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The Ultimate Coffee Quiz

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Coffee Connoisseur? If you love Coffee, take a break and try our coffee lovers quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather round for some tasty quizzing.

Round 1

1 – Which country is the cappuccino from?

2 – What is an espresso affogato?

3 – Sharon Patricia Mughan starred in which brand of coffee’s adverts?

4 – What is Dalgona Coffee?

5 – What type of brewing method is a French Press?

6 – What type of grinder burr is considered most consistent?

7 – How do roasters choose and test coffees?

8 – How many types of espresso are there?

9 – What century did coffee come to the UK?

10 – Where was coffee first made into a beverage?

Round 2

1 – What pressure is used to make espresso?

2 – What coffee beverage is freeze-dried?

3- What fruit are coffee beans from?

4 – Which country did coffee originate from?

5 – Which altitude range is best for coffee farming – 900-1500m or 1500-2900m?

6 – What type of coffee is digested by a Civet cat?

7 – Which drink has the greatest milk:espresso ratio?

8 – What gas is most abundant in the coffee degassing process?

9 – What is an Aeropress

10 – How many days should coffee be rested after roasting – 2-12 or 12-20?

Round 3

1 – Darker roasted coffee has more caffeine – True or False?

2 – Robusta coffee tastes better than Arabica – True or False?

3 – Honey-process coffee involves honey – True or False?

4  – Yemen produces coffee – True or False?

5 – Tea leaves have more caffeine than coffee beans per gram – True or False?

6 – Global warming is helping coffee farmers – True or False?

7 – The French Press was first patented in Italy – True or False?

8 – A shot of espresso has more caffeine than a cup of filter coffee – True or False?

9 – Direct sunlight is good for roasted coffee – True or False?

10 – Coffee has been grown in the UK, during this century – True or False?

Round 4

1 – Which country invented espresso?

2 – What are green coffee beans?

3 – What is a Cortado?

4 – Handpicked coffee is better – True or False?

5 – Which country consumes the most coffee per capita?

6 – What is a Macchiato?

7 – What is the UK’s most popular espresso-based drink?

8 – What alcohol is in Irish Coffee?

9 – What is the world’s most expensive coffee?

10 – What coffee maker has appeared several times in pop culture?

Round 5

1 – What century was espresso invented?

2 – What type of brew method is a V60?

3 – How many years before a new coffee tree bears fruit?

4 – The Chemex is a percolation brew – True or False?

5 – Which country produced the most coffee in 2020?

6 – Which famous Italian dessert contains coffee?

7 – How can coffee be used when cooking steak?

8 – When was the first AeroPress World Championships?

9 – Why is coffee stored in air-tight environments?

10 – How many minutes does it take for your body to absorb 99% of the caffeine in a beverage?




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Take the Ultimate Wine Lovers Quiz

Do you know your Malbec from your Merlot? Test your wine wisdom with our free boozy quiz. This quiz makes the perfect drinking game for couples or groups! Get a question wrong? Take a sip! You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for this corker of a quiz.

Round 1

1 – What is the fear of wine called?

2 – During Roman times, women who drank wine could be killed by their husbands as punishment – True or False?

3 – How many varieties of wine grapes exist worldwide – 5, 10 or 20 thousand?

4 – What is the term for the fragrance of young wine?

5 – What is the term for the fragrance of old wine?

6 – Which County produces Rioja wine?

7 – How many litres of wine can a Nebuchadnezzar bottle hold?

8 – Men are more susceptible to the effects of wine than women – True or False?

9 – Which Country produces Riesling wine?

10 – Which county produces the most wine?

Round 2

1 – Which Country produces Barolo wine?

2 – How many grapes does it take to make a standard bottle of wine – 200, 500 or 1000?

3 – Which country is the biggest producer of Syrah wine?

4 – Tempranillo grapes are native to which country?

5 – How many gallons of wine are in a barrel?

6 – An appellation is the growing region a wine comes from – True or False?

7 – How many MPH can a cork fly out of a Champagne bottle – 50, 100 or 150?

8 – Which Country produces Silvaner wine?

9 – Which Country is home to the world’s largest wine producer, Gallo?

10 – Which type of wine did Marilyn Monroe famously bathe in?

Round 3

1 – What is a Sommelier?

