The Ultimate Alcohol Quiz

Alcohol quiz questions are perfect for a pub quiz! From modern-day cocktails to historic events including alcohol. Think tasty tipples and best-selling booze for inspiration to ace our free alcohol quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some HIC-tastic quizzing.

Round 1 – Cocktails

1 – What is the best selling cocktail in the UK?

2 – Which 3 ingredients make a ‘Tom Collins’?

3 – What is the main fruit in a Pornstar Martini?

4 – Which cocktail is made with white rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice?

5 – Which 2 ingredients make a ‘Bellini’?

6 – Which unusual, raw ingredient would you find in an ‘Amaretto Sour’cocktail?

7 – Which cocktail is made with rum, orange juice, triple sec, and sweeteners?

8 – What type of juice is used in a ‘Bloody Mary’?

9 – Which Tequila based cocktail is the USA’s number 1 seller?

10 – Which cocktail is made with ginger, vodka, lime, and soda?

Round 2 – Wine

1 – Which country does Champagne come from?

2 – Approximately, how many grapes are in a standard bottle of wine – 1000, 2000 or 3000?

3 – What is a 3 litre bottle of wine called?

4 – Some people have wine phobia, what is the name for the ‘fear of wine’?

5 – What is Rosé called in Italy?

6 – Which country does Prosecco come from?

7 – From which country does Pinot Noir originate?

8 – How do you say wine in Spanish?

9 – Do white wines Darken or Lighten in colour as they age?

10 – How many 75cl bottles of wine are in a magnum?

Round 3 – Lager, Cider & Beer

1 – Which brand of lagers slogan is “Probably the best beer in the world”?

2 – Desperado lager is flavoured with which spirit?

3 – Which brand of lager “Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach”?

4 – Samuel Allsop invented what?

5 – Which brand of Ale’s slogan is “A tasty change from the usual”?

6 – Which beverage did Captain Cook believe would cure Scurvy?

7 – Which brand of Ale’s slogan is “Unmistakable German Craftsmanship”?

8 – From which country does Stella Artois originate?

9 – What percent of all UK apples are used to make cider – 25%, 45% or 65%?

10 – Where in Ireland was Guinness originally made?

Round 4 – Alcohol Trivia

1 – What is Cenosillicaphobia the fear of?

2 – In what year did prohibition end – 1893, 1933 or 1953?

3 – Corona lager comes from which Country?

4 – In Greek Mythology, who is the god of wine?

5 – What is Sake?

6 – Which fruit is used to flavour Gin?

7 – Which German city does the famous beer festival ‘Oktoberfest’ originate from?

8 – How should a Martini be served according to James Bond?

9 – Name the Swiss cinnamon schnapps which has gold leaf floating in it?

10 – Ninkasi is the Egyptian goddess of what?

Round 5 – True or False

1 – Grapes are the most planted fruit all over the world – True or False?

2 – Dipsophobia is the fear of alcohol – True or False?

3 – It was illegal to drink alcohol during Prohibition – True or False?

4 – Amaretto is flavoured with Cherries – True or False?

5 – Malbec is a wine region in France – True or False?

6 – In the 14th Century children were baptised in cider – True or False?

7 – Effen is the top selling vodka brand in the world – True or False?

8 – As red wines age, they become darker in color – True or False?

9 – The word whisky means ‘water of life’ – True or False?

10 – Guinness is vegan – True or False?




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Take the Ultimate Wine Lovers Quiz

Do you know your Malbec from your Merlot? Test your wine wisdom with our free boozy quiz. This quiz makes the perfect drinking game for couples or groups! Get a question wrong? Take a sip! You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for this corker of a quiz.

Round 1

1 – What is the fear of wine called?

2 – During Roman times, women who drank wine could be killed by their husbands as punishment – True or False?

3 – How many varieties of wine grapes exist worldwide – 5, 10 or 20 thousand?

4 – What is the term for the fragrance of young wine?

5 – What is the term for the fragrance of old wine?

6 – Which County produces Rioja wine?

