The Ultimate 80s Music Quiz

Think you know your stuff when it comes to the music of the 80s era? Think Bands, Artists, and Hit 80s bangers for inspiration to ace our free 80s Music quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some musical quizzing.

Round 1

1 – What was the best selling UK single of the year 1980?

2 – What is the name of the British Pop group which is also an alcoholic drink?

3 – Who released “Come on Eileen” in 1982?

4 – What year was Band Aid’s “Do they know it’s Christmas” released?

5 – What song and film of the same name featured Prince in 1984?

6 – “Beat it” was part of Michael Jackson’s 6th Album named what?

7 – Who is the original singer of “Uptown Girl” in 1983?

8 – How many weeks did Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” top the UK charts in 1987?

9 – What was the best selling UK single in 1989?

10 – Who was the original singer of “Eternal Flame” in 1988?

Round 2

1 – “Straight Outta Compton” was the debut single for which group in 1988?

2 – The album “Like A Prayer” was released by who in 1989?

3 – How many hit singles did David Bowie release in the 80s?

4 – “Close to Me” was a song by which English Rock band in 1985?

5 – “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye was released in 1982 for which album?

6 – What was the best selling UK single in 1988?

7 – What was the opening track from American musician Tom Petty’s debut solo album, Full Moon Fever in 1989?

8 – Which artist wrote and recorded “Dancing in the Dark in 1984?

9 – Phil Bailey’s “Easy Lover” in 1985 was a duet with which artist?

10 – Who was Chris de Burgh’s song “Lady in Red” written about?

Round 3

1 – Released in 1984, what was Tina Turner’s most successful single?

2 – Which 1983 song was The Police’s 5th UK No1?

3 – How many times did Aha release “Take on Me”?

4 – How many album singles did U2 release in the 80s?

5 – “The Sweetest Taboo” released in 1985 was a song by which English group?

6 – In 1980 “Xanadu” was No1 in the UK charts for 2 weeks, Who sang it?

7 – Which Lionel Richie song did he perform at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles?

8 – “Africa” was released in 1982 by which American Rock band?

9 – What was the best selling UK single in 1987?

10 – What was the best selling UK Single in 1981?

Round 4

1 – What was the best selling UK Single in 1982?

2 – Which year was “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by the clash released?

3 – What was Cindi Lauper’s first number-one single on the Billboard charts in 1984?

4 – What was the best selling UK Single in 1985?

5 – “It’s the End of the World as We Know it” appeared on which R.E.M album in 1987?

6 -“Under Pressure” was released by Queen and which artist in 1981?

7 – What was the best selling UK Single in 1986?

8 – “Whip it” was released in 1980 by which band?

9 – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was recorded in 1983 by which Welsh singer?

10 – What was the best selling UK Single in 1983?

Round 5 – Guess the Lyrics

1 – “I was sick and tired of everything When I called you last night from Glasgow” is from which 1980 song?

2 – “Be out of the picture and off of the screen” is from which 1981 song?

3 – “Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet” is from which 1982 song?

4 – “Don’t time fly when you’re loving and laughing” is from which 1983 song?

5 – “Live those dreams, Scheme those schemes” is from which 1984 song?

6 – “If I was a painter, I’d paint a world that couldn’t taint her” is from which 1985 song?

7 – “You took a mystery and made me want it” is from which 1986 song?

8 – “Maybe I didn’t hold you, All those lonely, lonely times” is from which 1987 song?

9 – “When I kiss your lips Ooh, I start to shiver” is from which 1988 song?

10 – “I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there” is from which 1989 song?




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