The Ultimate Boy Bands Quiz

Think you know a thing or two about Boy Bands? Think catchy songs, famous faces, concert venues and music awards for inspiration to ace our free Boy Bands quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some musical quizzing.

Round 1

1 – Which boyband consisted of brothers Michael, Randy, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon & Jackie?

2 – BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan, which means what?

3 – Which boyband sang “Everybody get up”?

4 – What were “boys II men” originally known as?

5 – Which 90s boyband sold over 130 Million records?

6 – Which boyband from Dublin was formed in 1978?

7 – How many smash hit awards have Westlife won?

8 – Which member of “Take That” joined at age 16?

9 – In 2010 which boyband won two 4Music Awards for Hottest Boys and Biggest Breakthrough?

10 – Which boyband was Justin Timberlake a member of?

Round 2

1 – What was the Vamps first number 1 hit?

2 – Which 90s boyband had an iconic hit MMMBop?

3 – Which boyband were in the Camp Rock movies?

4 – Where did “5 seconds of summer” originate?

5 – How many number 1 singles have one direction had?

6 – Louis Walsh created which Irish boyband?

7 – Who won the title of the UK’s hardest-working band for two consecutive years, in 2011 and 2012?

8 – Who were the world’s first boyband formed in 1932?

9 – Which boyband was formed in Edingburgh in 1964?

10 – Brothers Jonathan & Jordan Knight were part of which American boyband?

Round 3

1 – All Rise, One Love and Guilty were albums from which boyband?

2 – In 2002 which boyband had a hit single with “Year 3000”?

3 – Which boyband was in the film “Just my Luck”?

4 – Mcfly and Busted joined to form McBusted in which year?

5 – Freek, Melo-D & Tynee Fingaz were members of which boyband?

6 – Which boyband was from Rhyl in North Wales?

7 – As of 2021 who are the biggest boyband in the world?

8 – Who is the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers?

9 – Approximately 73 million people watched the Beatles make their U.S. television debut on which TV show?

10 – Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony were members of which band before going solo?

Round 4

1 – Which member of One Direction has 4 nipples?

2 – How many years were “The Osmonds” active?

3 – What defines a boyband?

4 – Where are “The Beatles” from?

5 – Who is the richest member of the Beatles?

6 – Which TV show were One Direction formed?

7 – Which band were formed on the US reality television series Making the Band in the year 2000?

8 – Which member of McFly won “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”?

9 – What place did JLS finish on X-factor?

10 – Which member left One Direction?

Round 5

1 – Which boyband sings “I want it that way”?

2 – Which boyband sings “Hey Jude”?

3 – Which boyband sings “You make me wanna”?

4 – Which boyband sings “5 colours in her hair”?

5 – Which boyband sings “Everybody in love”?

6 – Which boyband sings “Walks like Rhianna”?

7 – Which boyband sings “I want you back”?

8 – Which boyband sings “keep on moving”?

9 – Which boyband sings “I lay my love on you”?

10 – Which boyband sings “Crossroads”?




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