The Ultimate UK Royal Family Quiz

Will you be crowned the Royal families biggest fan? From the history of the royal family to the modern-day traditions. Think family members, castles and iconic moments in British history for inspiration to ace our free Royal Family quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some right royal quizzing.

Round 1

1 – What is the full name of the queen of England?

2 – What animal does the queen own all of In the UK?

3 – What is Princess Anne’s royal title?

4 – How many grandchildren does the queen have?

5 – Who was the first royal of England?

6 – Which breed of dog is associated with the royal family?

7 – How old was the queen mother when she died?

8 – In 2022 how many years has the queen reigned?

9 – How many children does Charles have?

10 – As of 2022, where is Princess Beatrice in line to the Thone?

Round 2

1 – The Queen Celebrates 2 birthdays – True or False?

2 – There is a rule that everyone can touch a royal family member – True or False?

3 – If you marry into the royal family you can ascend the throne – True or False?

4 – When the queen has finished eating everyone else must put down their knives and forks – True or False?

5 – The royal families only income is taxpayers money – True or False?

6 -The Queen is required to have a passport – True or False?

7 – The royal family always play Monopoly – True or False?

8 – The crown estate is worth 14 Billion – True or False?

9 – The queen invented a breed of dog – True or False?

10 – The royals are primarily buried at Westminster Abbe – True or False?

Round 3

1 – In which year did Prince Harry get married?

2 – In which year did Princess Eugenie get married?

3 – In which year did Prince William get married?

4 – Who is Princess Anne married to?

5 – As of 2022 who is next in line to the Throne?

6 – Who designed Princess Diana’s wedding dress?

7 – How many years were the Queen and Prince Philip married?

8 – What is the date of Princess Diana death?

9 – What is Megan Markle real name?

10 -What year did the current royal family line emerge?

Round 4

1 – What charity is princess Diana a patron of?

2 – What years did Prince Edward, Duke of Kent as Colonel of the Scots Guard serve in the army?

3 – Who is the longest-reigning monarch?

4 – When did the royal family start using surnames?

5 – What foods are the royal family not allowed to eat in public?

6 – Who is the first royal bride with a college degree?

7 – What year did Windsor castle catch fire?

8 – Which royal is a trained calligrapher?

9 – How many times did Diana and Charles meet before they got engaged?

10 – How did Queen Elizabeth buy the fabric for her wedding dress?

Round 5

1 – What is the name of Queen Elizabeth’s main headpiece?

2 – What was Meghan Markle’s profession before she married Prince Harry?

3 – How many siblings does Queen Elizabeth have?

4 – What type of venue was Charles and Camilla denied when getting married?

5 – How old was Princess Diana when she got married?

6 – How many children does Prince William have?

7 – Why do royals always carry a black outfit?

8 – Who snuck Princess Diana into a gay bar?

9 – Who was the first Royal to compete in the Olympics?

10 – What date did Queen Elizabeth start her reign?




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