The Ultimate Superhero Quiz for Kids

So you think you know Superheroes? From the history of comics to the modern-day films and characters. Think DC, Marvel and classic TV, Film and cartoon heroes for inspiration to ace our free superhero quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather around for some super quizzing.

Round 1

1 – Name the two superheroes from Spongebob?

2 – Which Superhero can transform tiny or huge?

3 – Which 3 superheroes make up the PJ Masks?

4 – Which superhero’s real name is Clarke Kent?

5 – What is the name of the Disney superhero family?

6 – Which superhero is known for his shield?

7 – Which superhero does Mjollnir belong to?

8 – Which superhero is the richest?

9 – Which superhero owns “Stark Industries”?

10 – Which team of superheroes’ favourite food is pizza?

Round 2

1 – Which superhero’s catchphrase is “Flame On”?

2 – When angry whom does Bruce Banner become?

3 – What is Captain Marvel’s real name?

4 – Which superhero never misses with a bow and arrow?

5 – The time stone is protected by which superhero?

6 – Wood and the colour yellow are the weaknesses of which superhero?

7 – Which superhero says “its cloberin’ time”?

8 – Aunt May & Uncle Ben are related to which superhero?

9 – Wolverine’s claws are made from which metal?

10 – T’Challa was the king of which fictional country?

Round 3

1 – Which superhero is half Atlantean?

2 – Which superhero and defender of ‘The Planet Drool’ is known as “King of the ocean?

3 – Natasha Romanova is which superhero?

4 – Which female superhero uses a whip?

5 – Which superhero is made out of Magma?

6 – Which female cartoon superhero flies an invisible plane?

7 – “What’s the sitch” is the catchphrase of which Disney superhero?

8 – She is green and is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy?

9 – Which Disney superhero was built by Tadashi Hamada?

10 – What is the real name of the Winter Soldier?

Round 4

1 – Ororo Monroe can control the weather but what is her X-men name?

2 – Rocket is what animal?

3 – With a spear, this superhero will protect Wakanda without question?

4 – Which professor runs the school for mutants?

5 – Which guardian of the galaxy is a tree?

6 – This Disney superhero’s powers don’t work if he’s thirsty?

7 – “It’s morphin’ time” is a catchphrase used by which group of superheroes?

8 – Pepper Potts is the wife to which Superhero?

9 – Which avenger was frozen for 70 years?

10 – How many Ninja Turtles are there?

Round 5

1 – What is the name of the newspaper where Superman works?

2 – Which superhero provides pictures for the Daily Bugle newspaper?

3 – Alfred is the Butler for which superhero?

4 – What is the real name of the “Invisible Girl”?

5 – The falcon makes his first appearance in which movie?

6 – Who is the Director of the Avengers?

7 – Actor Henry Cavill plays the role of which superhero?

8 – How many members of the Justice League are there?

9 – What is Dr. Reed Richard’s superpower in Fantastic four?

10 – Batman protects Gotham City along with which other superhero?




If you liked this superhero quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

Friends TV Show Quiz

The one with all the Friends questions! Take our ultimate Friends fan quiz – Only the biggest Friends TV show fans will be able to ace this quiz, think cast, locations, iconic moments and catchphrases to help you ace this one.

Could this quiz BE any harder? You’ll find 100 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather your family or ‘friends’ around for some nostalgic quizzing.

Round 1

1 – Who created Friends?

2 – How many seasons were there of Friends?

3 – What is the total number of episodes ever released of Friends – 200, 222 or 236?

4 – Which actress plays Phoebe Buffay?

5 – Which actress plays Rachel Green?

6 – Which actress plays Monica Geller?

7 – Which actor plays Chandler Bing?

8 – Which actor plays Ross Geller?

9 – Which actor plays Joey Tribbiani?

10 – In which year did Friends first air in the UK?

11 – Friends was originally going to be called ‘Insomnia Café’ – True or False?

