The Ultimate Encanto Quiz

Are you obsessed with the family Madrigal and think you could ace this Encanto quiz?. Think quirky characters, magical gifts and catchy songs for inspiration to ace our free Disney Encanto quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather the children for some Madrigal quizzing.

Round 1

1 – Who don’t the family talk about?

2 – Pepa’s power means she can change what?

3 – Who is the oldest member of the Madrigal family?

4 – Does Mirabel wear glasses or hearing aids?

5 – Which family member sings the song ‘Surface Pressure’?

6 – What colour bow does wear Dolores in her hair?

7 – Mirabel’s mother Julieta can heal things with what?

8 – What is Mirabel’s dad Agustín allergic to?

9 – Which sister did not want to really marry Mariano?

10 – How old is Mirabel in Encanto – 10, 15 or 25?

Round 2

1 – What is Bruno’s power?

2 – What colour are Mirabel’s glasses?

3 – What nationality is the Madrigal family?

4 – What is the final piece Mirabel puts on the Casita (house) when it’s rebuilt?

5 – What toy did Mirabel give to Antonio on the day of his Ceremony?

6 – Which one of Mirabel’s sisters has superhuman strength?

7 – What object gives the Casita and the Madrigal’s their powers?

8 – Who found the magic?

9 – Who does Mirabel call ‘Señorita Perfecta’?

10 – The Family Madrigal song took inspiration from which other Disney film opening?

Round 3

1 – Who often says “Knock knock knock knock knock, Knock on wood”?

2 – Which family member can make flowers grow?

3 – What type of plant did Isabela make that wasn’t perfect?

4 – What is Bruno’s room full of?

5 – During the engagement dinner, what instrument does Luisa struggle to drag into the room?

6 – Which song reached number 1 in the UK charts?

7 – What power does Dolores have?

8 – What colour is Isabela’s dress?

9 – How many children does Bruno have?

10 – Name two out of Felix and Pepa’s three children?

Round 4

1 – Which family member has the ability to shapeshift?

2 – What is Alma (Abuela) Madrigal’s husband’s name?

3 – How old are the Madrigal’s when they get their gifts – 5, 10 or 15?

4 – What letter is on the doorknob that Mirabel places on the rebuilt Casita?

5 – What type of weather are Pepa’s earrings?

6 – Does Agustín Madrigal have a beard or a moustache?

7 – What colour is Félix Madrigal’s shirt?

8 – Who is the youngest member of the Madrigal family?

9 – Who tells the village children that Mirabel didn’t get a gift?

10 – How many years did it take to create the film Encanto – 4, 5 or 6?

Round 5

1 – How many donkeys does Luisa carry – 7, 17 or 77?

2 – What power does Mirabel have?

3 – What colour are the butterflies that surround Mirabel and Alma?

4 – Which one of Madrigal triplets has red hair?

5 – What does Bruno use as a door to get behind the walls?

6 – What power does Antonio have?

7 – Who’s eye twitches when she’s nervous?

8 – What type of bird is the first to join Antonio after he unlocks his powers?

9 – What colour is Bruno’s cloak?

10 – What type of Animals told Antonio that Bruno was hiding in the walls?




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    The encanto quiz was so much fun I got one wrong but it’s okay this was all just for fun this one is the best in encanto quiz ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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