2 – What is Australia’s most popular variety or wine?

3 – What are the name of the bubble trains that travel up the sides of a glass?

4  – Where was the first South African bottle of wine produced?

5 – What is the most common grapes used in wine?

6 – What makes a sparkling wine, champagne?

7 – Who is the patron saint of winemakers?

8 – What is the most consumed type of wine – Red, White or Rosé?

9 – Who is the god of food and wine?

10 – Which country consumes the most wine in the world?

Round 4

1 – What wood is used to age wine?

2 – In which US state is the wine region called Napa Valley?

3 – What does the French word ‘chambre’ mean?

4 – Which famous cricketer has his own range of wines?

5 – What is the name of a glass vessel used to serve wine?

6 – Oenology is the study of wine and wine making – True or False?

7 – What is the Italian word for sparkling?

8 – Which Country produces Tokay wine?

9 – What is the French word for wine?

10 – Which Australian pop star recently released her own wine range?

Round 5

1 – Malbec originated in what country?

2 – Which famous talk show host has his own range of wines?

3 – Oniculture is the name is given to the production, study & science of grapes – True or False?

4 – What is the Italian word for wine?

5 – How many regular bottles of wine does a magnum hold?

6 – What word describes a dry champagne?

7 – What is celebrated on the third Thursday of each November?

8 – Name the female wine critic on the BBC’s ‘Food and Drink’ show?

9 – Which Country produces Lambrusco wine?

10 – Rosé is made with pink grapes – True or False?




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Do you love a cocktail?

Cocktails are some of the most adored drinks around the world. Everyone has a favorite, and everyone loves to learn a little about their favorite booze. In this quiz, get ready to answer some tough questions about your favorite spirits and cocktails!

Round 1 – Whiskey and Whiskey Cocktails

1 – What bitters are used in an old-fashioned?

2 – What is another name for American whiskey?

3 – From which country does whiskey hail?

4 – From which country does whisky hail?

5 – What is the antiquated term for a measure of whiskey?

6 – What is the favorite whiskey brand of fictional character Ron Swanson?

7 – What citrus is added to a whiskey sour?

8 – What is malted when making malt whiskey?

9 – What popular soft drink was originally intended to be a whiskey chaser?

10 – What condiment is aged in barrels used to make Jack Daniel’s?

11 – What British politician famously drank whiskey highballs all day long?

12 – What variation of whiskey is known to have a slightly spiced flavor?

13 – How long can whiskey last in the bottle before its flavor starts to change?

14 – What is the name of a coffee drink containing whiskey?

15 – What is the name of a traditional whiskey glass?

16 – What is typically used to garnish an old-fashioned?

17 – How long does a spirit need to age before it can be called whiskey?

18 – How much of a whiskey’s final flavor is said to be determined by the cask it ages in?

19 – What is the name of the whiskey that evaporates during maturation?

20 – What is the minimum ABV that Whisky must be bottled with?

21 – Is an old-fashioned made in a shaker or a glass?

22 – Where does the smoky flavor of Islay whiskey come from?

23 – What natural syrup is slowly replacing simple syrup in whiskey cocktails?

24 – What was used to garnish an old-fashioned in the fifties?

25 – Why is the old-fashioned named as it is?

Round 2 – Gin and Gin Cocktails

1- Which City does gin originate from?

2 – What was the first pairing of gin and food?

3 – What berries are used to flavor gin?

4 – Where did a gin predecessor, genever, come from?

5 – What were the other ingredients for the first gin cocktail?

6 – What was genever used for?

7 – What are the ingredients of a martini?

8 – What gin-based hangover cure is seen as a predecessor to the bloody mary?

9 – Is juniper cultivated or picked wild?

10 – Who got a daily ration of gin while at sea?

11 – What is in a gin rickey?

12 – When were olives first popularised in martinis?

13 – What does the etching ‘gin lane’ show?

14 – What temperature should you taste gin at?

15 – What country consumes the most gin?

16 – What can juniper oil be used for, when the berries aren’t used in gin?

17 – What percentage of structures in London had a gin still during the early 1700s?

18 – Where does London Dry Gin need to be made?

19 – What made ‘bathtub gin’ made during the prohibition so dangerous?

20 – Why were so many gin cocktails invented during prohibition?

