St Patrick’s Day Quiz

From the history of the feast of Saint Patrick to how he became the patron saint of Ireland. Think traditional food, cultural traditions and national emblems for inspiration to ace our free St Patrick’s day quiz.

You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some cultural quizzing.

Round 1

1 – St Partick’s day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of which religion to Ireland?

2 – Who is the patron saint of England?

3 – What is a Cèilidh?

4 – Saint Patrick depicted in a stained-glass window at which church?

5 – Which plant is used as a symbol of Ireland?

6 – Saint Patrick lived during which century?

7 – The first St Patrick’s Day parade in Ireland was held in which city?

8 – In which year was the first St Patrick’s Day parade in Ireland – 1903, 1933 or 1953?

9 – The Royal family present bowls of what to members of the Irish Guards on St Patrick’s day?

10 – What is ‘The Saint Patrick’s Day Test’?

Round 2

1 – Who is the patron saint of Scotland?

2 – Which city holds the biggest St Partick’s Day parade in England?

3 – Which two countries compete in The Saint Patrick’s Day Test?

4 – Which lucky characters do people often dress up as on St Patricks Day?

5 – St. Patrick’s Day staple ‘corned beef and cabbage’ originated in which country?

6 – Legend says that each leaf of the shamrock has a meaning, name 3 of the 4?

7 – Which US city dyed first their river green for St Patrick’s Day in 1962?

8 – Where can you buy a Shamrock Shake?

9 – What three colours are on the Irish flag?

10 – What colour is the cross of St Patrick?

Round 3 – True or False

1 – There are two patron saints of Wales – True or False?

2 – Saint Patrick’s Day is a public holiday in Ireland – True or False?

3 – St Patrick’s Day is always held on the second Sunday in March – True or False?

4 – Shamrocks are highly poisonous to humans if ingested – True or False?

5 – St Partick was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave – True or False?

6 -The name Patrick means nobleman – True or False?

7 – St Patrick had alopecia – True or False?

8 – The most commonly eaten food during St Patrick’s day celebrations is Irish stew – True or False?

9 – Saint Patrick was a Bishop – True or False?

10 – For 70 years, it was illegal to open pubs on St Patrick’s Day – True or False?

Round 4

1 – On what date is St Patrick’s Day always Held?

2 – At what age was St Patrick brought to Ireland?

3 – How many patron saints does the UK have?

4 – In which town was St Partick buried?

5 – Which famous Australian landmark goes green for Saint Patrick’s day?

6 – On Saint Patrick’s Day, what colour is it customary to wear?

7 – St Patrick’s day celebrations only get moved if the date falls on which sacred week?

8 – What is the Latin word for Patrick?

9 – What is Amhrán na bhFiann?

10 – What was Patrick’s real name?

Round 5

1 – Is March 17th marked as St Patrick’s day after his birth or death?

2 – Who is the patron saint of Wales?

3 – In Irish lore, St. Patrick gets credit for driving which animals out of Ireland?

4 – What is the Irish word for Patrick?

5 – What is the national anthem of Northern Ireland?

6 – Where is St Patrick’s Mountain?

7 – What is a Leprechaun said to do to you on St Patrick’s day if you don’t wear green?

8 – The sales of which black, Irish drink more than doubles on St Patrick’s day?

9 – What should you never do if you catch a Leprechaun?

10 – What does the circle at the centre of a Celtic cross represent?




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