one of the first Gothic novels?

8 – Who wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress?

9 – Who wrote Moll Flanders?

10 – Who wrote Gulliver’s Travels?

Round 5 – World Literature

1 – In which country is Romance of the Three Kingdoms considered a national classic?

2 – Who wrote Things Fall Apart, one of the most widely translated African novels?

3 – Who wrote Freshwater?

4 – The Japanese novel The Tale of Genji is over a thousand years old – True or False?

5 – Who wrote Pedro Páramo?

6 – Who wrote One Hundred Years of Solitude?

7 – Which 1993 novel, set in India, was adapted into a BBC series?

8 – Who wrote The Woman in the Dunes?

9 – Which 2005 novel by Kazuo Ishiguro was shortlisted for the Booker Prize?

10 – Who wrote The Wretched of the Earth?




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The Ultimate Poetry Quiz

From the history of the great poets to modern day poetry. Think traditional Poets, Poems and Poetic Technique for inspiration to ace our free poetry quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some poetic quizzing.

Round 1 – Ancient Poetry

1 – What is the oldest epic poem?

2 – Who wrote the Aeneid?

3 – The Iliad tells the story of which ancient war?

4 – Who were the Greek goddesses of poetry?

5 – In the Odyssey, who is Odysseus’ wife?

6 – Which Roman wrote the Satires?

7 – What is the oldest collection of Chinese poetry?

8 – What is the longest surviving Old English poem?

9 – Who was the most famous female ancient Greek poet?

10 – Who wrote the Metamorphoses?

Round 2 – British Poetry

1 – Which Irish poet wrote the Ballad of Reading Gaol?

2 – Which English playwright is also famous for his sonnets?

3 – Whose poem Auld Lang Syne is often sung on New Year’s Eve?

4 – Who wrote Dulce et Decorum Est?

5 – Who wrote Paradise Lost?

6 – Whose poem contains the line “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”?

7 – The Tam o Shanter bonnet is named after a poem – True or false?

8 – Who wrote the Charge of the Light Brigade?

9 – Which church contains Poets’ Corner?

10 – Who wrote the Canterbury Tales?

Round 3 – American Poetry

1 – Who wrote The Raven?

2 – Which poet famously uses a lot of dashes?

3 – Leaves of Grass is a poetry collection by which writer?

4 – Who wrote Walden?

5 – Whose poetry often does not use capital letters?

6 – Who wrote The Weary Blues?

7 – Which Allen Ginsberg poem caused an obscenity trial?

8 – Which poet also wrote the novel On the Road?

9 – Who wrote I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings?

10 – Which poet spoke at President Biden’s inauguration?

Round 4 – Poetic Technique

1 – How many lines are in a sonnet?

2 – How many lines are in a limerick?

3 – How many lines is a haiku in English?

4 – What is the term for words that imitate sounds?

5 – What’s the name for a poem that doesn’t rhyme?

6 – Metre is how a poem rhymes – True or false?

7 – What is the poetic technique of repeating similar vowel sounds?

8 – An almanac is a form of poetry – True or false?

9 – What is the term for a stanza of exactly four lines?

10 – The octave is the first part of many sonnets – True or false?

Round 5 – World Poetry

1 – Which German poet wrote Faust?

2 – Where did the haiku originate as a form?

3 – Which Italian poet wrote about a journey through Hell?

4 – Which French poet wrote a novel inspiring a popular musical?

5 – Russian poet Pushkin died in a duel – True or false?

6 – Which Spanish poet also wrote the plays Blood Wedding and Yerma?

7 – What Arabic form, translating as ode, often maintains a single meter and rhyme throughout?

8 – Which Chinese poet is one of the Three Wonders?

9 – Which Mexican poet won the 1990 Nobel Prize for literature?

10 – Which Turkish poet wrote the famous anti-war poem The Girl Child?




If you liked this poetry quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

The Ultimate Art & Artists Quiz

From the history of Art to modern-day artists, this quiz on the Arts will get your creative juices flowing. Think Famous sculptures, Artists, Paintings, and Art Eras for inspiration to ace our free Art quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some creative quizzing.