21 – What is the origin of the name ‘martini’?

22 – What is the name of the pipe at the top of a gin still?

23 – What fictional character prefers their martinis shaken and not stirred?

24 – Who is said to have invented the Vesper?

25 – What made the gin and tonic popular in the British colonies?

Round 3 – Rum and Rum Cocktails

1 – When was rum first made?

2 – What product is rum fermented from?

3 – When was Mount Gay rum originally produced?

4 – When did sailors typically receive rum as part of their benefits?

5 – What brewer has the world’s largest distillery?

6 – Why was rum issued to sailors?

7 – Why was rum added to grog?

8 – Where does the majority of the world’s rum come from?

9 – What does the Spanish nickname for rum translate to?

10 – What is rum said to help with?

11 – What differentiates clear and dark rum?

12 – What are the three names for rum, depending on where it originates?

13 – What ABV is navy rum?

14 – What does 100% proof rum mean?

15 – How is Solera rum produced?

16 – What minty cocktail is made with rum?

17 – What topical cocktail is made with rum?

18 – What simple classic is made with rum and coke?

19 – What citrus-heavy cocktail is made with rum?

20 – What makes up a Dark ‘n’ Stormy?

21 – Where does the rumtopf tradition originate from?

22 – What president loved making rum cocktails?

23 – What is in a rum sling?

24 – What sweetener is used in a rum toddy?

25 – Why is rum associated with pirates?

Round 4 – Vodka and Vodka Cocktails

1 – What was the original purpose of vodka?

2 – How long does a bottle of vodka last after being opened?

3 – Where does vodka originate from?

4 – What are the two ingredients of vodka?

5 – What can vodka be used for other than drinking?

6 – What surprising use of vodka requires it to be watered down and applied with a towel?

7 – What weighs more: a liter of water or a liter of vodka?

8 – What is the origin of the word ‘vodka’?

9 – How many calories are there in a shot of vodka?

10 – What cocktail is made with lime and vodka?

11 – What hangover cure features vodka?

12 – What are the ingredients of a Moscow mule?

13 – What vodka cocktail includes orange juice?

14 – What dairy product is used in a white Russian?

15 – What can a teaspoon of sugar with a few drops of vodka have?

16 – How much is a bottle of the world’s most expensive vodka?

17 – You should reach for the vodka if you get stung by which animal?

18 – How can you use vodka to help remove a band-aid?

19 – What grains are vodka typically made from?

20 – What distant location has vodka been to?

21 – When were you first able to buy vodka in bottles rather than buckets?

22 – What would you use vodka for in your garden?

23 – Where would you keep vodka to develop the flavor?

24 – Roughly what percentage of each bottle of vodka is water?

25 – How can vodka be prepared for people with dietary requirements?



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Fancy yourself as a foodie?

Think you know all things weird and wonderful about food? Then take on the unusual foods trivia quiz to test your knowledge on the strangest ingredients, unexpected delicacies, and curious combinations. Through food that is historical, fermented and rotten to just plain odd, you’ll find 100 questions divided into 4 rounds, so get ready for some bizarre quizzing.

Round 1 – Unusual Food Trivia

1 – Which fruit turns the flavour of sour foods sweet?

2 – What colour are Chinese 1000-year-old eggs?

3 – Which two venomous animals are added to wine in Vietnam?

4 – What is Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world, also known as?

5 – Which processed meat is popular in Hawaii?

6 – What is the name of the stick-shaped boiled sugar sold at British seasides?

7 – Which tinned fish is so smelly it is illegal to open in public in Sweden?

8 – Which two cuisines inspired New Orleans yakamein?

9 – Who is the only person allowed to eat swan in the UK?

10 – Which animal is used for transport, milk and meat in the Middle East?

11 – In Spain how many grapes must you eat on New Year’s Eve for good luck?

12 – In 2013 which mislabeled meat caused a scandal in UK supermarkets?

13 – In Arkansas what are ‘buffalo ribs’?

14 – Which part of a shark is used in the popular Chinese soup?

15 – What is the main ingredient in most wasabi products?

16 – Which South Asian fruit is known for having a sweet taste and rotten smell?

17 – What is the name of a castrated cockerel?

18 – Which Australian fruit produces ‘citrus caviar’?

