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The Ultimate DC Quotes Quiz

Can you guess the DC’s Extended Universe film, TV series or character from one small quote? Think Superheroes and Villains, movies, TV series and iconic characters for inspiration to ace our free DC quotes quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some SUPER quizzing.

Round 1 – Name the DC TV Series

1 – “Beebo loves you.”

2 – “Being alive means running.”

3 – “You all need more therapy than I do, and I’m the crazy one.”

4 – “That’s how Dick likes his fruitcake!”

5 – “For five years I was stranded on an island, with only one goal: survive.”

6 – “Jim, you seem like a nice guy, but this is not a city or a job for nice guys.”

7 – “If the government wants to stop me from helping people, let them try.”

8 – “My name is Dr. Abby Arcane. My team is here to find the source of this disease.”

9 – “Taking a punch is just as important as throwing one.”

10 – “I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work.”

Round 2 – Name the DC Film

1 – “If rats have purpose, So do we all.”

2 – “Why so serious?”

3 – “You will give the people of earth an ideal to strive towards.”

4 – “In brightest day, in blackest night”

5 – “This world is Not yet ready for all that you will do.”

6 – “There are six, not five. there is no us without him.”

7 – “Dressed like a bat. I dig it.”

8 – “Superpowers? Dude, I don’t even know how to pee in this thing.”

9 – “They say if you want to tell a story right, you gotta start at the beginning.”

10 – “Arthur, you’re on seven different medications. Surely they must be doing something.”

Round 3 – Name the DC Character

1 – “You can’t unfry an egg, as my dear old mum used to say.”

2 – “A true leader serves his people. You only serve yourself.”

3 – “I guard the Green, the plant life of Earth. As long as it lives, I cannot die!”

4 – “I cherish peace with all my heart. I don’t care how many men, women, and children I need to kill to get it.”

5 – “I can be loud, and at times I’m a little bossy.”

6 – “He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight.”

7 – “I will knock your ass out. I do not care that you’re a girl.”

8 -“Atlantis has always had a king. Now it needs something more.”

9 – “You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.”

10 – “This coming from a guy that wears a toilet seat on his head?”

Round 4 – Name the DC Superhero

1 – “I was never a saint. I was just a guy chasing justice.”

2 – “Anything I see in my mind, I can create. I’ve just got to focus.”

3 – “You killed innocent people. You ask the sea for mercy.”

4 – “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”

5 – “I once thought I could protect the world by myself.”

6 – “A deal is a promise, and a promise is unbreakable.”

7 – “At my core, I wasn’t a hero. I was a hunter.”

8 – “Man, my *toes* hurt! I don’t even understand the physics of how my toes hurt.”

9 – “I embraced who I am, and I don’t want to stop.”

10 – “Sorry about your window, but you’re welcome for not getting robbed.”

Round 5 – Name the DC Villain

1 – “When your taste in men is as bad as mine, they don’t just go away quietly.”

2 – “He made it personal when he tortured me.”

3 – “I was wondering what would break first, your spirit…or your body.”

4 – “But a kiss could be deadlier if you mean it.”

5 – “I believe what doesn’t kill you simply makes you… Stranger.”

6 – “They can bury us deep, but we always grow back.”

7 – “The devils don’t come from hell beneath us. No. No, they come from the sky.”

8 – “What do a dead man, a cruise ship and emu have in common? Correct, nothing.”

9 – “Oh, songbird. You drive as good as you fight?”

10 – “Ah, the direct approach. I admire that in a man with a mask.”




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Take our ultimate DC Quiz

From the history of DC comics to the modern-day films and characters. Think superheroes and Villains – Superman, Wonder Woman and Justice League for inspiration to ace our free DC quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, starting with easy through to harder questions for the die-hard DC fans. So gather round DC geeks, for some SUPER quizzing.

Round 1 – Easy

1 – What does the ‘DC’ in DC Comics stand for?

2 – Which DC Character has the power to stun her opponents with her signature high-pitched sonic scream?

3 – Who is the fastest DC character?

4 – Which DC Superhero king rules the undersea nation of Atlantis alongside Mera?

5 – Which superhero is scared of bats?

6 – Which superhero can shrink himself down to microscopic size?

7 – Which DC character becomes a humanoid/plant after dying in a swamp?

8 – Who is Batman’s arch-nemesis?

9 – Who is Superman’s arch-nemesis?

10 – Batman protects which city?

Round 2 – Origins

1 – Who is Wonder Woman’s Father?

2 – Which two DC superheroes are from Krypton?

3 – Who brought up Bruce Wayne after his parent’s untimely death?

4 – How did the Flash acquire his superpowers?

5 – In what year was DC Comics Created – 1934, 1935 or 1936?

6 – Which DC character killed her own father with a kiss?

7 – Who is the tyrannical ruler of the planet Apokolips?

8 – Which superhero was empowered with the gifts of ancient gods by the Wizard?

9 – Who saved Victor Stone’s life by turning him into Cyborg?

10 – How did Deathstroke get his powers?

Round 3 – True or False

1 – Hawkeye was a member of both the Justice League and the Avengers – True or False?

2 – The Suicide Squad is also known as Task Force X – True or False?

3 – Solomon Grundy’s chilli is the spiciest food in the DC Universe – True or False?

4  – Ra’s al Ghul killed Thomas and Martha Wayne – True or False?

5 – The Lasso of Truth is wielded by Enchantress – True or False?

6 – Robin’s Fate was decided by a TV Fan vote – True or False?

7 – Deadshot has no actual superpowers – True or False?

8 – Selina Kyle is also known as Black Canary – True or False?

9 – The Joker is a member of the Suicide Squad – True or False?

10 – Wonder Woman was originally called ‘Suprema’ – True or False?

Round 4 – Alter Egos

1 – Diana is the real name of which superhero?

2 – Clark Kent is the real name of which superhero?

3 – Bruce Wayne is the real name of which superhero?

4 – Who is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel better known as?

5 – Carter Hall is the secret identity of which DC superhero?

6 – Edward Nygma is the real name of which DC supervillain?

7 – Kal-El is the real name of which DC Superhero?

8 – Jack Napier is the real name of which DC supervillain?

9 – Dr. Victor Fries is the real name of which DC supervillain?

10 – Wally West is the real name of which superhero?

Round 5 – Hard

1 – What was Harley Quinn’s original profession?

2 – Who founded DC Comics?

3 – What are Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy collectively known as?

4 – Which superhero duo can cheat death with the power of reincarnation?

5 – Which superhero holds the power of the animal kingdom with her Tantu Totem necklace?

6 – What is Huntress’s weapon of choice?

7 – Dick Grayson was first known as Robin and later as…?

8 – What is the name of Aquaman’s octopus sidekick?

9 – Which DC character was named after a poem?

10 – Who Paralysed Barbara Gordon?




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