The Ultimate Arcade Games Quiz

Think you know a thing or two about arcade games? From arcade gaming origins to modern-day trends like pinball. Think bouncing Plumers, crazed Cabbies, and angry Gorillas for inspiration to ace our free Arcade Games quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some nostalgic quizzing.

Round 1

1 – What colours are the four ghosts in Pac-Man?

2 – Which game involved a frog safely crossing a road while avoiding traffic?

3 – Which arcade game does John Conner play in the Terminator 2 film?

4 – In Mario Bros. what type of block would flip all enemies on their backs?

5 – In which game would you come across a pair of purple bad guys named Ugg and Wrongway?

6 – In which year was “Ms. Pac-Man” released?

7 – What was the first successful arcade game in the 70s?

8 – In Space Invaders, how many rows of aliens does each round start with?

9 – Alexey Pajitnov invented which strategy game?

10 – Mario & Luigi are twins – True or False?

Round 2

1 – Which 2012 Disney animated film featured video game characters?

2 – Mario and Luigi investigated the sewers of which US city?

3 – Toru Iwatani created which iconic arcade game?

4 – Pac-man was originally named Puck-eater – True or False?

5 – What was the first public coin operated arcade game?

6 – In which game would you find a protagonist named Zeke?

7 – What was sega’s first car racing game?

8 – Which arcade game was the first to have a significant female player base?

9 – Which iconic game was designed by Mike Hally?

10 – In which game would you find a damsel in distress known as Pauline?

Round 3

1 – Which came first Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong?

2 – ‘The Legend of Zelda’ was never released in arcades – True or False?

3 – In which arcade game would you find the character ‘Ryu’?

4 – How many lives do you start with in Pac-Man?

5 – Double Dragon is the world’s most violent arcade game – True or False?

6 – Which character appears to swear when he collides with an enemy?

7 – Who is kidnapped in the Simpsons arcade game?

8 – What car is the Crazy Taxi?

9 – In which arcade game would you find the character ‘Athena Asamiya’?

10 –

Round 4

1 – Both Mario & Luigi have a moustache – True or False?

2 – In which arcade game would you find the character ‘Ken Masters’?

3 – In 2015, Steve Kleisath obtained the world record for which arcade game?

4 – Which arcade game sees a trio of gigantic monsters trying to survive against the military?

5 – Which arcade game draws inspiration from the James Bond films?

6 – What vehicle are you operating in the game Hang-On?

7 – Name three of the five fruits you can eat in Pac-man?

8 – In which arcade game would you find the character ‘Scorpion’?

9 – Asteroids were replaced by what in Space Duel?

10 – In which game would you hear “Some galactic defender you are, Space Cadet!”?

Round 5

1 – What is the nickname of the blue ghost in Pac-Man?

2 – What is the nickname of the red ghost in Pac-Man?

3 – What is the nickname of the orange ghost in Pac-Man?

4 – What is the nickname of the pink ghost in Pac-Man?

5 – Which character was originally known as Jumpman?

6 – Asteroids sued Space Invaders for copyright – True or False?

7 – In which arcade game would you find ‘Chun-Li’?

8 – In which game do you have to destroy TIE Fighters?

9 – What vehicle is operated by the player in the game ‘Battlezone’?

10 – What does Donkey Kong throw as weapons?




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