Sports Dingbats

Dingbats are also known as Rebus puzzles, you try to solve the word or Catchphrase from the given pictures and text. The game is similar in concept to TV’s “Catchphrase”  gameshow puzzles, but Dingbats rely more on text and simple graphics rather than pictures.

Each set contains 20 Sport themed dingbats for you to try to solve…

What are the Rules for Dingbats?

The rules are simple, the game uses rebus puzzles, which are a clever combination of pictures and words that form clues to the answer.

Players just need to be the quickest to decipher all 20 clues correctly.

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Sports Dingbats

Sport Dingbats Answers




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Sports Questions

Think you know a thing or two about Sports? Try answering these 50 Sports Questions and lets see just how good your sporting knowledge is! Think Sporting Acheivements, Sports Personalities and Nicknames for inspiration to ace these Sports Questions.

You’ll find 50 sports questions divided into 5 rounds and a free printable version you can print off further down the page – Enjoy!

Round 1 – Sports Nicknames

1 – Who is Nicknamed ‘Gypsy King’?

2 – Who is Nicknamed ‘Beefy’?

3 – Who is Nicknamed ‘Fräulein Forehand’?

4 – Who is Nicknamed ‘El Niño’?

5 – Who is Nicknamed ‘One Size’?

6 – Who is Nicknamed ‘The Big Easy’?

7 – Who is Nicknamed ‘Sugar’?

8 – Who is Nicknamed ‘Lightning Bolt’?

9 – Who is Nicknamed ‘The Baltimore Bullet’?

10 – Who is Nicknamed ‘Der Bomber’?

Round 2 – Sports Scandals

1 – Which Boxer was stripped of his World Champoinship title for refusing to be drafted into the U.S. army in 1967?

2 – Who tested positive for steroids after his 1988 Olympic victory in the 100 metres?

3 – Who was stripped of Seven Tour de France titles and One olympic medal in 2012?

4 – Which Australian Cricketer became infamous in 1981 for an Underarm Bowling Incident?

5 – The minimum age for competing in the Olympic Games for figure skating rose from age 15 to 17 because of a drugs scandal by who?

6 – How many of the 12 members of the gold medal-winning Spanish basketball team at the 2000 Summer Paralympics were revealed to have no disability?

7 – Which country has the most Olympic medals stripped for doping violations?

8 – In 2003, who was banned from Football for eight months for missing a scheduled drug test?

9 – Which Welsh Footballer was outed for having an 8 year affair with his brother’s wife?

10 – The Festina affair was a series of doping investigations and scandals surrounding which sport?

Round 3 – Sporting Firsts

1 – Which popular Horse Race was first run in 1839?

2 – The first modern game of ice hockey was played in which Country?

3 – The first Olympic Games were held in which country?

4 – The first Tour de France was held in which year – 1803, 1903 or 2003?

5 – Who was the first ever player to be sent off in an FA Cup final?

6 – Which female gymnast was the first to score a perfect 10 in the Olympic Games?

7 – Who was the first African-American to win the world heavyweight championship?

8 – Who was the first man in recorded history to run a mile in under four minutes?

9 – Which British Football Club was the first ever to be televised?

10 – Who was the first female presenter of Grandstand?

Round 4 – Sport Trivia

1 – Who won BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award in 2022?

2 – Which country became the first to win the football World Cup?

3 – Golf Was Invented in which country?

4 – Which boxer backed out of a fight due to a dream that he killed his next opponent, was convinced by a priest to fight, and then did indeed kill him?

5 – The balls from which sport were originally made from pig’s bladders?

6 – Tennis balls were originally which colour?

7 – What 5 colours make up the Olympic rings?

8 – Steve Redgrave won 5 Olympic Gold Medals for which Sport?

9 – In football, a recored breaking transfer fee of €222 Million was paid for who?

10 – Wilfred Benitez, is the youngest boxer ever to win a world title at what age?

Round 5 – Sports Trivia

1 – Tiger Woods got his first Hole-in-One at what age?

2 – Which Hollywood A-List actor was an Irish amateur boxing champion?

3 – Who first ever set of sisters to win Olympic gold medals in Tennis?

4 – Who is Hussein Abdi Kahin better known as?

5 – Marion Coakes won a Silver Medal at the 1968 Summer Olympics for which sport?

6 – The highest-scoring football match in history ended with what score to nil?

7 – In which year did a group of astronauts play a game of football on the International Space Station to celebrate the World Cup?

8 – In 2005, who became the fastest solo sailor to sail around the world?

9 – Who was the youngest person to die in an F1 crash (age 20)?

10 – Which sport was originally known by the Latin name ‘Harpastum’?




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The Ultimate ‘Who am I’ Sports Star Quiz

Can you guess the famous sporting star from one small clue? Think football, tennis, rugby and golf for inspiration to ace our free ‘Who am I’ quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather around for some sporting quizzing.