19 – What flavour is snake fruit?

20 – What is the name of the cookie which contains a message predicting your future?

21 – What are crab sticks made from?

22 – Which eight-legged creature is eaten deep fried in Cambodia?

23 – Which cheese is used to make Sardinian casu martzu, also known as maggot cheese?

24 – What are American deep fried ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters’ made from?

25 – Which reptile is known as ‘chicken of the trees’ in South America?

Round 2 – Unusual Foods In History

1- Why were tapeworms purposely eaten in the 1900s?

2 – Which ancient civilisation used chocolate as currency?

3 – Which corned meat was sold as ‘whacon’ in the UK during World War II?

4 – In medieval times what was the electric daisy flower used to treat?

5 – Which animal was eaten by the crew of Darwin’s ship on the voyage back from the Galapagos?

6 – Where was Marmite invented?

7 – Which prickly spined animal was roasted in the Medieval Ages?

8 – What is the name of the prized substance produced by the digestive system of a sperm whale?

9 – Which part of a calf was used instead of turtle to create mock turtle soup?

10 – Which layered pasta dish did Colgate attempt to launch as a frozen ready-meal?

11 – Which civilization ate stuffed dormouse as a delicacy?

12 – What is the one ingredient in ‘Britain’s Cheapest Meal’, the toast sandwich?

13 – Which expensive shellfish used to be considered peasant food?

14 – What are the three birds stuffed inside one another to become a turducken?

15 – What is the name of the first president of the United States, who also loved mushroom ketchup?

16 – What is the name of the first president of the United States, who also loved mushroom ketchup?

17 – Which Cambridge club aimed to eat ‘birds and beasts which were before unknown to human palate’?

18 – Russian tsars believed ‘unicorn horns’ to be a universal cure, what was actually being sold to them?

19 – In hunting culture which beating organ is often eaten straight after the kill?

20 – What is the name of the clear savory jelly set in a mould and filled with meat, fish or vegetables?

21 – Where does Hawaiian pizza originate?

22 – Popular in Eastern Europe, which fish is bought live and kept in the bath till Christmas Eve?

23 – Which meat was part of the first meal eaten on the Moon?

24 – What part of a beaver was allowed to be eaten during Lent as it was believed to be a fish?

25 – Which vegetable was cultivated to be orange in honour of the Duke of Orange?

Round 3 – Unusual Food In Movies and TV

1 – In Elf, which unusual topping does Buddy add to all his food?

2 – Which TV show is Tubby Toast from?

3 – At a sushi restaurant which fish does Homer Simpson think has poisoned him?

4 – Which food gives popeye superhuman strength?

5 – In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom what is served at the feast?

6 – What food does SpongeBob make when he pulls on the stingers of a jellyfish?

7 – In Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory what turns Violet into a blueberry?

8 – Which food is used to bribe Scooby-Doo and Shaggy?

9 – What do The Twits fill their pie with?

10 – What did Hannibal Lecter eat with liver and fava beans?

11 – Which large, white larvae is well known for being eaten live in on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!?

12 – What are the pies filled within Sweeney Todd?

13 – In iCarly what is spaghetti famously served with?

14 – In Rick and Morty what food does Rick transform himself into?

15 – What colour are the snow cones in Monsters, Inc?

16 – Which American snack cake is believed to survive the end of the world in Family Guy and WALL-E?

17 – Which red fruit is used to poison Snow White?

18 – What grows from the magic beans which Jack trades for a cow?

19 – In Macbeth who adds ‘eye of newt, and toe of frog’ into a cauldron?

20 – Which food rains from the sky in ‘Cloudy with a Chance of…’?

21 – What food is Kevin the Snipe from UP obsessed with?

22 – Which dish do Lady and the Tramp share?

23 – What is unusual about the gobstopper in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory?

24 – What kind of fruit tree slaps Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz?

25 – In which animated film is Remy the rat an aspiring chef?

Round 4 – In Which Country Is This Unusual Food Most Popular

1 – Snails?

2 – Octopus ink sac?

3 – Bird’s nest soup?

4 – Seal?

5 – Puffin heart?

6 – Haggis?

7 – Live octopus?

8 – Son-in-law eggs?

9 – Southern fried rattlesnake?

10 – Cow Udder?

