The Ultimate February Quiz

What do you know about the month of February? The February quiz is based on iconic moments, events or anniversaries that happened in the month of February. Think births, deaths and historic events for inspiration to ace our free February quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some quizzing.

Round 1

1 – Excluding leap Years, how many days are in February?

2 – What is February’s birthstone?

3 – February is the first of how many months not to have 31 days?

4 – February was named after the Latin term februum, which means what?

5 – What would your star sign be if you were born February 1st – 18th?

6 – What would your star sign be if you were born February 19th – 29th?

7 – Valentine’s day falls on the same date in February annually – True or False?

8 – What takes place on February 13th for you to celebrate loving your friends?

9 – What is February’s moon known as?

10 – It is forbidden for members of the UK Royal family to get married in the month of February – True or False?

Round 2

1 – On a leap year, how many days are there in February?

2 – On what date is Valentine’s day celebrated?

3 – On February 1st 1865, Abraham Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment outlawing what?

4 – ‘Helmikuu’ is February in which language?

5 – The ‘Alpha Centaurids’ which appear in early February are what?

6 – The Welsh call February “y mis bach” which means what?

7 – Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne on February 6th of which year?

8 – Which Australian actress, married to Sacha Baron Cohen was born February 3rd 1976?

9 – In the UK, February 26th is national wear which colour day?

10 – Autism Sunday, is an event observed in the UK annually on the second Sunday of February – True or False?

Round 3

1 – February is the only month of the year that can pass without a single full moon – True or False?

2 – February was the last of the months added to the Roman calendar along with which other month?

3 – Which member of ‘Destiny’s Child’ was born on February 11th 1981?

4 – Who did Meg Ryan Marry on Valentine’s day in 1991?

5 – In February of 1971 what was introduced in the UK, resulting in the loss of shillings?

6 – In February 1964, 73 million people watched which four lads from Liverpool perform for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show?

7 – Which ‘Two and a Half Men’ actor was born on February 7th 1978?

8 – It is illegal to marry on Valentine’s day in Rome – True or False?

9 – Madonna was born in February – True or False?

10 – ‘février’ is February in which language?

Round 4

1 – Famed for her role as Wednesday Addams, which actress was both on February 12th 1980?

2 – Who did Benedict Cumberbatch Marry on Valentine’s day in 2015?

3 – Which band fronted by Dave Grohl released the song ‘February Stars’ in 2007?

4 – Which US Chat Show host, former lawyer, and politician was born on February 13th 1944?

5 – ‘febbraio’ is February in which language?

6 – What was the original title of the 2015 horror film ‘February’?

7 – ‘February Seven’ is a 2012 song by which brothers?

8 – Finish the lyric: Where has that old friend gone, Lost in a February song…?

9 – Which singer married dancer Mayte Garcia
on Valentine’s day in 1996?

10 – Which ‘Take That’ band member from Stoke-on-Trent was born on February 13th 1974?

Round 5

1 – In the US, National Freedom Day is celebrated annually on what date?

2 – February’s Birth Flower is the red rose – True or False?

3 – Which Welsh classical singer was born on February 21st 1986?

4 – Who did François-Henri Pinault Marry on Valentine’s day in 2009?

5 – Charles Dickens was born in February – True or False?

6 – Which ‘Friends’ and ‘Horrible Bosses’ actress was born on February 11th 1969?

7 – Which month precedes February?

8 – ‘Şubat’ is February in which language?

9 – In the US, ‘Black History Month’ is celebrated in February – True or False?

10 – February has 3 birth flowers, name one?




If you liked this February quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

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