The Ultimate Couples Quiz

A Couples Quiz is a great way to get to know and find out more about each other. Does your partner actually listen to you? Can you both remember those special moments in your relationship? This quiz will find out!

You’ll find 50 questions to ask your partner that are divided into 5 rounds with a free PDF printable version – Enjoy!

Round 1 – Your Relationship

Things are getting personal, who remembers those magical moments best?

1 – Where did we first meet?

2 – Who Said ‘I Love You’ First?

3 – Where was our first date?

4 – Who was the first to say Sorry in the Relationship?

5 – Who was the first to fart in front of the other?

6 – Who was the first to make an idiot of themselves when drunk?

7 – Who Spends the Most Money?

8 – How Many Months have you been together?

9 – Where was your first Kiss?

10 – What was the first Meal you ate together?

Round 2 – Who is Best

Does your relationship have a perfect balance? Or is one better than the other? Let’s see…

1 – Who is the better lover?

2 – Who is the better cook?

3 – Who has the Best Parents?

4 – Who is the Best Dancer?

5 – Who is the Best Singer?

6 – Who is Best Looking?

7 – Who has the Best Fashion Style?

8 – Who is the Best at Causing Drama?

9 – Who is Best at timekeeping?

10 – Who is the Best Driver?

Round 3 – Would You Rather

Decisions, Decisions! Which one of these would you both rather?

1 – A Long Walk or A Movie Night?

2 – Starter or Main?

3 – Cheese or Chocolate?

4 – A Sports Car or A Motor Home?

5 – A Cruise or a Skiing Holiday?

6 – £1000 Cash or 150 £10 Scratch Cards?

7 – A Date night at The Casino or at the Cinema?

8 – Spending time with Family or Friends?

9 – Have another (or first) Baby or a Pet?

10 – Me or Your Number 1 Celebrity Crush?

Round 4 – Yes or No

Ask your partner these questions, and see if you can guess whether they will say Yes or No…

1 – Have you ever fantasised about someone else?

2 – Would you shave your head for £10,000?

3 – Do you think I have a good dress sense?

4 – Do you ever eat what I have cooked and think it tasted vile?

5 – Have you ever slept with a friend’s Partner?

6 – Have you ever regretted meeting me?

7 – Would you forgive me if I cheated on you?

8 – Would you relocate to another country to be with me?

9 – Have you ever lied to me?

10 – Am I your Best Lover?

Round 5 – Me or Them?

Answer these questions honestly, and see how many you both agree on…

1 – Who is Funniest?

2 – Who Talks The Most?

3 – Who is the Moodiest?

4 – Who is most Argumentative?

5 – Who is most likely to Injure Themselves?

6 – Who is the most Untidy?

7 – Who is the Smelliest?

8 – Who is the most Romantic?

9 – Who is most likely to Cheat?

10 – Who is the most Jealous?




If you liked thes couples quiz questions, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

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