History Dingbats

Dingbats are also known as Rebus puzzles, you try to solve the word or Catchphrase from the given pictures and text. The game is similar in concept to TV’s “Catchphrase” gameshow puzzles, but Dingbats rely more on text and simple graphics rather than pictures.

This set contains 20 History themed dingbats for you to try to solve. These can be History idioms, famous archeological artifacts, historical sayings, places and people.

What are the Rules for Dingbats?

The rules are simple, the game uses rebus puzzles, which are a clever combination of pictures and words that form clues to the answer.

Players need to be the quickest to decipher all 20 clues correctly.

Print the game and answer sheet at the bottom of this page…

History Dingbats

History Dingbat Answers




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  1. These were very popular, so different from the usual dingbats & fun to have a theme as well

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