11 – Balut / Fertilised duck egg?

12 – Fruit bat soup?

13 – Lutefisk?

14 – Pig’s blood cake?

15 – Hakarl / Fermented shark?

16 – Emu?

17 – Ackee?

18 – Sea urchin?

19 – Koumiss / Fermented donkey milk?

20 – Brain curry?

21 – Giant bullfrog?

22 – Grasshopper?

23 – Creier pane / Fried boiled pig brains?

24 – Canned reindeer?

25 – Guinea pig?



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Fancy yourself as a bit of a Foodie?

For forever and a day humans have been making and eating great food, but how far does your palate stretch? Think Foreign Cuisines from around the globe for inspiration to ace our free World Foods quiz. You’ll find 100 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather your family or friends for some Tasty quizzing.

Round 1 – Italian Food

1 – What Country does pasta originate from?

2 – The milk of what animal is used for Mozzarella?

3 – What two types of meat are used in traditional Italian meatballs?

4 – What is the Italian name for bow-tie pasta?

5 – What is the name of the pasta sauce made up of cream, eggs, and bacon?

6 – What are the two core ingredients of fresh pasta?

7 – What is the name of the traditional Italian flatbread, topped with sauce and cheese?

8 – The three Italian hard cheeses are: Parmigianino regianno, pecorino romano, and what other cheese?

9 – What is the Italian name for the pasta which is shaped into long, thin cylinders?

10 – What are the three ingredients in a traditional béchamel sauce?

11 – What is the name of the traditional layered Italian pasta made with sheets of dried or fresh pasta?

12 – A Hawaiian pizza is topped with what?

13 – What herbs make up an Italian herb mix?

14 – What is the name of the famous, coffee-flavored Italian dessert?

15 – What is the name for the small cups of concentrated coffee?

16 – Is traditional pizza thick or thin?

17 – What are the ‘big three’ of an Italian dinner table?

18 – When do Italians typically drink milky coffee?

19 – What is the name of Italy’s famous vinegar?

20 – What is the name of Italian Christmas cake?

21 – What is traditionally paired with ricotta when filling ravioli or tortellini?

22 – What is the name of the rice traditionally used for risotto?

23 – What soft cheese is traditionally used on pizzas?

24 – What is pasta al forno?

25 – Foccaccia and ciabatta are types of what?

Round 2 – Spanish Food

1- The main meal of a Spanish day is eaten at what time?

2 – What is the name of the most famous Spanish rice dish?

3 – What is a Spanish tortilla?

4 – Spanish desserts are often creamy, and flavoured with what spice?

5 – What Spanish sausage is flavored with garlic and paprika?

6 – From which animal is jamón serrano made?

7 – What is the name of Spanish pig’s blood sausage?

8 – What is the name of cold Spanish tomato soup?

9 – What is the name of Spanish almond, bread, and garlic soup?

10 – What is ‘calamar’ in Spanish cooking?

11 – What is the traditional Adalusian way of preparing large pieces of fish?

12 – El pulpo a la gallega is what?

13 – What does it mean to prepare food ‘al ajillo’?

14 – What is el pisto?

15 – What is horchata?

16 – What is tapas?

17 – Red wine is used in which traditional Spanish summer drink?

18 – What is the central ingredient of the dish ‘las migas’?

19 – What is the name of a traditional Spanish fritter?

20 – What is the name of a traditional Spanish nougat?

21 – What is la torta de aceite?

22 – How many grapes are traditionally eaten at midnight during Spanish new year celebrations?

23 – What flower is saffron made from?

24 – Is a traditional Spanish breakfast sweet or savory?

25 – What international food based council is based in Madrid?

Round 3 – French Food

1 – What phrase is typically said before a meal?

2 – The legs of what animal are a popular food?

3 – What are les escargots?

4 – What is the most popular French bread?

5 – What is the name of the famous curved pastries from France?

6 – What famous phrase is said about the number of French cheeses out there?

7 – What special cake is eaten on the sixth of January?

8 – What are the three fillings of a quiche Lorraine?

9 – What is the name of the famous French vegetable stew?

10 – Which meal is known as ‘the little lunch’?

11 – What is the name of the famous French seafood soup?

12 – What part of an animal is foie gras made from?

