Who Wants to be a Millionaire Quiz Questions

Everyone’s favourite TV quiz show! You’ll find 120 questions divided into 12 rounds of increasing difficulty, from £500 up to the £1 Million questions.

We have included a whopping 10 questions in each level, all of which have appeared or will appear on the TV Show! Could you have won £1 million?

There’s a free printable PDF version of his quiz at the end of this post – Enjoy!


Round 1 – £500 Questions

1 – In which sport would you hit a ‘Home Run’?
A Football  B Hockey  C Baseball  D Basketball

2 – Which of these is the name of an infectious viral disease?
A Lumps  B Humps  C Mumps  D Bumps

3 – A 1969 film was titled Butch Cassidy and the Sundance…what?
A  Baby  B Boy  C Kid  D Film Festival

4 – Which of these is a knitted garment?
A Sweater  B Perspier  C Swelterer  D Moisturer

5 – Which of these is a period of twelve months?
A Week  B Century  C Year  D Day

6 – What do Bees gather in order to make Honey?
A Yeast  B Nectar  C Eggs  D Self-Raising Flour

7 – What type of animal was King Kong in the film of the same name?
A Lion  B Dinosaur  C Dog  D Ape

8 – Which of these is a famous Hollywood actor?
A Westwood  B Northwood  C Eastwood  D Southwood

9 – What are the joints of the fingers called?
A Knees  B Knuckles  C Ankles  D Elbows

10 – Crimson is a shade of which colour?
A Blue  B Yellow  C Red  D Green

Round 2 – £1000 Questions

1- Which of these is not a cosmetics company?
A Revlon   B Lancôme   C Sherwin-Williams   D L’Oréal

2 – A suit with overlapping front panels is said to be double what?
A Breasted   B Armed   C Legged   D Headed

3 – Which of these is a creature with many legs?
A Milligram   B Millipede   C Millisecond   D Millimetre

4 – If something is described as being a ‘cinch’, what is it said to be?
A Easy   B Lazy   C Cozy   D Noisy

5 – Which of these do you need when playing Monopoly?
A Ball  B Skipping Rope  C Dice  D Net

6 – Who starred in the 2003 comedy ‘School of Rock’?
A Dean Green   B Lou Blue   C Jack Black   D Jay Grey

7 – Which of these is not a term associated with poker?
A Full House   B Three of a Kind   C Checkmate   D Flush

8 – Which of these countries is in Scandinavia?
A Nigeria   B Nicaragua   C Namibia   D Norway

9 – Which of these dates is St Valentine’s Day?
A 14th June   B 14th November   C 14th February   D 14th March

10 – Which of these chemical elements is not a metal?
A Iron   B Tin   C Copper   D Helium

Round 3 – £2000 Questions

1 – The River Thames flows through which city?
A  Birmingham    B Liverpool    C Manchester    D London

2 – Which of these countries is not a part of Latin America?
A Brazil    B Canada    C Cuba    D Mexico

3 – What is the name of the wrinkles at the corner of someone’s eyes?
A Crow’s Eggs    B Crow’s Feathers    C Crow’s Beaks    D Crow’s Feet

4 – Which of these is an Olympic field event?
A Shot Pitch    B Shot Toss    C Shot Put    D Shot Set

5 – Which of these is a Bird of prey?
A Vole    B Vixen    C Vulture    D Viper

6 – Which phrase refers to a conventional postal system?
A Snail Mail    B Slug Dispatch    C Tortoise Post    D Turtle Fax

7 – Which of these is a term for an economic slump?
A Expression    B Depression    C Compression    D Impression

8 – What kind of policy might cover fire and theft?
A Defiance    B Insurance    C Grievance    D Romance

9 – Which of these is a swimming stroke?
A Crawl    B Slink    C Creep    D Slither

10 – Which surname follows ‘black and ‘lock’ to give the names of two professions?
A Carter    B Wright    C Smith    D Johnson

Round 4 – £5000 Questions

1 – In Peanuts, who is Snoopy’s owner?
A Woodstock    B Charlie brown    C Linus    D Lucy

2 – Samurai were a type of ancient warrior from which country?
A Japan    B Mexico    C Egypt    D Greece

3 – In Rossini’s Seville-based opera, what is the occupation of Figaro?
A Barber    B Butcher    C Baker    D Candlestick Maker

4 – Which of these events takes place at the Brickyard?
A Indianapolis 500    B US Open    C World Series    D Super Bowl

5 – What was the title of the rapper Eminem’s debut film?
A 6 Inch    B 2 Feet    C 8 Mile    D 10 Yards

6 – What name is given to someone who plays the flute?
A FLuterman    B Flutter    C Fluteer    D Flautist

7 – Which of these is a popular ballroom dance?
A Wolfhop    B Stoatskip    C Bunnyjump    D Foxtrot

8 – Henry VIII’s first wife was Catherine of what?
A Aragon    B Andover    C Arden    D Actium

9 – What private eye character was created by Mickey Spillane?
A Mike Saw    B Mike Hammer    C Mike Chisel    D Mike Wrench