12 – What was the name of the actress who played Pheobe’s twin sister in the show?

13 – What was Pheoobe’s twin sister’s name?

14 – Which character is played by James Michael Tyler?

15 – How many times has Ross was married?

16 – Joey was Monica’s first kiss – True or False?

17 – Rachel is scared of swings – True or False?

18 – Which character sometimes gives out the fake name ‘Regina Phalange’?

19 – Which character sometimes gives out the fake name ‘Ken Adams’?

20 – What colour was the couch in Central Perk?

21 – Which sport does Ross try to play to impress Emily?

22 – Which couple had their first date at the Planetarium?

23 – What is the name of the man Pheobe marries?

24 – Name the millionaire Monica dated?

25 – Which character got their own spinoff after Friends finished?

Round 2

1- Which actor played Monica’s millionaire lover?

2 – Which actor played Monica’s older lover Richard Burke?

3 – Which two characters had jobs at Central Perk?

4 – What is Carol’s girlfriend’s name?

5 – Which character makes her first appearance in a wedding dress?

6 – What was the name of Chandler’s roommate before Joey?

7 – Phoebe carried twins for her brother – True or False?

8 – Who accidentally cuts off Chandler’s toe?

9 – Which character has a hairless cat called Mr Whiskerton?

10 – Which character’s teeth glowed in the dark after whitening them?

11 – Chandler once got stuck in a pair of leather pants – True or False?

12 – Which band sang the ‘Friends’ theme song?

13 – Pizza is Joey’s favorite food – True or False?

14 – When Monica was 14 she once got what stuck in her ear?

15 – What is the name of Ross’ first wife?

16 – What iconic instrument does Phoebe play?

17 – Which character was famed for screeching the line ‘Oh My God’?

18 – What was the name of Ross’ first born son?

19 – What was the name of Ross and Rachel’s daughter?

20 – What were the names of Chandler and Monica’s twins?

21 – Joey’s agent was called Esther – True or False?

22 – Whose name did Ross accidentally say at his wedding to Emily?

23 – Which star played Erica on the show?

24 – What was the name of the soap opera Joey starred in?

25 – Which character has a father who is a drag queen called ‘Viva La Gaygas’?

Round 3

1 – Which character got married outside Central Perk?

2 – Which character joined the ‘I Hate Rachel Green Club’ in high school?

3 – Which character is obsessive about cleaning?

4 – What gave Joey the meat sweats?

5 – Monica is allergic to dog hair – True or False?

6 – What infamous dessert did Rachel fail at make at thanksgiving?

7 – Which character got their head stuck in a turkey?

8 – Who says the first ever line on the show?

9 – Who says the last ever line on the show?

10 – Which character does Gunther have a crush on?

11 – Who sang ‘Smelly Cat’ with Lisa Kudrow at the Friends reunion in 2021?

12 – Which character dressed up as the holiday Armadillo?

13 – What is Chandler’s middle name?

14 – In which city is Friends set?

15 – What colour is Monica’s front door?

16 – Rachel got a job with which famous fashion brand in Paris?

17 – Which member of the British royal family appeared on the show?

18 – Maurice was who’s childhood imaginary friend?

19 – ‘Way, No Way’ was the name of Ross and Chandler’s college band – True or false?

20 – What was the name of Ross’ pet monkey?

21 – Rachel smoked to try to get in a clique with her colleagues at which major fashion brand?

22 – What holiday does Chandler hate?

23 – What is the name of the actor who played Phoebe’s husband?

24 – What is the title of the Friends theme song?

25 – Which celebrity hosted the Friends reunion in 2021?

Round 4

1 – Ross sent Emily 75 roses – True or False?

2 – Which country was Emily from?

3 – Ross is allergic to Peanuts – True or False?

4 – Which character won a Vanilla Ice look-alike contest?

5 – Which country did Chandler tell Janice he was moving to?