Round 1 – Renaissance Art

1 – Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

2 – Who painted the Mona Lisa?

3 – Who painted the Birth of Venus?

4 – Which German Renaissance artist is famous for his woodcut prints?

5 – Titian’s Assumption of the Virgin took over two years to finish – True or False?

6 – What is the name of Da Vinci’s famous drawing of human proportions?

7 – Who painted the Sistine Madonna?

8 – Who created the colossal sculpture St John the Evangelist?

9 – Which late Renaissance artist is famous for heavy use of chiaroscuro?

10 – Who painted the Arnolfini Portrait?

Round 2 – 18th & 19th Century Art

1 – Which French Neoclassical artist painted figures like Marat and Napoleon?

2 – Which Spanish artist is known for The Disasters of War?

3 – Who painted the Fighting Temeraire?

4 – Who created A Rake’s Progress?

5 – Ophelia by Millais depicts a scene from Shakespeare’s Othello – True or False?

6 – Which Dutch artist created Sunflowers and Starry Night?

7 – Who painted The Ballet Class?

8 – Who painted At the Moulin Rouge?

9 – Whose work includes The Basket of Apples and Curtain, Jug and Fruit?

10 – Who created The Ancient of Days?

Round 3 – Modern Art

1 – Which British street artist is famous for his stenciled graffiti?

2 – Who painted Black on Maroon and other colour field paintings?

3 – Which famous Chinese artist was arrested in 2011?

4 – Who designed the Orbit for the 2012 London Olympics?

5 – Which artist created ‘Whaam!’?

6 – The most expensive painting is Pollock’s Number 17A – True or False?

7 – Which art museum in New York hosts a famous gala?

8 – Which American artist rose to fame in street art group SAMO?

9 – Who created the piece Campbell’s Soup Cans?

10 – Which famous British artist won the 1995 Turner Prize?

Round 4 – Sculpture

1 – Who made David and the Pieta?

2 – In which country was the Statue of Liberty built?

3 – Who created Gattamelata?

4 – Who created The Thinker?

5 – Which country created the African Renaissance Monument?

6 – Which famous ancient Egyptian sculpture is in Giza?

7 – The Statue of Liberty is the tallest statue in the world – True or False?

8 – What statue stands above Rio de Janeiro?

9 – Who designed Cloud Gate, in Chicago?

10 – Who designed the Angel of the North?

Round 5 – photography

1 – The oldest photographs were taken in France – True or False?

2 – Who took the famous cover photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono?

3 – Who is credited with first suggesting a method of colour photography?

4 – Which American documentary photographer is famous for her work in the Great Depression?

5 – Which photographer is famous for his work in WW2 and the Spanish Civil War?

6 – The first X-ray photograph was taken in 1895 – True or False?

7 – Only 24 US states are older than the oldest photograph – True or False?

8 – Which Lord of the Rings actor is also a keen photographer?

9 – What was the most photographed city in the world in 2019?

10 – When was the first digital camera invented?




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The Ultimate Formula 1 Quiz

The fast-paced world of Formula One is thrilling, and this quiz has 50 questions, split into 5 rounds, that cover its exciting history. Legendary drivers and races are covered, and the F1 quiz is suitable for both new and old fans, with challenges for both. Don’t rush it though, it’s not a race!

Round 1

1 – Who was the first World Drivers’ Champion?

2 – In which year was the World Drivers’ Championship first awarded?

3 – In which year was the World Constructors’ Championship introduced?

4 – Which team won the first World Constructors’ Championship?

5 – Which circuit hosted the first World Championship race?

6 – Who was the first British World Champion?

7 – Who was the first driver to reach 100 wins?

8 – Who was the first driver to win 7 World Championships?

9 – What are F1 races known as?

10 – Who are the only team to win both championships in their only season?

Round 2

1 – How old was Max Verstappen when he became the youngest driver to start an F1 race?

2 – Jenson Button has never had a podium at his home race – True or False?