7 – How many litres of wine can a Nebuchadnezzar bottle hold?

8 – Men are more susceptible to the effects of wine than women – True or False?

9 – Which Country produces Riesling wine?

10 – Which county produces the most wine?

Round 2

1 – Which Country produces Barolo wine?

2 – How many grapes does it take to make a standard bottle of wine – 200, 500 or 1000?

3 – Which country is the biggest producer of Syrah wine?

4 – Tempranillo grapes are native to which country?

5 – How many gallons of wine are in a barrel?

6 – An appellation is the growing region a wine comes from – True or False?

7 – How many MPH can a cork fly out of a Champagne bottle – 50, 100 or 150?

8 – Which Country produces Silvaner wine?

9 – Which Country is home to the world’s largest wine producer, Gallo?

10 – Which type of wine did Marilyn Monroe famously bathe in?

Round 3

1 – What is a Sommelier?

2 – What is Australia’s most popular variety or wine?

3 – What are the name of the bubble trains that travel up the sides of a glass?

4  – Where was the first South African bottle of wine produced?

5 – What is the most common grapes used in wine?

6 – What makes a sparkling wine, champagne?

7 – Who is the patron saint of winemakers?

8 – What is the most consumed type of wine – Red, White or Rosé?

9 – Who is the god of food and wine?

10 – Which country consumes the most wine in the world?

Round 4

1 – What wood is used to age wine?

2 – In which US state is the wine region called Napa Valley?

3 – What does the French word ‘chambre’ mean?

4 – Which famous cricketer has his own range of wines?

5 – What is the name of a glass vessel used to serve wine?

6 – Oenology is the study of wine and wine making – True or False?

7 – What is the Italian word for sparkling?

8 – Which Country produces Tokay wine?

9 – What is the French word for wine?

10 – Which Australian pop star recently released her own wine range?

Round 5

1 – Malbec originated in what country?

2 – Which famous talk show host has his own range of wines?

3 – Oniculture is the name is given to the production, study & science of grapes – True or False?

4 – What is the Italian word for wine?

5 – How many regular bottles of wine does a magnum hold?

6 – What word describes a dry champagne?

7 – What is celebrated on the third Thursday of each November?

8 – Name the female wine critic on the BBC’s ‘Food and Drink’ show?

9 – Which Country produces Lambrusco wine?

10 – Rosé is made with pink grapes – True or False?




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The Ultimate Cocktails Quiz

Do you love a Cocktail? Cocktails are some of the most adored drinks around the world. Everyone has a favourite, and everyone loves to learn a little about their favourite booze.

In this quiz, get ready to answer some tough questions about your favourite spirits and cocktails!

Round 1 – Whiskey and Whiskey Cocktails

1 – What bitters are used in an old-fashioned?

2 – What is another name for American whiskey?

3 – Which cocktail features whisky, honey, lemon, cinnamon and cloves?

4 – From which country does whisky hail?

5 – What is the antiquated term for a measure of whiskey?

6 – What is the favorite whiskey brand of fictional character Ron Swanson?

7 – What citrus is added to a whiskey sour?

8 – What is malted when making malt whiskey?

9 – What popular soft drink was originally intended to be a whiskey chaser?

10 – What condiment is aged in barrels used to make Jack Daniel’s?

11 – What British politician famously drank whiskey highballs all day long?

12 – What variation of whiskey is known to have a slightly spiced flavour?

13 – How long can whiskey last in the bottle before its flavour starts to change?

14 – What is the name of a coffee drink containing whiskey?

15 – What is the name of a traditional whiskey glass?

16 – What is typically used to garnish an old-fashioned?

17 – How long does a spirit need to age before it can be called whiskey?

18 – How much of a whiskey’s final flavour is said to be determined by the cask it ages in?

19 – What is the name of the whiskey that evaporates during maturation?

20 – What is the minimum ABV that Whisky must be bottled with?

21 – Is an old-fashioned made in a shaker or a glass?

22 – Where does the smoky flavour of Islay whiskey come from?

