The Ultimate Food & Drink Quiz

This Quiz has 100 Questions about Food and Drink that are suitable for all ages. Each round has a theme, from fast food and takeaways to foreign delicacies and popular drinks!

You’ll find 100 trivia questions divided into 10 rounds and a free printable version you can print off further down the page – Enjoy!

Round 1 – Food Measurements

1 – How many eggs are in a dozen?

2 – How many rolls are in a Baker’s dozen?

3 – What does the abbreviation ‘tbsp’ stand for?

4 – How many Pints are in one Quart?

5 – How many Fluid Ounces are in 1 Gallon?

6 – How many MLs are in a pint of Beer in the UK?

7 – What is the common abbreviation for a Kilogram?

8 – 250mls of water weighs how many grams?

9 – How many Tablespoons are in one Dessertspoon?

10 – What is the common abbreviation for a Teaspoon?

Round 2 – Fast Food

1 – What two colours make up Subway’s Logo?

2 – How many Calories are in one Chicken McNugget – 49, 79 or 109?

3 –  What is the first name of McDonald’s Mascot?

4 – What two colours make up Domino’s Pizza Logo?

5 – “Have It Your Way” is a slogan from which popular fast food chain?

6 – What is the first name of KFC’s Colonel Sanders?

7 – Jerry Murrell founded which fast food chain?

8 – “Think outside the bun” is a slogan from which popular fast food chain?

9 – How many herbs and spices feature in KFC’s secret recipe?

10 – “Better ingredients. Better pizza.” is a slogan from which popular fast food chain?

Round 3 – Drinks

1 – Pharmacist Charles Alderton created which brand of drink?

2 – Which came first Tango of Fanta?

3 – What is the name of the indent on the bottom of wine bottles?

4 – In which year was coca cola invented – 1786, 1836 or 1886?

5 – Prohibition in the United States ended in which year?

6 – Chianti wine is produced in which country?

7 – Beer was classed as a soft drink until 2011 in which country?

8 – Catholics tried to get Pope Clement VII to ban which drink, calling it “Devil’s Beverage”?

9 – Jägermeister is from which country?

10 – Dr Pepper sued which beverage brand twice for naming a similar drink ‘Peppo’ and then ‘Dr. Pibb’?

Round 4 – Food Science

1 – The chemical formula NaCl is better known as what?

2 – Who made the first solid chocolate in 1847, after 3000 years of it being consumed exclusively as a liquid?

3 – Which contains more water – Watermelon or Cucumber?

4 – Astaxanthin is often used to make what food item pink?

5 – How many degrees Celsius (minimum) is required to evoke a Mallard reaction?

6 – Sulfoxide Alliin is a bioactive sulfoxide compound derived from which pungent vegetable?

7 – What does the acronym SHU stand for in regards to Chilli Peppers?

8 – Red food dye ‘Carmine’ is made from the crushed carcasses of which insects?

9 – Are Fungi genetically closer to – Humans or Plants?

10 – What is the chemical name for Sugar?

Round 5 – Chocolate

1 –  How many cacao beans does it take to make a pound of chocolate – 100, 250 or 400?

2 – What are Criollo, Forastero, and Trinitario?

3 – In which month is International World Chocolate Day celebrated annually?

4 – In which year was milk chocolate invented – 1665, 1775 or 1875?

5 – In which UK city was the UK’s first ever chocolate factory opened?

6 – What was Cadbury’s first ever chocolate bar?

7 – What nuts are used in a Snickers bar?

8 – Which Nestle chocolate bar is considered good luck in Japan?

9 – From which Country does the Milka chocolate brand originate?

10 – In which year was the first chocolate bar created – 1747, 1847 or 1897?

Round 6 – Food Slogans

Which Brands Used the following Slogans in their Advertising…

1 – “Taste the Rainbow”

2 – “Bring out your best silver this Christmas”

3 – “Made with Vitamins, Iron and Sunshine”

4 – “The original winter warmer”

5 – “You either love it or you hate it”

6 – “Salad. Make a meal of it”

7 – “You’re not you when you’re hungry”

8 – “Sounds dirty. And it is”

9 – “Look special. Feel special. Stay special”

10 – “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands”

Round 7 – Seasonal Foods

1 – Which cake, popular at Easter is topped with 11 balls of marzipan?

2 – What popular food is eaten on Shrove Tuesday?

3 – What is the most popular Chocolate Easter Egg globally?

4 – Which country does Stollen come from?

5 – Are Pumpkins Vegetables or Fruit?

6 – Which festive treat is shaped to resemble a shepherd’s staff?

7 – What is a Croquembouche tree made of?

8 – What is America’s most popular Thanksgiving dessert?

9 – Which spirit is added to butter and served with Christmas pudding?

10 – The world’s largest chocolate egg was made in which country?

Round 8 – Celebrity Chefs

1 – Who was responsible for the unpopular (with kids) healthy school dinners reform?

2 – Which celebrity chef is the star of Hell’s Kitchen?

3 – John Torode presents which popular food program?

4 – Who is Phyllis Nan Sortain Pechey better known as?

5 – Who was the first British chef to be awarded three Michelin stars?

6 – Which famous baker trained at The Cordon Bleu in Paris and Bath School of Home Economics?

7 – Which ‘Great British Bake off’ winner, baked The Queen’s official 90th birthday cake?

8 – Who was originally a chef on Ready Steady Cook before going on to host it in 2000?

9 – Which Celebrity Chef has the Uks most successful sauce brand?

10 – In 1999 Nigella Lawson hosted her own cooking show series called what?

Round 9 – Cakes & Pastry

1 – What type of pastry are Profiteroles made out of?

2 – What type of pastry are Croissants made out of?

3 – What V are French baked goods made from a yeast-leavened dough?

4 – What pastry is Baklava made from?

5 – What cake is also known as ‘Domino cake’?

6 – Which country does the Black Forest gateau come from?

7 – Which cake was named after a British Queen?

8 – Which fruit is traditionally used in a tarte tatin?

9 – Which famous baker is known as ‘Cake Boss’?

10 – What is ‘Bûche de Noël’ more commonly known as?

Round 10 – Food Trivia

1 – What ingredient causes bread to rise?

2 – What is Bucatini?

3 – What is the most expensive spice in the world by weight?

4 – What North African dish is named after the earthenware pot in which it is cooked?

5 – The West African ‘swallow’ dish of pounded Yam is better known as what?

6 – Beef Stroganoff originates for which country?

7 – Which type of beans are used to make baked beans?

8 – What is the French delicacy Escargot?

9 – What does ‘En Croute’ mean?

10 – What is the main ingredient of Bombay Duck?




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