Round 1 – Footballers

1 – I won the ballon d’or in 2001 – Who am I?

2 – As of 2022, I have scored the most goals in the history of the Premier league – Who am I?

3 – As of 2022, I have won the most premier league titles – Who am I?

4 – As of 2022, I am the top goal scorer of all time in the champions league – Who am I?

5 – As of 2022, I have the most world cup goals – Who am I?

6 – In 1997 I became the youngest player to win the ballon d’or – Who am I?

7 – In 2018 I became the youngest player to win the Premier league – Who am I?

8 – I am French, and according to Wikipedia, I’m considered one of the greatest strikers of all time – Who am I?

9 – I was given the nickname “Pelé in skirts” by Pelé himself – Who am I?

10 – With 34 goals, I’m the highest German goalscorer in the history of the Premier League – Who Am I?

Round 2 – Tennis

1 – I am the first male from Serbia to win a Grand Slam title – Who Am I?

2 – I won the Australian Open in 2009, making me the world female number 1 again – Who Am I?

3 – I wrote an autobiography titled ‘Hitting Back’ – Who Am I?

4 – I dated Barbra Streisand and married Brooke Sheilds – Who Am I?

5 – My tennis career ended in 2003 due to a herniated disk – Who Am I?

6 – I was ranked world No. 1 for a record 377 weeks – Who Am I?

7 – My rivalry with Rafael Nadal is considered by many to be the greatest in tennis history – Who Am I?

8 – In the 2004 New Year Honours, I was appointed an OBE – Who Am I?

9 – I walked away from the French Open due to my mental health – Who Am I?

10 – I am known as ‘the King of Clay’ – Who Am I?

Round 3 – Boxing

1 – I am the first African American to be the world heavyweight boxing champion – Who Am I?

2 – I was undefeated my entire professional career until my untimely death aged 45 – Who Am I?

3 – I was Born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr – Who Am I?

4 – I was known as ‘The Manasa Mauler’ – Who Am I?

5 – Mike Tyson famously bit my ear in the third round of our heavyweight rematch – Who Am I?

6 – I won the Olympic gold medal in the super heavyweight class in Seoul in 1988 – Who Am I?

7 – I was the first boxer to be victorious in the lineal championship in 4 different weight divisions – Who Am I?

8 – I was the world heavyweight champion for almost 12 years – Who Am I?

9 – I won the WBO middleweight title against Nigel Benn – Who Am I?

10 – I’m the longest-reigning super-middleweight world champion in boxing history – Who Am I?

Round 4 – US Sports Stars

1 – My nickname is King James and I have a tattoo saying ‘Chosen 1’ – Who Am I?

2 – I’m an Olympic medalist a revered UFC champion and I star in the show Divas – Who Am I?

3 – I’m widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time – Who Am I?

4 – I won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls – Who Am I?

5 – In 1933, I became the first baseball player to hit a home run in the All-Star game – Who Am I?

6 – My real name is Terry Eugene Bollea but that’s not who I am known as in the wrestling world – Who Am I?

7 – I’m a female professional boxer and former footballer from Ireland – Who Am I?

8 – My nickname was ‘The Yankee Clipper’ – Who Am I?

9 – I followed my father Ric’s career as a professional wrestler – Who Am I?

10 – My nickname was ‘The Black Mamba’ – Who Am I?

Round 5 – Olympians

1 – I won triple Olympic gold at the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympics – Who Am I?

2 – I was the first gymnast to gain a perfect score of 6.0 – Who Am I?

3 – I won five consecutive Olympic gold medals in rowing – Who Am I?

4 – I am the first person to win medals in five different Olympic Games in sailing – Who Am I?

5 – Now retired, I write children’s books about a cyclist named ‘Flying Fergus’ – Who Am I?

6 – I was the first woman to win back-to-back golds in the 100-meter backstroke – Who Am I?

7 – I am known as ‘The Thorpedo’ – Who Am I?

8 – I won my first Olympic gold at the 1980 Moscow Games – Who Am I?

9 – I am the first Black British woman to win an Olympic gold medal – Who Am I?

10 – I am the most successful British track athlete in the history of the modern Olympic Games – Who Am I?




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The Ultimate Sports Quiz

How is your sporting knowledge? If you think you know your sport, Take the Ultimate Sports quiz to see who comes first place. From football to Boxing, see just how you stack up against your mates!

You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds and a free printable version you can print off further down the page – Enjoy!

Round 1 – General Sporting Knowledge

1 – In what year was the premier league started?

2 – Who scored the first ever premier league goal?

3 – When did England win the men’s FIFA World Cup?

4 – What was Muhammed Ali’s real name?

5 – How many rugby players make the starting lineup of a team in Rugby Union?

6 – What sport does Tom Brady play?

7 – Who won the men’s singles gold in tennis at the 2012 Olympics?

8 – How long is a full Marathon?