13 – What is the French term for a paste made from meat or fish?

14 – What are the fillings of a croque monsieur?

15 – What sauce is produced in the Dijon city in France?

16 – What does it mean to serve food ‘en flambé’?

17 – What is the name of an alcoholic pancake dish made with lemon and orange?

18 – What French dish is made with pig’s head, tongue, and ears?

19 – What is French toast dipped in prior to cooking?

20 – What are the two main ingredients in boeuf bourguinon?

21 – What is le coq au vin?

22 – How is a pot au feu made?

23 – What is la sauce chasseur typically served alongside?

24 – What is the name for preserving meat in its own cooled, hardened fat?

25 – What is confit meat typically used in?

Round 4 – Chinese Food

1 – Where in China are noodles preferred over rice?

2 – What beans are tofu made from?

3 – What is seitan made up of?

4 – Which region uses the most chillies when cooking?

5 – What tool means that most meals are served in bite-sized portions?

6 – Is it more common to eat in groups or alone in Chinese settings?

7 – What is often done over food rather than coffee?

8 – What grain is typically served as a Chinese side dish?

9 – Why does a lot of Chinese food make use of less common ingredients?

10 – Where is chop suey originally from?

11 – How many culinary cuisines are there in China?

12 – How many dairy products are involved in Chinese food?

13 – How is food typically presented in China?

14 – What is the superstitious meaning associated with ingot shaped dumplings?

15 – What type of ingredient is traditionally served as a dessert?

16 – What sweet treat originated in China?

17 – What Japanese meals were originally made in China?

18 – What popular condiment originated in China?

19 – In what year did average Chinese daily calorie intake experience its greatest rise ever?

20 – Where were fortune cookies invented?

21 – What is the translation of ‘dim sum’?

22 – Why is there such a large variety in Chinese cuisine

23 – Why does traditional Chinese food often not contain beef?

24 – Why are chopsticks favored over knives and forks?

25 – Where is the honored guest seated at a traditional Chinese meal?




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Are you a Chocoholic?

So you fancy yourself as a bit of a chocolate connoisseur? Then you need to try out this ultimate chocolate lovers quiz. You’ll find 100 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather your family or friends for some Choc-Tastic quizzing.


Round 1 – Chocolate Trivia

1 – What part of the cocoa plant is chocolate made from?

2 – Which is the world’s most popular chocolate egg?

3 – Who invented chocolate bars?

4 – What are the bubbles in an aero bar made from?

5 – Which ancient civilisation used chocolate as currency?

6 – How many types of cocoa beans are there – 1, 2 or 4?

7 – Which continent are cocoa beans most commonly grown in?

8 – What variety of Wispa did Cadbury discontinue in 2003?

9 – Which brand of dark chocolate produced by Cadbury is named after a village in England?

10 – Which chocolate bar is “Full of Eastern Promise”?

11 – How many segments are there in a Terry’s Chocolate Orange – 15, 20 or 25?

12 – Which chocolate bar has a frog as its logo?

13 – How many ‘After Eights’ are in a typical 300g box – 25, 30 or 35?

14 – What is the first name of the Cadbury founder- John, James or Jack?

15 – In what year did the first Cadbury milk chocolate bars appear – 1877, 1887 or 1897?

16 – Where in England is Cadbury world?

17 – What are Moro bars better known as in the UK?

18 – Which country consumes the most chocolate per person per year?

19 – Franklin Mars invented the Snickers Bar in – 1920, 1930 or 1940?

20 – M&Ms were created in 1941 as a means for soldiers to enjoy chocolate without it melting – True or False?

21 – Are cocoa beans a Fruit or Vegetable?

22 – The largest chocolate bar ever weighed 10,770 lbs – True or False?

23 – What did a Mars a day help you do?

24 – Snickers were originally called what?

25 – Over 60% of people eat this part of the chocolate bunny first?


Round 2 – Celebrity Chocolate

1- Who provided the seductive voice of the Cadbury’s Caramel bunny?

2 – Which character was first to be disqualified in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’?

3 – Who was the lead actress in the film ‘Chocolat’?

4 – Which popular band sang the 1991 song ‘Chocolate Cake’?

5 – What US chocolate bar does sloth eat in the Goonies?

6 – “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” is a line from what movie?

