Expert Guest Posters Wanted

Requirements for Expert Posters

  •  You will need to know how to edit a PDF via Canva.
  •  Edit a WordPress Page.
  • Be knowledgeable about your subject.
  • Create your own profile via our WordPress backend.  Add your website and social links, including adding bio. image via gravatar, which will act as your author bio.
  • Quizzes will only be accepted from bloggers and brands with a strong niche and the quiz must be in the niche of the website added to the author bio. Eg Food Blogger = Food/Drink related Quiz!
  • No PR companies.
  • Must have Grammarly installed to check for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Must absolutely NOT copy and paste answers from other Quiz websites online (Copyscape will be used prior to publishing)
  • All Questions must be evergreen – Example:  Who is the Prime Minister? Would change over time – But who was the Prime Minister in 2020 would be ok

About the Opportunity

The quiz format is 100 Qs in 4 rounds, example here

You would be given a template, so it’s simply just adding Q & As – You would also need to edit a printable pdf template in Canva to accompany your quiz.

If you think this opportunity is for you, please get in touch via our contact form below…

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