3 – In which year did Lewis Hamilton win his first World Championship?

4 – Both McLaren drivers scored the same number of points in 2007 – True or False?

5 – Which race in 2005 saw just 6 cars start?

6 – What was the previous name of Alpha Tauri?

7 – Who is the only driver to beat both Hamilton and Schumacher as a team-mate?

8 – Who was the first Mexican driver to get a podium in Mexico?

9 – Which circuit saw the first F1 Sprint Race trial?

10 – Which circuit did Pierre Gasly take his first win at?

Round 3

1 – Who won the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix?

2 – Who won the 2008 Hungarian Grand Prix?

3 – In which country did Lewis Hamilton take his first win?

4  – In which country did Max Verstappen take his first win?

5 – How many World Championships did Ayrton Senna win?

6 – What was the previous name of the Red Bull team?

7 – At which circuit did three drivers set identical pole position times in 1997?

8 – Bottas won a race in 2018 – True or False?

9 – Who is the son of Michael Schumacher?

10 – What is the name of Michael Schumacher’s brother who raced in F1?

Round 4

1 – At which track did Daniel Ricciardo win his first race for McLaren?

2 – Jack Aitken has started an F1 race – True or False?

3 – Who became Mercedes’ team principal in 2013?

4 – Who was Red Bull’s first team principal?

5 – Alain Prost won over 50 races – True or False?

6 – What team did Fernando Alonso win his first 2 championships with?

7 – What team did Michael Schumacher win his first 2 championships with?

8 – What country is Juan Pablo Montoya from?

9 – Who won the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix?

10 – At what circuit did Charles Leclerc take his first win?

Round 5

1 – Who was the first driver to reach 100 pole positions?

2 – Who won the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix?

3 – Who won the 2007 World Drivers’ Championship?

4 – When was the halo first used in F1?

5 – How many gears does a 2021 F1 car have?

6 – Which track hosted the last race of the 2010 World Championship?

7 – Stirling Moss won a World Championship – True or False?

8 – Which driver drove for Haas in each of their first 5 seasons?

9 – Who is the son of Graham Hill?

10 – Who was the first Finnish F1 World Champion?




If you liked this Formula 1 quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

The Ultimate WWE Wrestling Quiz

The exciting world of WWE is comprised of spectacular superstars who compete in exciting events. This quiz has 50 questions, divided into 5 rounds, that cover both the past and the present of WWE, with topics including the people and matches that have shaped the world of ‘Sports Entertainment’. So prepare for an electrifying experience that wrestling fans, both old and new, will enjoy!

Round 1

1 – What does the acronym WWE stand for?

2 – What did WWE use to be known as?

3 – In what year was the first WrestleMania held?

4 – Who was the first wrestler to win consecutive Royal Rumble matches?

5 – Name the member of The Shield not called Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns?

6 – In what year did Brock Lesnar return to WWE after a stint in UFC?

7 – How many wins did The Undertaker have at WrestleMania before ‘The Streak’ ended?

8 – Which wrestling superstar is a cousin of Snoop Dogg?

9 – Who won the first women’s Royal Rumble?

10 – Who won the first women’s WrestleMania main event match?

Round 2

1 – Which female WWE superstar had the entrance song ‘Bad Reputation’?

2 – Which was the first WWE pay-per-view headlined by a women’s match?

3 – What is John Cena’s finishing move called?

4 – What was The Rock’s finishing move called?

5 – Who became the first Superstar to cash in the Money in the Bank Contract mid-match?

6 – Who did Daniel Bryan beat to get a place in the WrestleMania 30 main event?

7 – What is the son of Rey Mysterio called?

8 – RK-Bro consists of Randy Orton and which other superstar?

9 – Survivor Series is one of the ‘Big Four’ WWE pay-per-views – True or False?

10 – In which city was CM Punk born in?

Round 3

1 – Who was the first Universal Champion?

2 – Who was the first WWE Champion?

3 – Who was Brock Lesnar’s ‘advocate’ when he beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30?

