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Think you know all things weird and wonderful about food? Then take on the unusual foods trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the strangest ingredients, unexpected delicacies, and curious combinations.  Through food that is historical, fermented and rotten to just plain odd.

You’ll find 100 questions divided into 4 rounds, so get ready for some bizarre quizzing.

Round 1 – Unusual Food Trivia

1 – Which fruit turns the flavour of sour foods sweet?

2 – What colour are Chinese 1000-year-old eggs?

3 – Which two venomous animals are added to wine in Vietnam?

4 – What is Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world, also known as?

5 – Which processed meat is popular in Hawaii?

6 – What is the name of the stick-shaped boiled sugar sold at British seasides?

7 – Which tinned fish is so smelly it is illegal to open in public in Sweden?

8 – Which two cuisines inspired New Orleans yakamein?

9 – Who is the only person allowed to eat swan in the UK?

10 – Which animal is used for transport, milk and meat in the Middle East?

11 – In Spain how many grapes must you eat on New Year’s Eve for good luck?

12 – In 2013 which mislabeled meat caused a scandal in UK supermarkets?

13 – In Arkansas what are ‘buffalo ribs’?

14 – Which part of a shark is used in the popular Chinese soup?

15 – What is the main ingredient in most wasabi products?

16 – Which South Asian fruit is known for having a sweet taste and rotten smell?

17 – What is the name of a castrated cockerel?

18 – Which Australian fruit produces ‘citrus caviar’?

19 – What flavour is snake fruit?

20 – What is the name of the cookie which contains a message predicting your future?

21 – What are crab sticks made from?

22 – Which eight-legged creature is eaten deep fried in Cambodia?

23 – Which cheese is used to make Sardinian casu martzu, also known as maggot cheese?

24 – What are American deep fried ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters’ made from?

25 – Which reptile is known as ‘chicken of the trees’ in South America?

Round 2 – Unusual Foods In History

1- Why were tapeworms purposely eaten in the 1900s?

2 – Which ancient civilisation used chocolate as currency?

3 – Which corned meat was sold as ‘whacon’ in the UK during World War II?

4 – In medieval times what was the electric daisy flower used to treat?

5 – Which animal was eaten by the crew of Darwin’s ship on the voyage back from the Galapagos?

6 – Where was Marmite invented?

7 – Which prickly spined animal was roasted in the Medieval Ages?

8 – What is the name of the prized substance produced by the digestive system of a sperm whale?

9 – Which part of a calf was used instead of turtle to create mock turtle soup?

10 – Which layered pasta dish did Colgate attempt to launch as a frozen ready-meal?

11 – Which civilization ate stuffed dormouse as a delicacy?

12 – What is the one ingredient in ‘Britain’s Cheapest Meal’, the toast sandwich?

13 – Which expensive shellfish used to be considered peasant food?

14 – What are the three birds stuffed inside one another to become a turducken?

15 – What is the name of the first president of the United States, who also loved mushroom ketchup?

16 – What product did Heinz unsuccessfully try to sell on pizza??

17 – Which Cambridge club aimed to eat ‘birds and beasts which were before unknown to human palate’?

18 – Russian tsars believed ‘unicorn horns’ to be a universal cure, what was actually being sold to them?

19 – In hunting culture which beating organ is often eaten straight after the kill?

20 – What is the name of the clear savoury jelly set in a mould and filled with meat, fish or vegetables?

21 – Where does Hawaiian pizza originate?

22 – Popular in Eastern Europe, which fish is bought live and kept in the bath till Christmas Eve?

23 – Which meat was part of the first meal eaten on the Moon?

24 – What part of a beaver was allowed to be eaten during Lent as it was believed to be a fish?

25 – Which vegetable was cultivated to be orange in honour of the Duke of Orange?

Round 3 – Unusual Food In Movies and TV

1 – In Elf, which unusual topping does Buddy add to all his food?

2 – Which TV show is Tubby Toast from?

3 – At a sushi restaurant which fish does Homer Simpson think has poisoned him?

4 – Which food gives popeye superhuman strength?

5 – In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom what is served at the feast?

6 – What food does SpongeBob make when he pulls on the stingers of a jellyfish?

7 – In Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory what turns Violet into a blueberry?

8 – Which food is used to bribe Scooby-Doo and Shaggy?

9 – What do The Twits fill their pie with?

10 – What did Hannibal Lecter eat with liver and fava beans?

11 – Which large, white larvae is well known for being eaten live in on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!?

12 – What are the pies filled within Sweeney Todd?

13 – In iCarly what is spaghetti famously served with?

14 – In Rick and Morty what food does Rick transform himself into?

15 – What colour are the snow cones in Monsters, Inc?

16 – Which American snack cake is believed to survive the end of the world in Family Guy and WALL-E?

17 – Which red fruit is used to poison Snow White?

18 – What grows from the magic beans which Jack trades for a cow?

19 – In Macbeth who adds ‘eye of newt, and toe of frog’ into a cauldron?

20 – Which food rains from the sky in ‘Cloudy with a Chance of…’?

21 – What food is Kevin the Snipe from UP obsessed with?

22 – Which dish do Lady and the Tramp share?

23 – What is unusual about the gobstopper in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory?

24 – What kind of fruit tree slaps Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz?

25 – In which animated film is Remy the rat an aspiring chef?

Round 4 – In Which Country Is This Unusual Food Most Popular

1 – Snails?

2 – Octopus ink sac?

3 – Bird’s nest soup?

4 – Seal?

5 – Puffin heart?

6 – Haggis?

7 – Live octopus?

8 – Son-in-law eggs?

9 – Southern fried rattlesnake?

10 – Cow Udder?

11 – Balut / Fertilised duck egg?

12 – Fruit bat soup?

13 – Lutefisk?

14 – Pig’s blood cake?

15 – Hakarl / Fermented shark?

16 – Emu?

17 – Ackee?

18 – Sea urchin?

19 – Koumiss / Fermented donkey milk?

20 – Brain curry?

21 – Giant bullfrog?

22 – Grasshopper?

23 – Creier pane / Fried boiled pig brains?

24 – Canned reindeer?

25 – Guinea pig?



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