The Ultimate Vampire Diaries Quiz

Do you love the Vampire Diaries TV series? Think you could ace this quiz?. Think characters, episodes, and locations for inspiration to ace our free Vampire Diaries quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather around for some fang-tastic quizzing.

Round 1

1 – How many seasons are there?

2 – Who did Elena meet first Damon or Stefan?

3 – In which year did the Pilot get shown?

4 – Which actress plays Caroline Forbes?

5 – What is Poison to Vampires?

6 -In which year was Stefan nicknamed “The Ripper Of Monterey “?

7 -Who is Elenas Doppleganger?

8 – Name Stefans Best friend?

9 – What creature is Klaus?

10 – What is the name of the Bar where Matt works?

Round 2

1 – Who are Elena’s Parents?

2 – How many founding families discovered Mystic Falls?

3 – Which actor plays Jeremy Gilbert?

4 – How many original Vampires are there?

5 – How can a vampire enter a house?

6 – What mythical creature is Tyler?

7 – Who impregnates Hayley?

8 -What enables Vampires to day walk?

9 – What does Jeremy become?

10 – What must happen to trigger the Werewolf Gene?

Round 3

1 – What does Klaus’s blood do?

2 – What does Elena do to her home when she turns her humanity off?

3 – Who is Elena sired to?

4 – What were the final words in the Vampire Diaries?

5 – Where was Nina Dobrev born?

6 – Whom does Damon marry?

7 – Who is the last surviving witch in the Bennett family?

8 – What is Caroline’s mother’s job?

9 – What does Vervain prevent?

10 – Who has to die for Elena to wake from her coma?

Round 4

1 – Which college does Elena, Bonnie & Caroline attend?

2 – Whose blood helps to create Hybrids?

3 – What does the Gilbert Ring do?

4 – What state is Mystic Falls in?

5 – Who is the father of the Twins that Caroline births?

6 – Whose blood changes Caroline into a Vampire?

7 – Which teacher does vampire experiments?

8 – What is “The Five”?

9 – Who is the oldest known ancestor of the Petrova bloodline?

10 – What connects Elena with Ester?

Round 5

1 – Which of Elena’s friends does Jeremy fall in love with?

2 – In which season was Elena and Damon’s first kiss?

3 – How was Enzo killed?

4 – Name the Originals?

5 – Which actor plays Elijah Mikaelson?

6 – How many characters did Nina Play?

7 – When trapped in the beyond, which day do Bonnie & Damon keep repeating?

8 – Who saves Elena from the car accident in which her parents died?

9 – Who wrote the Vampire Diaries?

10 – What does Bonnie call her Grandmother?




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