The Ultimate Friends Quiz

A Quiz for Friends to find out how much you know about each other. How well do you know your bestie? Are you true Best Friends and can you both remember those special moments from your friendship? This quiz will find out!

You’ll find 50 questions for you and your bestie to ask each other that are divided into 5 rounds with a free PDF printable version – Enjoy!

Round 1 – About Me

Can you answer these 10 Personal Questions about your friend’s life?

1 – How old am I?

2 – What type of animal was my first Pet?

3 – What was the name of my first Pet?

4 – In which month do I celebrate my Birthday?

5 – In which year was I Born?

6 – What is my Mother’s Name?

7 – What is my Father’s Name?

8 – Where was I Born?

9 – What Primary School did I go to?

10 – What Star Sign am I?

Round 2 – Would I Rather?

Choose one of the two options that you think your bestie would prefer!

1 – Would I Rather Cats or Dogs?

2 – Would I Rather Chocolate or Sweets?

3 – Would I Rather Winter or Summer?

4 – Would I Rather Pink or Black?

5 – Would I Rather Ipad or Iphone?

6 – Would I Rather Samsung or Apple?

7 – Would I Rather Fruit or Vegetables?

8 – Would I Rather Travel by Aeroplane or Ship?

9 – Would I Rather Christmas or Halloween?

10 – Would I Rather Cinema or Bowling?

Round 3 – My Likes

Do you know what your Bestie Loves the most in life?

1 – What is my favourite Color?

2 – What is my Favourite type of Cake?

3 – What is my Favourite Takeaway?

4 – What is my Favourite Sport to Play?

5 – What is my Favourite Sport to Watch on TV?

6 – What is my Favourite Film?

7 – What is my Favourite Chocolate Bar?

8 – What is my Favourite Fizzy Drink?

9 – Who is my Favourite Music Artist?

10 – Who is my Celebrity Crush?

Round 5 – My Dislikes

Do you know what your bestie HATES?

1 – What Vegetables Do I Hate Most?

2 – Which Fruit Do I Hate Most?

3 – Which TV Celebrity Do I Dislike the Most?

4 – Which Music Artist Do I Dislike the Most?

5 – What Do I Dislike the Most – Body Odour or Bad Teeth?

6 – What Person in my Life Do I Hate the Most?

7 – What Do I Dislike the Most – No Wifi or No TV?

8 – What Cold Drink do I Dislike the Most?

9 – What Do I Dislike the Most – Being Hungry or Feeling Full?

10 – What Hot Drink do I Dislike the Most?

Round 5 – Me or You?

Answer these questions at the same time to see if your answers tally up!

1 – Who is the Best Dancer?

2 – Who is the Worst Singer?

3 – Who is the most Annoying?

4 – Who is the Best Cook?

5 – Who is the Nicest?

6 – Who Talks the Most?

7 – Who is the Worst at Keeping Secrets?

8 – Who gets the most Attention from the Opposite Sex?

9 – Who is the Biggest Attention Seeker?

10 – Who is the Funniest?



If you liked these friends quiz questions, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

Claire Roach is a professional quizzer, gamer and developer who turned her passion for knowledge into a hub for FREE quizzes!

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