The Ultimate Serial Killers Quiz

Serial Killers are fascinating despite their heinous crimes, and the world has plenty of them. Do you know the world’s most famous serial killers? Think killer men, women and couples for inspiration to ace our free Serial Killers quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some killer quizzing.

Round 1

1 – To be named a ‘serial killer’ what is the minimum amount of victims over separate events?

2 – Who was known as ‘the Shoe Fetish Slayer’?

3 – What was Russian serial killer Alexander Pichushkin known as?

4 – Who murdered and mutilated prostitutes in London in 1888?

5 – Who is known as ‘The Dallas Ripper’ or ‘The Eyeball Killer’?

6 – Who is known as ‘Dr. Death’?

7 – What is John Gacy’s middle name?

8 – What was the serial killing couple Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo known as?

9 – At which infamous address did Fred and Rose West live?

10 – Which British child killer was known as ‘Angel of Death’?

Round 2

1 – Which notorious serial killer was killed in 1994 by a fellow prison inmate?

2 – What are the first names of serial killing couple Parker and Barrow?

3 – What occupation did Beverley Allitt have?

4 – Albert DeSalvo is known as what?

5 – Who is the world’s youngest serial killer?

6 – How old was the world’s youngest serial killer when he claimed his first victim?

7 – Pee Wee Gaskins drove what type of morbid car?

8 – Ted Bundy worked at a suicide hotline – True or False?

9 – Vera Renczi poisoned her victims with what?

10 – Mark Brandon only targeted female pensioners – True or False?

Round 3

1 – How many women did Jack the Ripper murder?

2 – What occupation did Harold Shipman have?

3 – Who were the ‘Moors Murderers’?

4 – Brazilian serial killer ‘little Petey’ only killed people in prison – True or False?

5 – Who was ‘The Night Stalker’?

6 – Which cult leader orchestrated a string of gruesome murders in California?

7 – Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t eat people with tattoos – True or False?

8 – Who was ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’?

9 – Which Scottish serial killer flushed his victim’s remains down the toilet?

10 – Who, age 15, killed both his grandparents to “see what it felt like”?

Round 4

1 – How many men did Jeffery Dahmer kill between 1978 and 1991?

2 – Which Ukrainian serial killer killed 52 people within six months?

3 – Dennis Rader called himself the BTK killer, what does the abbreviation stand for?

4 – Serial killing couple Catherine and David Birnie were known as what?

5 – Richard Ramirez’s father was a police officer – True or False?

6 – Ed Gein had a lampshade in his house made from what?

7 – 70% of all known serial killer murders come from which country?

8 – Which killer’s mother once traded him for a pitcher of beer?

9 – Jeffrey Dahmer worked in a school – True or False?

10 – In which area of London did Jack the Ripper commit his crimes?

Round 5 – Fictional Serial Killers

1 – Which movie was based on Aileen Wuornos?

2 – Which film features Dylan McDermott as serial killer Don Burnside?

3 – Which film franchise features a serial killer named Jigsaw?

4 – Who was the main antagonist in the film “The Silence of The Lambs”?

5 – Which actor plays John Doe in the film Se7en?

6 – In the film Natural Born Killers, who played Mickey and Mallory Knox?

7 – Who was the main protagonist in the film “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”?

8 – Who was ‘The Confession Killer’ in the documentary of the same name?

9 – According to the documentary, who was America’s first serial killer?

10 – Who was the main protagonist in the film “Psycho”?




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