6 – Which character starred in a men’s lipstick commercial?

7 – What kind of plastic surgery did Rachel have?

8 – Monica, Ross and Rachel attended Lincon high school – True or False?

9 – What did Rachel get a tattoo of?

10 – Which actor who later went on to marry Jennifer Anderson made a cameo in Friends?

11 – What kind of animal is Joey’s friend ‘Hugsy’?

12 – Which actor played the stripper at Phoebe’s Bachelorette party?

13 – What is the name that Joey gives to his recliner chair?

14 – Which character was gifted a Porsche by their father?

15 – Which character makes jokes when they’re uncomfortable?

16 – What was Joey’s famous chat up line?

17 – Phoebe does not believe in evolution – True or False?

18 – What was the first thing Matt LeBlac bought with his first paycheck from Friends?

19 – The fountain from the opening credits is actually the same one from which iconic film?

20 – Which character is the only one not to be nominated for an Emmy for their role on friends?

21 – How many episodes did Gunther star in before uttering his first line/word ‘Yeah’ – 11, 22 or 33?

22 – The show’s original theme song was “Shiny Happy People” by R.E.M – True or False?

23 – Which is the only season to not air a Thanksgiving episode?

24 – Bruce Willis guest-starred on the show for free after losing a bet – True or False?

25 – What was the first thing Courtney Cox bought with her first paycheck from Friends?



If you liked this friends themed quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

The Ultimate TV Series Quiz

Who doesn’t love to Netflix and chill? But how many TV series have you managed to binge-watch? From sci-fi and horror to historical and romance. Think Netflix, Prime, HBO, and Apple TV for inspiration to ace our TV Series quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some quizzing.

Round 1 – Guess the TV Series

1 – Which TV Series is based around a stalker named Joe Goldberg?

2 – Which supernatural horror series is set in a family home named Keyhouse?

3 – Which 2021 drama series features a single mum called Alex, trying to start a new life after fleeing domestic abuse?

4 – Which 2021 Korean hit series see players competing in deadly childhood games?

5 – Which series is centered around a warrior and farmer named Ragnar Lothbrok?

6 – In which macabre TV series does Eva Green play the formidable Vannessa Ives?

7 – Which satirical black comedy-drama series centered around the Roy family?

8 – Which series features a world where (almost) all of humanity have lost their sight?

9 – Which crime drama series traces two long-prepared heists led by the Professor?

10 – Which American anthology horror series was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk?

Round 2 – TV Series Stars

1 – Which Hollywood star played ‘Celeste Wright’ in HBO’s Big Little Lies?

2 – Which English film star played ‘Eddard Stark’ in Game of Thrones?

3 – Which American actress played ‘Serena van der Woodsen’ in Gossip Girl?

4 – Which Hollywood actor played ‘Owen Milgrim’ in Maniac?

5 – Which actress played fashion icon ‘Donatella Versace’ in American Crime Story?

6 – Which actor played ‘Detective Rust Cohle’ in HBO’s True Detective?

7 – Which actress played mom and monster-fighter ‘Joyce Byers’ in Stranger Things?

8 – Which model and actress played ‘Vignette Stonemoss’ in Amazon’s Carnival Row?

9 – Which iconic English actor played ‘Dr. Robert Ford’ in Westworld?

10 – Which American actress played secretary Sara Howard in The Alienist?

Round 3 – True or False

1 – ‘Blackwater’ was the most expensve episode of Game of Thrones – True or False?

2 – The Last Ship was based on a true story – True or False?

3 – James Gandolfini broke his arm whilst filming the first episode of The Sopranos – True or False?

4 – Eleven is a character in the series New Amsterdam – True or False?

5 – Narcos was based on a true story – True or False?

6 – The Blacklist has a spin-off series – True or False?

7 – Suits first aired in 2010 – True or False?

8 – The pilot episode of LOST cost over £10 million – True or False?

