Editorial Policy

Learn more about Quiz Question UK’s ethos, our writing process and our commitment to our followers and readers.

Claire Roach, Founder & Quiz Master

Contact:  editor@quiz-questions.uk

Quiz Questions UK was designed, created by and is run in its entirety by Founder Claire. To learn more about Claire’s qualifications and experience in the industry please see her Author Bio.

Our Editorial Process

Quiz Questions UK is run solely by Founder Claire, who expertly crafts every single article on this site. Each article takes hours to put together, ensuring the utmost quality and accuracy.

The topic of each quiz, game, dingbat or puzzle is thoroughly researched to ensure the highest level of quality.

All of the questions and answers on Quiz Questions UK are evergreen, ensuring they stay accurate. For example…

1) Who is the current UK Monarch?Isn’t evergreen, as it could change due to death or abdication.

The correct way to ask the question would be…

1) Which UK Monarch acceded to the throne in September 2022?

This style of evergreen question formatting ensures all the quizzes on this website are always factually correct and do not need updating.

Accuracy and Corrections

We are committed to accuracy, and we welcome comments, suggestions and emails from our followers to help us achieve the highest standards of information.

Think you’ve found an error, have spotted something that needs updating or have something you think we should add to make a quiz even better?  Please reach out to editor@quiz-questions.uk

Our (non) Use of AI

Quiz Questions UK is 100% human-edited. This website uses no AI (Artificial Intelligence) Apps whatsoever including ChatGPT.  You can trust that every single question and puzzle is highly researched and unique. This includes all of our articles, free printables, memes, graphics and images.

It is against our guidelines to publish automatically generated content using AI (artificial intelligence) writing tools such as ChatGPT.

Our Content Integrity, Commitment to Our Readers

At Quiz Questions UK, creating the highest quality, free-to-use quizzes and games is our goal, with new quizzes every week.
We are constantly reviewing, renewing and updating our content and editorial policies to ensure that we’re up-to-date.

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