The Ultimate Easter Quiz

Are you an Egg Head? From the history of Easter to the modern-day trends like chocolate hunts and the Easter Bunny. Think egg rolling and Jesus for inspiration to ace our free Easter quiz.

You’ll find 100 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather your family or friends for some EGGcellent quizzing.

Round 1 – Easter Trivia

1 – Which headwear item is particularly associated with Easter parades?

2 – On what day of the week is Easter celebrated?

3 – What is the traditional flower of Easter?

4 – What is the name of a male Rabbit?

5 – Which country produced the world’s largest Easter Egg?

6 – What does Easter celebrate?

7 – A lamb is one of the symbols of Easter, as it was a sacrificial animal in the Old Testament – True or False?

8 – What was the name of the apostle who betrayed Jesus?

9 – Which century did the Easter bunny originate – 16th 17th or 18th?

10 – In which country did the Easter Bunny originate?

11 – Easter Island forms part of which South American country?

12 – The Easter Bunny was originally a Hare – True or False?

13 – Which animal is used in place of the Bunny in Australia?

14 – In which ocean is Easter Island?

15 – What name is given to the Sunday before Easter?

16 – Easter is named after the pagan goddess Eostre – True or False?

17 – How many pieces of silver did Judas trade the life of Jesus for?

18 – The Romans, as a way to mock Jesus, gave him a crown made of what?

19 – Which Famous jewellery firm is renowned for designing jewel-encrusted eggs?

20 – What is the name of a female rabbit?

21 – Which Country produced the world’s largest Easter egg hunt?

22 – If you do not want bad luck, what chore should you not do on Good Friday?

23 – Easter happens on the same date each year – True or False?

24 – The first day of Holy Week celebrates Jesus’s arrival to Jerusalem riding on which animal?

25 – What is the religious name for the 40 days before Easter?


Round 2 – Easter Food & Drink

1- What is the name of the meal eaten on Maundy Thursday in the bible?

2 – What meat is traditionally eaten on Easter Sunday?

3 – Which chocolate company produced the first ever chocolate egg in the UK?

4 – How many cream eggs does Cadbury sell each year – 200, 250 or 300 million?

5 –  What year was the first ever chocolate Easter egg produced in the UK – 1873, 1883 or 1893?

6 – Before they were renamed in 1971 with the ‘Cadbury’ branding, under which name had ‘creme eggs’ been called?

7 –  Which fruit cake, with two layers of almond paste or marzipan, is traditionally eaten at Easter?

8 – What part of the cocoa plant is chocolate made from?

9 – At the Last Supper, which food item did Jesus liken his body to?

10 – How many marzipan balls should sit on top of a Simnel cake?

11 – Which fruit is traditionally seen in a hot cross bun?

12 – What is the Egg a symbol of?

13 – What is the most popular Easter food in the United States?

14 – On average, how many chocolate Easter Eggs do children receive each year – 3, 8 or 11?

15 – Each Easter Sunday, Henry VIII ate an entire lamb to himself – True or False?

16 – What food is often served on Shrove Tuesday?

17 – People often baked on Good Friday. What did they believe of the bread baked on this day?

18 – Which colour were the first Easter eggs dyed?

19 – Pretzels are linked to Easter because the twists look like arms crossed in prayer – True or False?

20 – Which is the world’s most popular chocolate egg?

21 – What height is the world’s tallest Easter Egg? – 10.19, 10.29 or 10.39 meters?

22 – In France, the residents of Haux make an Easter omelette that serves over 1,000 people, every Easter Monday. How many eggs are used – 4500, 5500 or 6000?

23 – When it comes to eating chocolate bunnies, what do 76% of people eat first?

24 – What does the cross represent on the top of a hot cross bun?

25 – At the Last Supper, what did Jesus say the wine represented?


Round 3 – Chocolate Slogans

1 – Try both, and pick a side?

2 – A hazelnut in every bite?

3 – The chocolate that melts in your mouth not in your hand?

4 – P-P-Pick up a?

5 – You’re not you when you’re hungry?

6 – Made for Sharing?

7 – The Intense Chocolate Hit?

8 – Get that Friday feeling?

9 – Every day should be this good?

10 – When you feel like a great big bite?

11 – Do you love anyone enough to give them your last?

12 – It’s not for girls (now banned)?

13 – Why have cotton when you can have silk?

14 – How do you eat yours?

15 – Soft on the outside, crunchy on the inside?

16 – A glass and a half in every pound?

17 – It’s not Terry’s, It’s mine?

18 – The chocolate bar you can eat between meals without spoiling your appetite?

19 – Take it easy?

20 – And all because the lady loves?

21 – Get Some Nuts?

22 – The taste of paradise?

23 – Feel the bubbles?

24 – Who provided the seductive voice of the Cadbury’s Caramel bunny?

25 – The lighter way to enjoy chocolate?


Round 4 – Easter Entertainment & Film

1 – Which 1987 film inspired the term ‘bunny boiler’?

2 – Nick Easter is a former professional sportsman in which sport?

3 – Which popular children’s Easter film features a rabbit called E.B.?

4 – Which Disney film does the rabbit Thumper appear in?

5 – Who wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit?

6 – What item does the white rabbit in Alice In Wonderland always carry with him?

7 – Egg rolling – a game of rolling decorated hard-boiled eggs down a hill, is an annual Easter event at which famous American landmark?

8 – Which actor turned director, directed the 2004 film ‘The Passion of the Christ’?

9 – In the 2014 film ‘The dog who saved Easter’ what breed of dog was Zeus?

10 – Which duo originally recorded the song Run Rabbit Run?

11 – Name the popular cartoon rabbit created by Warner Bros?

12 – Who sings the original version of Peter Cottontail?

13 – Which film is based on the story of two men being unemployed Easter bunnies?

14 – What is the name of the game where you go searching for Easter eggs and collect them in a basket?

15 – Name one of Peter Rabbits 3 siblings?

16 – What was the name of Roger Rabbit’s wife in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

17 – What item is traditionally used to collect Eggs, on an Easter hunt?

18 – Which 1948 film starred Judy Garland as Hannah Brown and Fred Astaire as Don Hewes?

19 – What is a modern, digital  ‘easter egg’?

20 – What was the name of the book written by Richard Adams where rabbits flee their home to find a new colony, travelling farther than a rabbit ever has before?

21 – Alice attended a tea party with the Mad Hatter, the Dormouse and what other furry character?

22 – In the cult 2001 film Donnie Darko, Donnie has visions of a 7ft figure in a monstrous rabbit costume. What was his name – Frank, Fred or Finn?

23 – Name the cartoon character known for this quote: Be ve-wy, ve-wy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits?

24 – Name the traditional Easter game where one person holds a hard-boiled egg and taps the egg of another participant to crack your opponent’s egg, without breaking your own?

25 – Where in America holds the world’s largest Easter parade?


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