9 – The tv series Arrow is produced by Marvel – True or False?

10 – Mindhunter was based on a true story – True or False?

Round 4 – TV Series Trivia

1 – OITNB is the abbreviation for which series?

2 – What is the longest-running scripted television series in history?

3 – Which actor cameoed as Red Devil in Band of Brothers?

4 – Which role did actress Helen McRory play in Peaky Blinders?

5 – In ‘The Act’ Dee Dee Blanchard had which mental health condition?

6 – What does HBO stand for?

7 – Which famous Royal did Emma Corrin play in The Crown?

8 – Better Call Saul is a spin off of which series?

9 – In which series would you get ‘floated’ for commiting a crime?

10 – In which series would you find a villain named Neegan?

Round 5 – TV Series Trivia

1 – Which singer stars as Bet Sykes in Pennyworth?

2 – Which two popular tv series’ is ‘Sandra Oh’ famous for starring in?

3 – In which tv series would you see Idris Elba as a DCI?

4 – Which tv series depicts the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family?

5 – In which tv series does Liev Schreiber play a professional fixer for the rich and famous?

6 – Which tv series features a girl called Hannah who tragically committed suicide?

7 – Which actor plays Sherlock in the 2010 tv series?

8 – Which ‘City of Angels’ does lucifer settle in when he comes to earth?

9 – Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield are brothers in which tv series?

10 – Which one of his senses does Daredevil not have?




If you liked this TV Series quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

The Ultimate Only Fools and Horse Quiz

How well do you know this iconic show? If you’re no plonker, take this Only Fools and Horses quiz to test your knowledge of the hugely popular 80s tv series.

Think characters, locations and catch-phrases for inspiration to ace our free quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some cushty quizzing.

Round 1

1 – Name the pub featured in the show?

2 – In which year was the first ever episode aired?

3 – What was the first ever episode called?

4 – What was the name of Rodney’s band in the show?

5 – Which popular 80s band did Rodney’s band style themselves on?

6 – Which actress played Cassandra Trotter?

7 – What type of van was Trotter’s mode of transportation and work vehicle?

8 – Who wrote the script for Only Fools and Horses?

9 – Which famous footballer starred in a special episode written and filmed for BBC’s Sport Relief?

10 – Which actor played Trigger?

Round 2

1 – Which actor played Boycie?

2 – How many episodes of Only Fools and Horses were made?

3 – How many seasons of Only Fools and Horses were there?

4 – What was the name of Raquel’s ex husband?

5 – Before being renamed ‘Only Fools and Horses’ what was the show originally called?

6 – Nicholas Lyndhurst sang the opening theme tune to Only Fools and Horses – True or False?

7 – Which actress played Raquel Turner/Trotter?

8 – In which City is Nelson Mandela house actually located?

9 – What is Trigger’s real name on the show?

10 – What was DelBoys dating pseudonym?

Round 3

1 – Which actress played Marlene Boyce?

2 – Which famous boxer Owns one of the vans used on the set of Only Fools and Horses?

3 – What did Del Boy name his brand of bottled (tap) water?

4 – What two GCE’s does Rodney have?

5 – What name does Trigger always call Rodney?

6 – What occupation did Denzil have in the show?

7 – What happens directly after Del says this line “Play it nice and cool son, nice n cool. You know what I mean?”?

8 – Where is Del’s annual day trip, where he bumps in to Raquel?

9 – Which french word does Del Boy use to say goodbye?

10 – What is the stage name of the magician that works with Raquel?

Round 4

1 – What item made the brothers millionaires?

2 – What nickname does Rodney give Del’s Capri Ghia?

3 – Which catchphrase does Del use to describe his delight or approval?

4 – Which actor played Rodney Trotter?

5 – What was Rodney and Cassandra’s daughter called?

6 – At which auction house do Del & Rodney faint?

7 – What sign did Del use to stop getting parking tickets?

