Kids General Knowledge Quiz

There will be questions from around the globe, on all manner of subjects, so you will have to put your brain into action if you want to ace this Kids General Knowledge Quiz.

You’ll find 50 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather round children for some totally tricky trivia.

Round 1 – TV & Film

1 – Who was the first ever Disney Princess?

2 – What type of animal is ‘Curious George’?

3 – In which cartoon series would you find ‘Owlette’ and ‘Gekko’?

4 – What is the name of Horrid Henry’s brother?

5 – What is the name of Peter Pan’s Pirate enemy?

6 – In the film ‘Matilda’ who is forced to eat a huge chocolate cake?

7 – In which Disney film would you find a blue genie?

8 – Who has to ‘follow a yellow brick road’?

9 – In which film would you expect to see ‘Buzz’ and ‘Woody’?

10 – Which superhero is ‘Peter Parker’ better known as?

11 – What is the DC superhero group called?

12 – In which animated film would you find a vampire named Mavis?

13 – What are the names of the yellow creatures in the ‘Despicable me’ films?

14 – What is the name of the school Harry Potter attended?

15 – What is the name of Spongebob Squarepants best friend?

Round 2 – Geography & History

1 – What is the capital of England?

2 – Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone – True or False?

3 – In which country would you find ‘The Great Wall’?

4 – Henry VIII had 8 wives – True or False?

5 – What is the capital of France?

6 – What year was the Battle of Hastings – 1066, 1666 or 2016?

7 – Which ancient king had a round table?

8 – In which country would you find the Pyramids?

9 – Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb – True or False?

10 – Which country has a red dragon on its flag?

Round 3 – Food & Drink

1 – What type of food is sold at KFC?

2 – What is the yellow part of an egg called?

3 – Pizza and pasta originates from which country?

4  – Which fruit was used to poison Snow White?

5 – Which food item gives Popeye his strength?

6 – Which meat is traditionally eaten at Christmas dinner?

7 – Chocolate is made from Cocoa beans – True or False?

8 – Which hard-shelled fruit has milk inside it?

9 – What type of melon is red inside?

10 – Edam and Cheddar are types of which dairy product?

11 – In which fast-food restaurant could you get a ‘Big Mac’?

12 -What can we drink that comes from cows?

13 – What food items are used to make an Omelette?

14 – What sweet, sticky food do bees make?

15 – Vegans eat fish – True or False?

Round 4 – Science & Nature

1 – What is the name of the gas we breathe in?

2 – What is the name of the gas we breathe out?

3 – What insect emerges from a chrysalis?

4 – What is the largest planet in the solar system?

5 – Amphibians can live on both water and land – True or False?

6 – H2O is the chemical formula of what?

7 – Animals that eat plants are known as what?

8 – Animals that eat meat are known as what?

9 – Which organ pumps blood around the human body?

10 – The sun is a planet – True or False?




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  1. I really enjoyed this quiz but I think you should have options and record the answers. Thank you….

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