4 – What was the bio-secure bubble that WWE used during the COVID-19 pandemic known as?

5 – Who did Dolph Ziggler cash in his first Money in the Bank contract on?

6 – Who did Becky Lynch beat in her first match after returning from having her first child?

7 – Who was the first member of ‘The New Day’ to win the WWE Championship?

8 – Who had the nickname ‘Prince Pretty’?

9 – Who was the first ‘King of the Ring’ winner?

10 – In what year did AJ Styles return to WWE?

Round 4

1 – Who won the first ‘Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal’?

2 – Who was the youngest woman to win the Divas Championship?

3 – Who was the first Nexus leader?

4 – In which year did the 1000th Raw episode take place?

5 – Drew Mcintrye is the first British WWE World Champion – True or False?

6 – Who is Becky Lynch married to?

7 – Which country was Rusev born in?

8 – Who were the hosts of WrestleMania 33?

9 – What year did the WWE Network launch in?

10 – The Usos aren’t related in real-life – True or False?

Round 5

1 – What was the first major pay-per-view to take place outside of North America?

2 – Which wrestler was nicknamed ‘HBK’?

3 – Which wrestler’s real name is Rami Sebei?

4 – Who was the first wrestler to win both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships?

5 – Which wrestler had the catchphrase ‘We The People’?

6 – Who did Triple H marry?

7 – Seth Rollins was banned from using his ‘Stomp’ finishing move during a period – True or False?

8 – Donald Trump has appeared on WWE programs – True or False?

9 – John Cena won his first Royal Rumble in which year?

10 – What country was Kane born in?




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The Ultimate Alcohol Quiz

Alcohol quiz questions are perfect for a pub quiz! From modern-day cocktails to historic events including alcohol. Think tasty tipples and best-selling booze for inspiration to ace our free alcohol quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some HIC-tastic quizzing.

Round 1 – Cocktails

1 – What is the best selling cocktail in the UK?

2 – Which 3 ingredients make a ‘Tom Collins’?

3 – What is the main fruit in a Pornstar Martini?

4 – Which cocktail is made with white rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice?

5 – Which 2 ingredients make a ‘Bellini’?

6 – Which unusual, raw ingredient would you find in an ‘Amaretto Sour’cocktail?

7 – Which cocktail is made with rum, orange juice, triple sec, and sweeteners?

8 – What type of juice is used in a ‘Bloody Mary’?

9 – Which Tequila based cocktail is the USA’s number 1 seller?

10 – Which cocktail is made with ginger, vodka, lime, and soda?

Round 2 – Wine

1 – Which country does Champagne come from?

2 – Approximately, how many grapes are in a standard bottle of wine – 1000, 2000 or 3000?

3 – What is a 3 litre bottle of wine called?

4 – Some people have wine phobia, what is the name for the ‘fear of wine’?

5 – What is Rosé called in Italy?

6 – Which country does Prosecco come from?

7 – From which country does Pinot Noir originate?

8 – How do you say wine in Spanish?

9 – Do white wines Darken or Lighten in colour as they age?

10 – How many 75cl bottles of wine are in a magnum?

Round 3 – Lager, Cider & Beer

1 – Which brand of lagers slogan is “Probably the best beer in the world”?

2 – Desperado lager is flavoured with which spirit?

3 – Which brand of lager “Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach”?

4 – Samuel Allsop invented what?

5 – Which brand of Ale’s slogan is “A tasty change from the usual”?

6 – Which beverage did Captain Cook believe would cure Scurvy?

7 – Which brand of Ale’s slogan is “Unmistakable German Craftsmanship”?

8 – From which country does Stella Artois originate?

9 – What percent of all UK apples are used to make cider – 25%, 45% or 65%?

10 – Where in Ireland was Guinness originally made?

Round 4 – Alcohol Trivia

1 – What is Cenosillicaphobia the fear of?

2 – In what year did prohibition end – 1893, 1933 or 1953?

3 – Corona lager comes from which Country?

4 – In Greek Mythology, who is the god of wine?

5 – What is Sake?