8 – Who ran the cafe in Only Fools And Horses?

9 – Rodney won a painting competition to which destination?

10 – How old did Rodney have to pretend to be in order to qualify for his competition holiday win?

Round 5

1 – Which actor played Uncle Albert?

2 – What was the name of the landlord at the Nags Head?

3 – What colour is Del’s Capri Ghia?

4 – Where did Rodney and Cassandra first meet?

5 – What is the name of Boycie and Marlene’s dog?

6 – What does Cassandra dress up as for Rodney?

7 – In which branch of the military did uncle Albert serve?

8 – What did the Trotters break in the episode ‘A Touch of Glass’?

9 – Which superheroes do Del and Rodney arrive at a funeral dressed up as?

10 – What are the names of Cassandra’s parents?




If you liked this only Fools and Horses quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

The Ultimate TV & Film Quiz

Do you watch too much TV? Maybe your life revolves around Netflix? Give our TV and film quiz a try and put your knowledge to the test.

You’ll find 100 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather your family or friends for some awesome quizzing.

Round 1

1 – In the Avengers movies, what is the name of Thor’s hammer?

2 – What was the first feature-length animated movie ever released?

3 – What finally makes the Trotter family millionaires in Only Fools and Horses?

4 – Which Scottish singer regularly played herself in Absolutely Fabulous?

5 – In Beauty and the Beast, which wing of the castle is Belle forbidden from visiting?

6 – In the TV show Man Down, what subject does teacher, Dan, teach?

7 – In The Matrix, does Neo take the blue pill or the red pill?

8 – In what film would you hear the saying “Well, it looks like I picked the wrong sister. That’s okay, Baby, I went slummin’ too”

9 – What is the name of the ship’s computer in Red Dwarf?

10 – Who is the idiot abroad?

11 – What is the name of the second James Bond film?

12 – In Ghost, who played the character Sam Wheat?

13 – Who is the zookeeper in Tiger King?

14 – What was the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture?

15 – What pop vocal group performs at the wedding in Bridesmaids?

16 – Who killed Mac Nightingale in Hollyoaks?

17 – Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful and Dopey – But who is the missing dwarf?

18 – Who are the only two judges that have been there since the beginning of The Voice UK?

19 – In Eastenders, who killed Lucy Beale?

20 – What does Tom Hanks compare life to in Forrest Gump?

21 – Who loves orange soda?

22 – Who are the 2 main FBI special agents in X-Files?

23 – Who directed Titanic, Avatar and The Terminator?

24 – Which member of The Beatles narrated the first series of Thomas the Tank Engine on TV?

25 – Who played Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons of The Crown?

Round 2

1- What was the name of the cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

2 – Mary Poppins is nanny to which family?

3 – In Coronation Street what happened to the Rovers Return in 1979?

4 – For which film did Sandra Bullock win her Oscar?

5 – Which TV theme begins with the words: “You know we belong together…”

6 – What 1994 crime film revitalised John Travolta’s career?

7 – Which English county is The Vicar of Dibley based?

8 – In the film Drop Dead Fred, what was Elizabeth’s ex-boyfriend called?

9 – What is the name of Jack Sparrow’s ship?

10 – What island is Jurassic Park on?

11 – In which city do Ross and Rachel get married in Friends?

12 – What flavour of Pop Tarts does Buddy the Elf use in his spaghetti in Elf?

13 – Who supposedly ‘killed her husband, whacked’im”?

14 – Who plays the main character, Honey Daniels, in the movie ‘Honey’?

15 – Which Disney princesses dress changes colour as she dances with her prince at the end of the movie?

16 – What was the most watched Netflix TV show in 2019?

17 – One of Canadas worst murders, Luka Magnotta, had which Netflix documentary made about him?

18 – Who played the lead role in the 2001 film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider?

19 – Aaron Sorkin won an Oscar for writing what 2010 drama about the creation of Facebook?