9 – What sport would you visit St Andrew’s for?

10 – Which sport did Michael Jordan leave basketball to go play?

11 – Who plays in the Merseyside derby?

12 – In which year did Lewis Hamilton win his first world championship?

13 – Which US sports star once said “I’ve never lost a game, I just ran out of time “?

14 – Who won the first men’s FIFA world cup?

15 – What is the first name of Phil and Gary Neville’s father?

16 – Which sport has a finish line that is not crossed?

17 – Where was it in 1971, that Alan B. Shepard’s golf shot went “miles and miles and miles”?

18 – How many balls are in snooker?

19 – In which country did T20 cricket originate?

20 – Which country won the first men’s rugby world cup?

21 – Name the four types of strokes in swimming?

22 – In which sport would you aim rocks at a house on ice?

23 – Who was the first boxer to beat Muhammed Ali?

24 – In which year did the modern Olympics start?

25 – On Christmas Day 1914, why was a game of football so significant?

Round 2 – Nicknames

1- Whose nickname is King James?

2 – Whose nickname was Real Deal?

3 – Whose nickname was The Black Mamba?

4 – Whose nickname is The body Snatcher?

5 – Whose nickname was Golden Boy?

6 – Whose nickname is Tiger?

7 – Whose nickname is Air Jordan?

8 – Whose nickname is Shaq?

9 – Whose nickname is The bronze bomber?

10 – Whose nickname was Smokin’ Joe?

11 – Whose nickname was The Greatest?

12 – Whose nickname was Psycho?

13 – Whose nickname is Golden Balls?

14 – Whose nickname is Wazza?

15 – Whose nickname is Keano?

16 – Whose nickname was Quinninho?

17 – Whose nickname is Crouchy?

18 – Whose nickname is Fly Mo?

19 – Whose nickname is Fraudley?

20 – Whose nickname is The Real McCoy?

21 – Whose nickname is the rocket?

22 – Whose nickname is Muzza?

23 – Whose nickname is the Gypsy King?

24 – Whose nickname was the Axe?

25 – Whose nickname was Gazza?

Round 3 – General knowledge

1 – What are the five colours of the Olympic rings?

2 – How many golf balls are on the moon?

3 – What are the four Grand Slams in tennis?

4 – True or false, Mo Farah and Usain Bolt have raced against each other?

5 – Where would a team win the Vince Lombardi Trophy?

6 – How many points is a try worth in rugby league?

7 – What does MVP stand for?

8 – Which female athlete urinated on the side of the road mid-way through her race?

9 – Who founded the Great North Run?

10 – Who participates in the famous boat race on the river Thames each year?

11 – Which tennis player once shouted “you can not be serious” mid-way through a game?

12 – Who won the golf Masters in 2019?

13 – How many grand slams has Serena Williams won?

14 – How many premier league trophies has Manchester United won?

15 – Which individual holds the record for most goals scored in Premier League history?

16 – Who was the first female marathon runner?

17 – Where will the 2032 Olympics be held?

18 – What is Michael Phelps famous for?

19 – What is the prize for winning the Finnish wife carrying race?

20 – In the Indian sport Kabaddi, what do contestants take turns in holding?

21 – Which two non-English football clubs have played in the English premier league?

22 – Why did Arsenal receive a golden premier league trophy in the 2003-2004 season?

23 – Which Swedish midfielder had a clause in his contract banning him from going to space?

24 – What sport can a team win in the Stanley Cup?

25 – What year did England win the men’s rugby world cup?

Round 4 – General Knowledge

1 – In Which country was Sir Mo Farah born?

2 – How many F1 world championships did Michael Schumacher win?

3 – How many points are awarded by winning a single grand prix?

4 – What is the record transfer fee in football and who was it for? (at time of writing march 2021)

5 – What football club play at Selhurst Park?

6 – When was the first FIFA Women’s world cup played?

7 – True or false. Kite flying is a professional sport in Thailand?

8 – How long was the longest tennis match in history?

9 – True or false. Live pigeon shooting was once an Olympic sport?

10 – What is the fastest KO in boxing?

11 – What is it called when someone gets three strikes in a row in bowling?

12 – Who was the first openly gay male footballer?

13 – What year was the first ever Wimbledon played?

14 – What country is the only team to play in every FIFA world cup?

15 -This basketball move was banned from 1967 to 1976, what was it?

16 – In athletics what three steps are needed to complete the triple jump?

17 – What sport features in the film cool runnings?

18 – In snooker what is the highest break possible?

19 – Who was the first player to reach 100 premier league assists?

20 – Which Welsh rugby player was first to reach 1000 international points?

21 – What were the betting odds when Leicester City won the premier league in 2016?

22 – How many Olympic gold medals did Michael Phelps win?

23 – What sport are you only allowed to play right-handed?

24 – Which sport played on sand by women in bikinis became an Olympic sport in 1996?

25 – What is the world’s most participated sport?



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