The Ultimate 60s Tv & Film Quiz

Think you know something about TV & Film in the 60s era? Think Film stars, beloved TV series’ and their actors, hit movies and 60s TV game shows for inspiration to ace our free 1960s TV & Film quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather around for some nostalgic quizzing.

Round 1

1 – Which 1964 Disney film did Julie Andrews star in?

2 – Who voiced Bagheera in the 1967 Disney movie?

3 – The 1963 movie The Great Escape is based on which prison camp?

4 – Oliver is a 1968 British period musical drama film based on a novel from which famous writer?

5 – Name the first James Bond film that was released in 1963?

6 – The 1969 film ‘Hello Dolly’ won how many academy awards?

7 – Which 1965 film is the re-telling of the Biblical account of Jesus?

8 – What 1961 movie stars Elvis Presley as Chad Gates?

9 – Which 1962 film is based on the true story of Anne Sullivan?

10 – Which actors played Bonnie & Clyde in the 1967 film?

Round 2

1 – In which year did ‘On The Buses’ begin?

2 – Name the three daughters in the 1963 ‘Petticoat Junction’ tv show?

3 – Which 1962 series was the first show ever broadcast in colour on the ABC network?

4 – What was the first dramatic TV series to star a Black man in 1965?

5 – What was the name of the gang ‘Top Cat’ was the leader of in the 1961 animated series?

6 – In the 1960 series ‘Popeye the sailor’ who is Popeye fighting for Olive oils heart?

7 – What was the trademark catchphrase for The Porky Pig Show in 1964?

8 – What was the first British television series to appear in colour in 1964?

9 -‘Hawaii Five-O’ was the longest-running police procedural in television history how many years was it on air?

10 – What colour were the 1969 ‘Clangers’?

Round 3

1 – Which 1961 Disney film involves lost puppies?

2 – Which actress plays Pollyanna in the 1960 film?

3 – Which 1965 movie features Leslie & the despicable Professor Fate in a car race from New York to Paris?

4 – Which character does Benny Hill portray in the 1969 movie Italian Job?

5 – Which animated sitcom takes place in the stone age?

6 – In which year did ‘University Challenge’ first air?

7 – What is the name of the British science fiction television programme containing Daleks?

8 – What TV show was recognised in the Guinness World Records in 2015 as the longest-running football television programme in the world?

9 – Which famous actress starred n the 1961 movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

10 – Name the Owl in the 1963 Disney movie “The Sword in the Stone”?

Round 4

1 – What was the first animated television series based on a DC Comics title to hit tv in 1966?

2 – Who played James Bond in the 1964 Goldfinger?

3 – Which actor plays Burt in Mary Poppins?

4 – The Rat Patrol (1966) was an action show set during what?

5 – Who portrays Arthur ‘Boo’ Radley in the 1962 classic To Kill a Mockingbird?

6 – How many cars are featured in the 1968 series of Wacky races?

7 – A character named Paparazzo is the reason the word “paparazzi” exists from which 1960 film?

8 – Who was the star of the Dollars Trilogy?

9 – How many seasons did the 1964 sitcom Bewitched have?

10 – In which year did the quiz show ‘Jeopardy!’ begin?

Round 5

1 – Who played Norman Bates in the 1960 movie Psycho?

2 – How many academy awards did the 1962 film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ win?

3 – What is the name of the Inspector from the 1969 “The Pink Panther Show”?

4 – How many seasons did the 1962 TV show ‘Steptoe & Son’ run on BBC?

5 – Name the Thunderbird family from the 1965 hit series?

6 – Which 60s cartoon featured the ‘Mystery Machine’?

7 – The (1964–1966) TV series of cartoons from The New Yorker was based on what family?

8 – Name the comedy duo from the 1968 ‘Morcombe and Wise’ show?

9 – Which BBC series featured men too old or ineligible for Military service?

10 – Which show that started in 1969 still uses the same Jim Henson puppets in all episodes?




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