20 – What was the 2019 sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining?

21 – When Home and Away was first originally shown in the UK, what channel was it shown on?

22 – How many series are there of the hit TV show The Bay. 1, 2 or 3?

23 – Kylie Minogue started in which soap?

24 – In what year did Brookside finally end?

25 – Which TV show had a much-loved character named Greengrass?

Round 3

1 – How many seasons of Futurama were there before it ended in 2003?

2 – In what year was Jeremy Clarkson dropped from Top Gear?

3 – Byker Grove was filmed in which UK city?

4 – What is the name of the dog in The Simpsons?

5 – The Broberg parents were heavily criticised on social media following the (in my opinion) most shocking Netflix documentary – What was the documentary called?

6 – Which 2 cast members from Coronation Street went on The Jeremy Kyle Show?

7 – Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen shot to fame on which US TV show?

8 – Who was the first XFactor winner?

9 – The first episode of Downton Abbey begins on the same day as which real historic event?

10 – In Benidorm, what is the name of the Spanish hotel?

11 – Who originally voiced Meg Griffin in Family Guy?

12 – Who won the first series of Big Brother in the UK?

13 – What is the name of the hotel in Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York?

14 – Who won the first series of The Great British Bake Off?

15 – How many series have there been of Ant & Decs Saturday Night Takeaway as of March 2021? 15, 17, 19?

16 – Pat Sharp presented which children’s TV show?

17 – What is the rabbit called in the movie Bambi?

18 – What was Harry drinking in the pub fight scene in KingsMan?

19 – Which movie was incorrectly announced as the winner of Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards, during the greatest Oscars flub of all time?

20 – What is the first installment in the ‘Has Fallen’ film series?

21 – Raymond Reddington is a popular character in which TV series?

22 – In the popular series Blindspot, the first episode starts with Jone Doe climbing out of a bag covered in what?

23 – Name the film which boasts the famous line: “You can’t handle the truth!”

24 – How many films have Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio starred in together?

25 – George Clooney once appeared in a horror comedy called Return Of The Killer Tomatoes. True or False?

Round 4

1 – Which singing superstar has written, directed and executive produced Black Is King for Disney + ?

2 – How many sequels are there to the original Jaws?

3 – What is the name of the all-girl acapella group that Anna Kendrick joins in Pitch Perfect?

4 – What is the bitchy popular clique called in Mean Girls?

5 – Which ex-Skins star plays the lead role in the killer crocs horror film, Crawl?

6 – Chris Hemsworth once guest starred on an episode of neighbours – true or false?

7 – Which character was killed-off in Emmerdale’s first-ever live episode in 2012?

8 -What is the name of Scooby-Doo’s annoying nephew?

9 – Which actress plays Eleven in Stranger Things?

10 – In The Little Mermaid, what animal is Sebastian?

11 – Which Beyonce hit does Liza Minnelli sing in Sex and the City 2?

12 -Which cartoon character has a pet snail who meows like a cat?

13 –  In which city did Eve almost fatally stab Villanelle in Killing Eve?

14 – On Casualty, what was Duffy diagnosed with that ultimately led to a tragic ending?

15 – Which member of the Spice Girls once guest-starred in Sex And The City?

16 – Orange is apparently the new what?

17 – What is Ben Harper’s (played by Robert Lindsay) job on BBC One’s My Family?

18 – Which ITV talent show did Hear’Say win in 2001?

19 – In what year did Coronation Street first air on ITV?

20 – What is the name of Tony’s dog in After Life?

21 – Stacey Dooley made her TV debut on which BBC Three documentary series in 2008?

22 – Before Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, which US TV legal drama did she star in?

23 – Who is nicknamed “The Dark Destroyer” on gameshow, The Chase?

24 – How many toy story movies are there as of 2021?

25 – Father Ted originally aired on which terrestrial television channel?



If you liked this TV & Film Quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

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