23 – What natural syrup is slowly replacing simple syrup in whiskey cocktails?

24 – What was used to garnish an old-fashioned in the fifties?

25 – Why is the old-fashioned named as it is?

Round 2 – Gin and Gin Cocktails

1- Which City does gin originate from?

2 – What was the first pairing of gin and food?

3 – What berries are used to flavour gin?

4 – Where did a gin predecessor, genever, come from?

5 – What were the other ingredients for the first gin cocktail?

6 – What was genever used for?

7 – What are the ingredients of a martini?

8 – What gin-based hangover cure is seen as a predecessor to the bloody mary?

9 – Is juniper cultivated or picked wild?

10 – Who got a daily ration of gin while at sea?

11 – What is in a gin rickey?

12 – When were olives first popularised in martinis?

13 – What does the etching ‘gin lane’ show?

14 – What temperature should you taste gin at?

15 – What country consumes the most gin?

16 – What can juniper oil be used for, when the berries aren’t used in gin?

17 – What percentage of structures in London had a gin still during the early 1700s?

18 – Where does London Dry Gin need to be made?

19 – What made ‘bathtub gin’ made during the prohibition so dangerous?

20 – Why were so many gin cocktails invented during prohibition?

21 – What is the origin of the name ‘martini’?

22 – What is the name of the pipe at the top of a gin still?

23 – What fictional character prefers their martinis shaken and not stirred?

24 – Who is said to have invented the Vesper?

25 – What made the gin and tonic popular in the British colonies?

Round 3 – Rum and Rum Cocktails

1 – When was rum first made?

2 – What product is rum fermented from?

3 – When was Mount Gay rum originally produced?

4 – When did sailors typically receive rum as part of their benefits?

5 – What brewer has the world’s largest distillery?

6 – Why was rum issued to sailors?

7 – Why was rum added to grog?

8 – Where does the majority of the world’s rum come from?

9 – What does the Spanish nickname for rum translate to?

10 – What is rum said to help with?

11 – What differentiates clear and dark rum?

12 – What are the three names for rum, depending on where it originates?

13 – What ABV is navy rum?

14 – What does 100% proof rum mean?

15 – How is Solera rum produced?

16 – What minty cocktail is made with rum?

17 – What topical cocktail is made with rum?

18 – What simple classic is made with rum and coke?

19 – What citrus-heavy cocktail is made with rum?

20 – What makes up a Dark ‘n’ Stormy?

21 – Where does the rumtopf tradition originate from?

22 – What president loved making rum cocktails?

23 – What is in a rum sling?

24 – What sweetener is used in a rum toddy?

25 – Why is rum associated with pirates?

Round 4 – Vodka and Vodka Cocktails

1 – What was the original purpose of vodka?

2 – How long does a bottle of vodka last after being opened?

3 – Where does vodka originate from?

4 – What are the two ingredients of vodka?

5 – What can vodka be used for other than drinking?

6 – What surprising use of vodka requires it to be watered down and applied with a towel?

7 – What weighs more: a litre of water or a litre of vodka?

8 – What is the origin of the word ‘vodka’?

9 – How many calories are there in a shot of vodka?

10 – What cocktail is made with lime and vodka?

11 – What hangover cure features vodka?

12 – What are the ingredients of a Moscow mule?

13 – What vodka cocktail includes orange juice?

14 – What dairy product is used in a white Russian?

15 – What can a teaspoon of sugar with a few drops of vodka have?

16 – How much is a bottle of the world’s most expensive vodka?

17 – You should reach for the vodka if you get stung by which animal?

18 – How can you use vodka to help remove a band-aid?

19 – What grains are vodka typically made from?

20 – What distant location has vodka been to?

21 – When were you first able to buy vodka in bottles rather than buckets?

22 – What would you use vodka for in your garden?

23 – Where would you keep vodka to develop the flavour?

24 – Roughly what percentage of each bottle of vodka is water?

25 – How can vodka be prepared for people with dietary requirements?



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