The Ultimate World Cup Football Quiz

Think you know a thing or two about world cup football? fancy yourself a bit of a Beckham? Think top scorers, football clubs, and historic dates for inspiration to ace our free world cup Football quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some sporting quizzing.

Round 1

1 – In what year was the first World Cup held?

2 – In which country was the first World Cup held?

3 – Which country won the first World Cup?

4 – How many teams entered the first World Cup?

5 – The first World Cup ended without qualification – True or False?

6 – What is the original name of the World Cup?

7 – How often does the World Cup take place?

8 – As of 2021 which country has the most World Cup wins?

9 – As of 2021 which country has the most World Cup losses?

10 – As of 2021 which player has the most World Cup goals?

Round 2

1 – As of 2021 which player has the most World Cup wins?

2 – There wasn’t a World Cup held during 1942 or 1946 – True or False?

3 – Which year was the first World Cup held in Asia?

4 – Who chooses the host country?

5 – India has played in every World Cup tournament – True or False?

6 – How many national teams have won the World Cup as of 2018?

7 – Which is the only team to play in every World Cup tournament?

8 – The World Cup is the most-watched event on television – True or False ?

9 – How many awards are given to World Cup players?

10 – Which player has the most World Cup goals for a single tournament?

Round 3

1 – How many teams are taking part in the 2022 World Cup?

2 – Which country is hosting the 2022 World Cup?

3 – How many teams will feature in the 2026 World Cup?

4 – How many continental zones does FIFA have?

5 – How many times has Wales qualified for the World Cup?

6 – What does FIFA stand for?

7 – Who founded FIFA?

8 – Which year was the first-ever World Cup hosted by two countries?

9 – Who is the oldest player to play in the World Cup?

10 – Who scored the fastest ever World Cup goal at 10.89 seconds?

Round 4

1 – Who found the missing 1966 World Cup trophy?

2 – Which player has the record for the most clean sheets in the World Cup?

3 – Which team has the most World Cup draws?

4 – Brazil won 9 matches in the 2002 World Cup – True or False?

5 – How many World Cup matches have Indonesia played – 1, 5 or 7?

6 – Oleg Salenko has the record for most goals scored in a World Cup game – True or False?

7 – Which team has lost the most World Cup penalty shootouts?

8 – Which team has won the most World Cup penalty shootouts?

9 – Which team has had the highest amount of red and yellow cards in all World cup tournaments they’ve played?

10 – Which country won the 2018 World Cup?

Round 5

1 – Italy & Brazil are the only two teams to ever win the tournament twice in a row – True or False?

2 – Which country won the 2014 World Cup?

3 – Which country won the 2010 World Cup?

4 – Which country hosted the 2006 World Cup?

5 – Which country hosted the World Cup in 1994?

6 – In which year did England host the World Cup?

7 – What year did Switzerland host the World Cup?

8 – Which country won the 1986 World Cup?

9 – In which year was the current World Cup trophy made?

10 – Why was the World Cup cancelled in 1942 and 1946?




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