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The Ultimate Board Games Quiz

From the history of the first ever board games to the best selling game of all time. Think cult classics such as Monopoly and Chess and newer children’s hits such as buckaroo and operation for inspiration to ace our free Board Games quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some quizzing.

Round 1

1 – What is the game Checkers known as in the UK?

2 – What is the oldest board game known to have existed?

3 – What is the name for a boxed collection of games?

4 – Monopoly is derived from which other board game?

5 – What is the name for the study of games?

6 – Which board game has editions that include Genus and Ruby?

7 – Which company manufactures the game ‘Connect Four’?

8 – Which game is Swahili for ‘build’?

9 – Monopoly is banned in Spain – True or False?

10 – The ‘Royal Game of Ur’ is also known as what?

Round 2

1 – What is the name for the fear of playing games?

2 – What charades-inspired word-guessing game was invented by Robert Angel?

3 – What colour is the Connect Four board?

4 – Othello was invented in 1883 – True or False?

5 – Name the classic murder mystery game?

6 – Which game is the Latin for ‘I play’?

7 – Which company manufactures the game ‘Scrabble’?

8 – How many characters in the original ‘Guess Who’ were female – 0, 5 or 10?

9 – What is the max amount of players in Monopoly?

10 – Which board games name is a synonym for ‘peril’?

Round 3

1 – How many wedges do you need to collect in Trivial Pursuit?

2 – All Jenga blocks are identical – True or False?

3 – Which company manufactures the game ‘UNO’?

4 – How many ships does each player have in the game ‘Battleship’?

5 – Which 2019 funny game uses mouth pieces?

6 – Which company released Mouse Trap Game in 1963?

7 – Which board games name is a synonym for ‘skull’?

8 – Which chess pieces can not move backwards?

9 – Which two scrabble letters are worth 10 points?

10 – In which game do you have to fit 25 shapes into matching holes before the timer runs out?

Round 4

1 – On a standard UK Monopoly board, what colour is Bond Street?

2 – Which board game features an erratic Mule?

3 – Mahjong originates from which country?

4 – The game containing a Pop-O-Matic is known as what in the UK?

5 – Players start with how many chips in Backgammon?

6 – In which game are sixteen dice are arranged onto a 4×4 grid?

7 – Name the card game whose scoring is recorded on a peg board?

8 – How many players can play Othello?

9 – Which board game has pieces that are called kings when crowned?

10 – What was Clue’s original name?

Round 5 – Slogans: Guess the game!

1 – “The game of quick draw”?

2 – “A game of zany action on a crazy contraption”?

3 – “The Frantic Marble Munching Game”?

4 – “The Classic Bluffing Game”?

5 – “A game for your whole brain”?

6 – “The Game that Ties You Up in Knots”?

7 – “The Classic Shake and Score Dice Game”?

8 – “The Game of Unspeakable Fun”?

9 – “An Unsolved Mystery with the Usual Suspects”?

10 – “The Classic Naval Combat Game”?




If you liked this Board Games quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

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