7 – Audrey Hepburn starred in a commercial after her death, to advertise which chocolate?

8 – Which iconic Dynasty actresses starred in a snickers commercial?

9 – Which tennis star is a brand ambassador for Lindt?

10 – Which Essex born ex TOWIE reality star starred in a Milk Tray commercial?

11 – What was the name of the boy who was forced to eat an entire chocolate cake in the film Matilda?

12 – In one episode of Seinfeld”, Elaine’s boss eats which chocolate bar with a fork and knife?

13 – Which band sang the song “It started with a kiss”?

14 – Which children’s author wrote ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’?

15 – The Cadbury’s Gorilla played an iconic song on the drums by which musician?

16 – Which actor played the original Willy Wonka in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’?

17 – Which Grammy and Brit Award winning artist starred in a flake commercial?

18 – Which religious figure was presented with a life-sized replica of himself made entirely out of chocolate?

19 – Which comedy duo starred in a 2001 commercial for Cadbury Boost?

20 – It’s the caramel boyo! Was a line in an advert for Cadbury Wispa by who?

21 – As a child, which swashbuckling celebrity was allergic to chocolate?

22 – Which singer/actress from ‘the block’ admitted to being addicted to sugar?

23 – Which chocolate spread does Chrissy Teigen hate?

24 – Which larger than life, American actor provided the voice for the yellow M&M before J.K. Simmons?

25 – Which actor played Willy Wonka in the Tim Burton film?


Round 3 – Chocolate Slogans

1 – Try Both and Pick a side?

2 – A hazelnut in every bite?

3 – The chocolate that melts in your mouth not in your hand?

4 – P-P-Pick up a?

5 – You’re not you when you’re hungry?

6 – Made for Sharing?

7 – The Intense Chocolate Hit?

8 – Get that Friday feeling?

9 – Every day should be this good?

10 – When you feel like a great big bite?

11 – Do you love anyone enough to give them your last?

12 – It’s not for girls (now banned)?

13 – Why have cotton when you can have silk?

14 – How do you eat yours?

15 – Soft on the outside, crunchy on the inside?

16 – A glass and a half in every pound?

17 – It’s not Terry’s, It’s mine?

18 – The chocolate bar you can eat between meals without spoiling your appetite?

19 – Take it easy?

20 – And all because the lady loves?

21 – Get Some Nuts?

22 – The taste of paradise?

23 – Feel the bubbles?

24 – Somebody somewhere’s eating a?

25 – The lighter way to enjoy chocolate?


Round 4 – Guess the Brand

1 – The Green Triangle features in which popular chocolate tub?

2 – Which popular brand of chocolate is known as Dove in the US?

3 – Who has been selling “Chocolate Heaven Since 1911”?

4 – Which brand of chocolate hazelnut spread has been manufactured by Ferrero since 1964?

5 – Which chocolate company produces the Lion bar?

6 – Hazel Whirl features in which popular chocolate tub?

7 – Which chocolate brand has a gold logo that incorporates a dragon?

8 – Which chocolate brand sells chocolates are wrapped in gold foil?

9 – Which chocolate brand originated in Zürich, Switzerland, in 1845?

10 – Which company produces only one type of chocolate, which is ‘Deliciously Unsquare’?

11 – Which brand sells a master chocolatier collection?

12 – Which company produces the Gold Bar?

13 – Mondelez International produces which popular chocolate bar, often sold in Ikea?

14 – Which chocolate brand produces Bounty?

15 – Which company created the first filled chocolate sweet, Cream Sticks, in 1853?

16 – Which brand started out as a drinking chocolate business?

17 – Which Swiss chocolate brand has a logo featuring a purple cow with a bell around its neck?

18 – Which popular chocolate box contains the dinky decker?

19 – Which company produced the ‘Wonka Bar’?

20 – Which Belgian chocolate brand is best known for its seashell shaped pralines?

21 – Which brand of chocolates are popular because of their signature Gold Ballotin packaging?

22 – Which swiss brand of chocolate resembles the Matterhorn mountain?

23 – Which brand produces popular bite-sized chocolates called kisses?

24 – The galaxy truffle was controversially removed from which chocolate tub in 2011?

25 – Which chocolate brand has a logo that incorporates a nest with 3 birds?





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