The Ultimate Diwali Quiz

Are you as bright as the festival of light? From the history of Diwali to the modern-day trends like lighting up the skies with fireworks. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather round for some cultural quizzing.

Round 1

1 – Diwali is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Newar Buddhists and what J?

2 – Name the South Asian sweets and desserts that are a staple part of Diwali celebrations?

3 – Diwali is celebrated during the Hindu month of what?

4 – Diwali rituals and preparations take place over how many days?

5 – Lakshmi is the goddess of what?

6 – Name the Bombay spiced mix that is often consumed at Diwali?

7 – On which day of the celebrations is it traditional to clean your home?

8 – Deepavali is celebrated over how many days?

9 – Rangolis are mostly which shape?

10 – The height of the festival is celebrated on which day?

Round 2

1 – Lapsi Halwa is usually eaten on the first day of Diwali – True or False?

2 – Diwali is from the Sanskrit dīpāvali meaning ‘row or series of lights’ – True or False?

3 – Diwali was originally celebrated in Pakistan – True or False?

4 – During Diwali it is forbidden to wash – True or False?

5 – All public transport is shut down in India during Diwali – True or False?

6 – Diwali was celebrated in the White House by George W. Bush in 2003 – True or False?

7 – During Diwali you should not gift antique items to friends and family – True or False?

8 – Gift Giving is usually observed on day one of Diwali – True or False?

9 – In Hindu culture light signifies love and gratitude – True or False?

10 – Muslims celebrate Diwali – True or False?

Round 3

1 – The fifth day of Diwali is known as what?

2 – The fifth day of Diwali is dedicated to which family members?

3 – Households light dozens of little clay oil lamps, called what?

4 – Name the decorative patterns created during Diwali from rice & flour?

5 – How many people in the world celebrate Diwali – 1 million +, 100 million + or 1 billion +?

6 – The lighting of lamps in and around homes helps Lakshmi do what?

7 – What does kolam art symbolize?

8 – Which flower is known as Onam flower?

9 – What is Rangoli called in South India?

10 – Day four celebrates the return of which King to Earth?

Round 4

1 – What type of dried fruit is found in traditional Sheera?

2 – Which British city hosts a grand celebration on Diwali?

3 – During Diwali, what game is believed to bring you good luck for the year ahead?

4 – Diwali celebrates good over what?

5 – What is Muruku?

6 – Which precious metal is often purchased on day 1 of Diwali?

7 – Who killed Narakasura?

8 – Dewali typically takes place between which two months?

9 – Which demon was killed by Lord Krishna on Diwali?

10 – What is Kheer traditionally served with on day 3?

Round 5

1 – Which kind of oil is traditionally used to light lamps?

2 – In which country do people call Diwali ‘Swanti’?

3 – From what time are people able to burst crackers to celebrate Diwali in India?

4 – Lord Rama was the ruler of which Kingdom?

5 – Dhanteras is the name given to which day of Diwali?

6 – Diwali is associated with which puja?

7 – In English, what does “Shubh Diwali” mean?

8 – What are patakhas?

9 – Dhanteras is celebrated on which lunar day of Krishna Paksha?

10 – At what time do people have to stop letting off crackers in India?




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The Ultimate Chinese New Year Quiz

From the history of the Chinese New Year to the modern-day trends like hiring fake partners to take home to meet the parents. Think lunar animals, traditional foods and gifts for inspiration to ace our free Chinese New Year quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some seasonal quizzing.

Round 1

1 – What gift do children usually receive on Chinese New Year?

2 – How is the gift of money usually received?

3 – What is the most famous festival food eaten during the Chinese new year?

4 – Why are the money envelopes Red?

5 – Why is the money received on the Chinese new year never to be associated with the number 4?

6 – Before Chinese New Year you clean your home to get rid of what?

7 – What lights up the sky at midnight on the Chinese new year?

8 – Which fruit means “for luck and success” in Chinese?

9 – How long does the Chinese new year celebrations last?

10 – What does “Guo Nian Hao” mean?

Round 2

1 – What date is the Chinese new year in 2022?

2 – The Chinese new year is also known as the winter festival – True or False?

3 – The Chinese new year ends with what festival?

4 – How is the date of the Chinese new year worked out?

5 – What are the five Chinese blessings also known as?

6 – Chinese new year uses the largest amount of fireworks on the planet – True or False?

7 – Black and white is worn to represent luck – True or False?

8 – Chinese new year falls on a different day each year – True or False?

9 – 1/4 of the world’s population celebrates the Chinese new year – True or False?

10 – Washing your hair and clothes is a must on the first day of the Lunar year – True or False?

Round 3

1 – How many animals are in the Chinese zodiac?

2 – How were the 12 zodiac animals chosen?

3 – Which animal came first in the zodiac race?

4 – Which animal came second in the zodiac race?

5 – Which animal came third in the zodiac race?

6 – Which animal came fourth in the zodiac race?

7 – Which animal came fifth in the zodiac race?

8 – Which animal came sixth in the zodiac race?

9 – Which animal came seventh in the zodiac race?

10 – Which animal came eighth in the zodiac race?

Round 4

1 – Which animal came ninth in the zodiac race?

2 – Which animal came tenth in the zodiac race?

3 – Which animal came eleventh in the zodiac race?

4 – Which animal came twelfth in the zodiac race?

5 – Which animal finished the race last and would not be part of the Chinese zodiac?

6 – Which animal is assigned to the year 2022?

7 – On the eleventh day of the Chinese new year, Fathers traditionally invite who to dinner?

8 – On the first day of the Chinese new year which family members are usually visited?

9 – The second day of the Chinese new year is considered the birthday of which animal?

10 – On the fourth day of the Chinese new year which god is welcomed back into people’s homes?

Round 5

1 – What is the fifth day of the Chinese new year traditionally known as?

2 – Why is the sixth day good for those who are twelve that year?

3 – Why is the seventh day known as “Human day”?

4 – On the eighth day what are the Hokkien Chinese busy doing for the Jade Emperors’ birthday?

5 – To give the body and stomach a break from the rich food, what is traditionally eaten on the thirteenth day?

6 – What day in the celebrations is known as the “First night festival”

7 – The soup balls ‘Tangyuan’ symbolise what?

8 – Popular in Hong Kong and Macau which two animal dances are seen on new years day?

9 – In which dynasty (1600 -1046BC) did the Chinese new year originate?

10 – The festive cake ‘Fa gao’ symbolises what?




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