10 – Arches, loops and whorls are classifications of what?
A Eyes    B Fingerprints    C Hair    D Tastebuds

Round 5 – £10,000 Questions

1 – Which German city has the biggest population?
A Berlin    B Dusseldorf    C Essen    D Rostock

2 – Who was told, ‘Beware the ides of March’?
A Nero    B Cleopatra    C Julius Caesar    D Pontius Pilate

3 – What kind of restaurant is likely to serve polenta?
A Italian    B Chinese    C Turkish    D Indian

4 – What nationality was the author of the novel ‘The Three Musketeers’?
A Swiss    B French    C Italian    D Spanish

5 – In a church, what is put into a font?
A Books    B Robes    C Bells    D Water

6 – In which of these sports would you use a cue to hit the ball?
A Tennis    B Football    C Hockey    D Billiards

7 – Which of these words means ‘a summary or outline of a book’?
A Synergy    B Synod    C Synopsis    D Syntax

8 – To which of these pop groups did singer Sting belong?
A U2    B Boomtown Rats    C Police    D Genesis

9 – Which of these words refers to throwing something overboard from a ship or aeroplane?
A Garrison    B Frisson   C Jettison    D Chanson

10 – In the Harry Potter stories, what kind of creature is Firenze?
A Dragon    B Centaur    C Phoenix    D Owl

Round 6 – £20,000 Questions

1- Which of these games does not involve the use of playing cards?
A Poker    B Craps    C Blackjack    D Bridge

2 – What nationality is the singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran?
A British    B Irish    C Canadian    D American

3 – Which natural phenomenon is a display of the visible spectrum?
A Hailstone    B Eclipse    C Sunbeam    D Rainbow

4 – Which of these is a division of geological time?
A Neon    B Eon    C Ion    D Scion

5 – Which word is represented by the sign known as an ampersand?
A Approximately    B At    C About    D And

6 – How many points are scored for hitting the inner bull’s-eye in a game of darts?
A 20    B 40    C 50    D 100

7 – Which actor played the title role in Batman Begins, released in 2005?
A Jake Gyllenhaal    B Christian Bale    C Wes Bentley    D Mark Wahlberg

8 – Bolivia is a country in which continent?
A South America    B Africa    C Asia    D Europe

9 – Born in 1811, the Hungarian composer and pianist Liszt had what first name?
A Felipe    B Fritz    C Ferdinand    D Franz

10 – Which of these would you need for a pet Saluki?
A Aquarium    B Aviary    C Dog Bed    D Rabbit Hutch

Round 7 – £50,000 Questions

1 – What is the name of Spider-man’s girlfriend?
A Peggy Sue    B Mary Louise    C Mary Jane    D Emmy Lou

2 – Which of these would you expect to see on plaid material?
A Paisley    B Polka Dots    C Flowers    D Tartan

3 – Complete the title of Gareth Brooks’ album Ropin’ the…what?
A Steer    B Hog    C Corral    D Wind

4 – The musical Evita is set in which country?
A Mexico    B Brazil    C Argentina    D Chilie

5 – Which of these words does not feature in the title of a Shakespeare play?
A Merchant    B Wives    C King    D Queen

6 – Which company created the first portable CD player, the Discman?
A Panasonic    B Sony    C Hitachi    D Casio

7 – The Pompidou Centre is in which European capital?
A Rome    B Paris    C Madrid    D Athens

8 – Who links the films Con Air, 8MM and Moonstruck?
A Russell Crowe    B Mel Gibson    C Tom Cruise    D Nicolas Cage

9 – The femur is a bone in which part of the human body?
A Arm    B Head    C Leg    D Hand

10 – Which of these rivers flows in a generally northward direction?
A Volga    B Rhone    C Mississippi    D Nile

Round 8 – £75,000 Questions

1 – Which of these is the horse’s fastest gait?
A Walk    B Trot    C Canter    D Gallop

2 – In Japanese costume, what is an obi?
A Sandal    B Sash    C Robe    D Hat

3 – Which European country’s national flag consists of black, gold and red vertical stripes?
A Switzerland    B Belgium    C The Netherlands    D Italy

4 – Which of these temperature scales is named after the person who invented it?
A Celsius    B Centigrade    C Fahrenheit    D Kelvin

5 – Which car company manufactures the Passat?
A Nissan    B Volkswagen    C Toyota    D BMW

6 – Which of these musicians had the middle name Aaron?
A Elvis Presley    B Jimi Hendrix    C John Lennon    D Michael Jackson

7 – What type of creature is a marmoset?
A Whale    B Butterfly    C Monkey    D Parrot

8 – An oologist is an expert in what?
A Wine    B Birds Eggs    C Foreign Words    D Jupiter

9 – Which island country was formerly called Ceylon?
A Iceland    B Madagascar    C Taiwan    D Sri Lanka

10 – Brothers Leon and Michael Spinks were champions in which sport?
A Golf    B Hockey    C Boxing    D Basketball

