Brain Teasers

Want to challenge your Brain? This quiz will help you improve your memory and have fun at the same time.

Brain Teasers are puzzle questions, like riddles and rebus puzzles, that can be in the form of words or pictures. They’re in every genre and challenge you to think out of the box.

You’ll find 50 brain teasers divided into 3 rounds of questions and 1 picture round with a free printable version you can print off further down the page – Enjoy!

Round 1

Nice and Easy…

1 – A CD has 10 tracks, all of equal durations. What track do you start on if you want to hear the second half of the CD?

2 – Whrich arnimal rin thirs lrist wrould hibernater?

3 – If day 1 is January 1st, in which month of the year is day 200?

4 – You can spell every number up to 1,000 without using which vowel?

5 – In the following, which letter appears exactly five times?

6 – What four-letter word forms a link between these two words?
STEAM _ _ _ _ AGE

7 – Which of these is the odd one out?
A Sit    B Hit    C Fit    D Run    E Flit

8 – If January is Month 1, which of these three comes first alphabetically?
A Month 6    C Month 7    C Month 9

9 – What four-letter word links HIGH, LONG and TRIPLE?

10 – Which of these numbers replaces the question mark in this sequence? 31 – ? – 51 – 61
A 41    B 81

Round 2

Genius Level

1 – Which of these is the odd one out?

2 – Which of these answers has a body part in them?
A Trainer    B Boot    C Slipper

3 – If A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 etc, what is the value of I + N + K?

4 – What five-letter word is missing from the alphabet?

5 – How many letters appear more than once in the following?

6 – What odd number becomes even if you remove just one letter?

7 – If Rhydian is 1, Victoria is 6 and Archie is 2, what is Oliver?

8 – You had a packet of 15 sweets & ate one every half hour. If you had the last sweet at 5:30pm, at what time did you have the first sweet?

9 – Fill in the Blank.
Esmee is Lola’s twin sister. Lola is the ____ of Esmee’s sister?

10 – There is a word in Engish where the first two letters are male, the first three letters female the first four letters are a great man and the whole words is a great woman. What is the word?

Round 3

Getting Harder

1 – Can You work out what letters are missing in this sequence…
_ Y W O W L A M I T _

2 – Every year, Rosie spends Christmas with her family. She has as many brothers as sisters, but each brother has only half as many brothers as sisters. How many siblings are in her family?

3 – When all the months of the year and days of the week are written out, how many times does the letter R appear?

4 – On day 1, Ivy has 100 pounds and she receives another 100 pounds every day. Joe starts with 10 pounds and his money is doubled every day. On what day does Joe have more money than Ivy?

5 – Two words with the same four letters in a different order can solve this code. What are they?

6 – Luke goes on a yacht with his son, Dan. Mike also comes along on the same holiday, with his uncle and grandfather. What is the minimum number of people on the boat?

7 – Solve the below anagram…

8 – A Horse race is held over 2 miles. There is a jump at every quarter mile mark, with the last jump being at one and three-quarter miles. How many Jumps are there in total?

9 – What same pair of letters will complete this word?
A _ _ D W _ _ E

10 – On a mobile phone keypad, what 4 numbers would write the word ‘Belt’?

Round 4 – Picture Round

Find the hidden meaning in the pictures below to decipher the answers…

Brain Teaser Picture round

Picture Round Answers

1 –

2 –

3 –

4 –

5 –

6 –

7 –

8 –

9 –

10 –

11 –

12 –

13 –

14 –

15 –

16 –

17 –

18 –

19 –

20 –




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