6 – Which fruit is used to flavour Gin?

7 – Which German city does the famous beer festival ‘Oktoberfest’ originate from?

8 – How should a Martini be served according to James Bond?

9 – Name the Swiss cinnamon schnapps which has gold leaf floating in it?

10 – Ninkasi is the Egyptian goddess of what?

Round 5 – True or False

1 – Grapes are the most planted fruit all over the world – True or False?

2 – Dipsophobia is the fear of alcohol – True or False?

3 – It was illegal to drink alcohol during Prohibition – True or False?

4 – Amaretto is flavoured with Cherries – True or False?

5 – Malbec is a wine region in France – True or False?

6 – In the 14th Century children were baptised in cider – True or False?

7 – Effen is the top selling vodka brand in the world – True or False?

8 – As red wines age, they become darker in color – True or False?

9 – The word whisky means ‘water of life’ – True or False?

10 – Guinness is vegan – True or False?




If you liked this alcohol quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

The Ultimate Insects Quiz

How well do you know your creepy crawlies? Insects are all around us in their trillions, but how many species do you actually know? Let’s see if you’re an insect expert or novice. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some bug-tastic quizzing.

Round 1

1 – What is the name of someone who studies insects?

2 – What is the name for the fear of spiders?

3 – What were the first-ever insects to be sent to space?

4 – In Spanish, they are known as ‘Cucaracha’ what are they?

5 – All arachnids have how many legs?

6 – What is the average lifespan of a bumblebee in months – 1, 6 or 12?

7 – Which insects are the strongest?

8 – Of all the species in the world, what percent are insects – 10%, 50% or 80%?

9 – What is the largest butterfly in the UK?

10 – How many legs do insects have?

Round 2

1 – What is the name for the fear of insects?

2 – Mites and Ticks are part of which arthropod group?

3 – How many years on average do Splendour beetles live – 25, 50 or 75?

4 – What’s the most common butterfly in the UK?

5 – Which order of insects contains the most species?

6 – Which group of insects eat and destroy wood?

7 – What insect eats its mate after mating?

8 – Whiteflies mainly eat which type of leaves?

9 – What two colours are milkweed bugs?

10 – What is the only insect that can turn its head 180 degrees?

Round 3

1 – Lepidopterophobia is the name for the fear of what?

2 – What insects invaded the court at Wimbledon in 2018?

3 – What is the loudest insect in the world?

4 – What Was the Biggest Insect That Ever Lived?

5 – Which insects have a lifespan of just 24 hours?

6 – Which insects are carriers of malaria?

7 – Which insects are considered good luck across Asia & Europe?

8 – In English tradition, you’ll come into money if which insect crawls across your palm?

9 – Which insects produce a substance called royal jelly?

10 – In Japanese folklore, which insects represent the souls of people?

Round 4

1 – How many eyes do Caterpillars have?

2 – How many species of dragonfly are found in the UK – 1, 36 or 360?

3 – Which flying insects taste with their feet?

4 – What do Ladybirds sometimes do to avoid predators?

5 – Greater water boatmen breathe through what body part?

6 – What are the three parts that make up an insect’s body?

7 – What sweet fluid do ants often eat/drink?

8 – What do grasshoppers turn into when food is scarce?

9 – An old superstition says which insect crawling across your shoe is a sign of death to come?

10 – Males of which insects use their long necks to fight each other?

Round 5 – True or False

1 – Atopodophobia is the fear of Caterpillars – True or False?

2 – Scorpions are a type of Arachnid – True or False?

3 – There are over 2 million species of insect identified in the world – True or False?

4 – Helminthophobia is the fear of Worms – True or False?

5 – Ants can live for 50 years – True or False?

6 – Spiders aren’t insects – True or False?

7 – Faraophobia is the fear of Crickets – True or False?

8 – Black Ladybirds are poisonous and can kill a human – True or False?

9 – Queen Termites can live for 50+ years – True or False?

10 – Spotophobia is the fear of Ladybirds – True or False?




If you liked this Insect quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

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