Round 9 – £150,000 Questions

1 – Hematite is the main ore of which metal?
A Aluminium    B Mercury    C Lead    D Iron

2 – Miss Adelaide is a character from which musical?
A Show Boat    B South Pacific    C Guys and Dolls    D Carousel

3 – Which spirit is the basis of a mai tai cocktail?
A Gin    B Rum    C Whisky    D Vodka

4 – In which city was the prophet Muhammed born?
A Jerusalem    B Medina    C Mecca    D Damascus

5 – The port of Marseille is on which sea?
A Baltic    B Mediterranean    C Caspian    D Black

6 – Which of these is a plant with edible leaves?
A French Chard    B Swiss Chard    C Belgian Chard    D Norweigan Chard

7 – With which of these drinks is Stilton cheese traditionally served?
A Port    B Vodka    C Champagne    D Gin

8 – What was the profession of the 17th-century figure, Molière?
A Violin Maker    B Opera Singer    C Ballet Dancer    D Playwright

9 – Which type of instrument is a marimba?
A Keyboard    B Brass    C Woodwind    D Percussion

10 – A person suffering from which condition would have most need of drugs called bronchodilators?
A Sinusitis    B Eczema    C Asthma    D Diabetes

Round 10 £250,000 Questions

1-What is studied and collected by a vexillologist?
A Feathers    B Flags    C Wine Corks    D Dictionaries

2 – Haakon is a traditional name for kings of which country?
A Belgium    B Norway    C Greece    D Spain

3 – Which country was known for a time as Kampuchea?
A Cambodia    B Cameroon    C Chad    D China

4 – Who wrote the children’s story ‘How the Leopard Got His Spots’?
A Hans Christian Anderson    B Rudyard Kipling    C Edward Lear    D Lewis Carroll

5 – The city of Timbuktu stands close to the bank of which river?
A Nile    B Congo    C Niger    D Zambezi

6 – What are the two colours on the Australian flag?
A Blue & White    B Red & White    C Red & Yellow    D Black & Yellow

7 – Which country ruled Finland between 1809 and 1917?
A Russia    B Norway    C Britain    D Germany

8 – On which continent is the Istria peninsular?
A Asia    B Africa    C Europe    D South America

9 – In chemistry, which of these is a non-metallic element?
A Managese    B Chromium    C Phosphorus    D Nickel

10 – In the animal world, the two types of monotreme are the echidna and what?
A Wombat    B Possum    C Platypus    D Bandicoot

Round 11 – £500,000 Questions

1 – Sir John Oldcastle is believed to be the prototype for which of Shakespeare’s characters?
A Macbeth    B Falstaff    C Prospero    D Cymbeline

2 – In Greek mythology, Atlas was a member of which race?
A Titans    B Cyclops    C Centaurs    D Gorgons

3 – Which mythological creature appears on the flag of Bhutan?
A Dragon     B Centaur    C Minotaur    D Hydra

4 – In which city did the poet John Keats die?
A Copenhagen    B Brussels    C Rome    D Vienna

5 – In mythology, Orpheous played which instrument?
A Lyre    B Flute    C Organ    D Pan pipes

6 – Reiki is a healing technique from which country?
A China    B Japan    C India    D Thailand

7 – Orvieto wine comes from which country?
A France    B Spain    C Germany    D Italy

8 – Althorpe is the seat of which British family?
A Beaufort    B Cavendish    C Percy    D Spencer

9 – In Germany, what kind of building is the Rathaus?
A Cathedral    B Hospital    C Town Hall    D Police Station

10 – Which singer launched her own label, Matriarch Records, in 2004?
A Mary J Blige    B Madonna    C Mariah Carey    D Mandy Moore

Round 12 – £1 Million Questions

1 – Which compass point lies midway between east and north-east?
A East-north-east    B North-east-north    C East-east-north    D North-north-east

2 – Who wrote the novel ‘The Turn of the Screw’?
A EM Foster    B Christopher Isherwood    C Henry James    D John Galsworthy

3 – The ‘K’K point is a measurement used in which sport?
A Triple Jump    B Curling    C Rifle Shooting    D Ski Jumping

4 – The word ‘Kismet’ meaning ‘fate’ comes from which language?
A Russian    B Latin    C Swahili    D Arabic

5 – In the Roman Catholic Church, what is a monstrance?
A Priest’s robe    B Ritual container    C Alter cloth    D Prayer

6 – Discovery is a variety of which fruit?
A Apple    B Banana    C Plum    D Strawberry

7 – The heaviest bird of prey is what kind of bird?
A Hawk    B Owl    C Condor    D Kestrel

8 – Which of these is most likely to be used to stuff cushions?
A Kaolin    B Kabuki    C Kapok    D Kama

9 – Which of these composers is buried in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey?
A Johannes Brahms    B Franz Liszt    C Richard Wagner    D George Frederick Handel

10 – Which of these conditions is caused by a deficiency in B1?
A Rickets    B Scurvy    C Beriberi    D Malaria



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