The Ultimate Premier League Football Quiz

Think you’re a Premier League expert? Can you tell your Ashley Cole from your Carlton Cole? Your Didier Drogba from your Djemba-Djemba? Play along with your friends and family and have a shootout!

You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some sporting quizzing.


Round 1 – Trivia

1 – In what year was the Premier League founded?

2 – What team won the first ever Premier League season?

3 – Which player scored the first ever Premier League goal?

4 – Name the Champions of the 2020/21 season?

5 – Which Premier League club did football icon Cristiano Ronaldo play for?

6 – Which team went an entire season without losing a game in 2003/04?

7 – At what club did Wayne Rooney make his competitive debut?

8 – How many wins did Derby County record in the 2007/08 season?

9 – Which team received a Premier League record transfer fee for their player in 2018?

10 – Who was the top goal scorer at the end of the first ever Premier League season?

Round 2 – Famous Moments

1- Which team did Aguero score his famous title winning goal against in 2012?

2 – Which team won their first ever Premier League title in 2016?

3 – Who bit Branislav Ivanovic’s arm in 2013?

4 – Which player refused to be substituted in the 2019 Carabao Cup final?

5 – The ‘Battle of the Bridge’ took place between Chelsea and which local rival?

6 – Which youngster and soon-to-be national icon scored from his own half in 1996?

7 – What rival team was manager Kevin Keegan referring to in 1996 when he claimed “I would love it if we beat them. Love it.”?

8 – Which TV personality gave the infamous “Where are you? Let’s be ‘avin’ you!” speech to Norwich fans in 2005?

9 – Name the Premier League who manager referred to himself as ‘a special one’ in 2004?

10 – What object left on the pitch deflected the ball into the net following Darren Bent’s strike in 2009?

Round 3 – Name the Player

1 – Winner of the 2018 golden boot?

2 – Scored after only 7.69 seconds in 2019?

3 – Manchester United captain from 1997-2005?

4 – Scored 51 headers in his career?

5 – Banned for 9 months after fly-kicking an opposition fan?

6 – Described by Sir Alex Ferguson as the ‘best he had ever seen’?

7 – First to score 5 goals in a single Premier League game?

8 – Celebrated by revealing ‘Why always me?’ printed on his undershirt?

9 – The first opposition player to score at the newly inaugurated Tottenham Hotspur Stadium?

10 – Played for PSG, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton, Chelsea, Juventus and West Brom?

Round 4 – Team Nicknames

1 – What club are referred to as ‘The Hammers’?

2 – What team are known as ‘The Magpies?’

3 – What team are referred to as ‘The Villains?’

4 – What club are nicknamed ‘The Hornets?’

5 – What team are known as ‘The Canaries?’

6 – What is Arsenal FC also known as?

7 – What is Sheffield United also known as?

8 – What is AFC Bournemouth also known as?

9 – What is Leicester City also known as?

10 – What is Southampton FC also known as?

Round 5 – True or False?

1 – Mario Balotelli only assisted one goal in the Premier League – True or False?

2 – Wayne Rooney is the youngest ever Premier League goal scorer – True or False?

3 – Three players finished joint top-scorer in the 2018/19 season – True or False?

4 – Sadio Mane scored a Premier League hat-trick in under three minutes – True or False?

5 – Vinnie Jones was sent off more than ten times in the Premier League – True or False?

6 – Cristiano Ronaldo scored 11 direct free kicks in the Premier League – True or False?

7 – David Beckham scored more free kicks than Cristiano Ronaldo in the Premier League – True or False?

8 – Harry Kane registered both the most goals and assists in the 2020/21 season – True or False?

9 – Thierry Henry holds the all-time Premier League goalscoring record – True or False?

10 – Cardiff City FC is the only Welsh club to have played in the Premier League – True or False?




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