The Ultimate Galentine’s Day Quiz

Are you celebrating Galentine’s Day with your girls? We have made a quiz for you to test your knowledge of all things girlie! for the ultimate friends night in. Think famous friends, chick flicks and girl power for inspiration to ace our free Galentine’s Day Quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather your gals for some quizzing.

Round 1

1 – On which Date is Galentine’s Day Celebrated?

2 – Which actress played Thelma in the 1992 film ‘Thelma & Louise’?

3 – Which actress played Louise in the 1992 film ‘Thelma & Louise’?

4 – Who are Melanie, Melanie, Geri, Victoria and Emma better known as?

5 – Who is the Greek Goddess of love?

6 – What are the names of the Tennis superstar sisters, the Willimas?

7 – What’s the slang term for a film catered specifically to women’s interests?

8 – Who is Alecia Beth Moore Hart better known as?

9 – Which 2004 film starred the Wayans brothers as heiresses Tiffany and Brittany Wilson?

10 – Charlotte Cooper made history by becoming the first female Olympic champion in which sport?

Round 2

1 – What is the male/men’s equivalent for Galentine’s day?

2 – What is ‘The Spice Girls’ biggest selling single?

3 – Selene is the Goddess of the Moon – True or False?

4 – Who founded The Order of the Missionaries of Charity?

5 – The Malala Fund to help girls around the world receive what?

6 – Tia & Tamera Mowry were the stars of which 90s sitcom?

7 – Which actress played Khaleesi in the TV series Game of Thrones?

8 – Which pair of socialite sisters are heiresses of Hilton Hotels?

9 – Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim across which body of water in 1926?

10 – Who did Ellen DeGenere marry in 2008?

Round 3

1 – Galentine’s Day originated from which TV show?

2 – Sol is the Goddess of the Sun – True or False?

3 – What is the surname of famous sisters Elle and Dakota?

4 – Who was known as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’?

5 – Who was the first African-American FLOTUS?

6 – Who was the longest reigning monarch in British history?

7 – As of 2022 which female artist has the most Number 1s on the Official Albums Chart?

8 – Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh make up which band?

9 – Who was the lead singer of ‘The Cranberries’?

10 – What is the surname of the famous siblings Ashley and Mary-Kate?

Round 4

1 – In which year did Galentine’s day start?

2 – Debbie Harry is the lead singer of which band?

3 – Which English novelist wrote the novel ‘Frankenstein’?

4 – Who is the author of the most famous diary of all time during the Holocaust?

5 – What is the surname of supermodel siblings Bella and Gigi?

6 – Eris is the goddess of Chaos – True or False?

7 – Iris is the goddess of which weather phenomenon?

8 – Who is Dakota Johnson’s famous mother?

9 – According to the book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from where?

10 – Claudette Colvin was the first Black woman to refuse to give up what?

Round 5

1 – What are the surnames of both Melanies from ‘The Spice Girls’?

2 – Which film stars a lawyer named Elle Woods?

3 – Who was the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic?

4 – Who was the first female prime minister of the UK?

5 – How many Nolan sisters were there?

6 – It’s illegal for women to cry in public in India – True or False?

7 – Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to travel where?

8 – In which year was the first same-sex female wedding in the UK?

9 – Who was the first woman to win a Nobel prize for pioneering research on radioactivity?

10 – Galentine’s Day is always celebrated on the same date – True or False?




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