The Ultimate Stranger Things Quiz

Are you a huge fan of Stranger Things? The spooky TV series that was brought to us by Netflix is a huge hit around the world, but how much can you remember from the show? Think iconic characters, locations and Villains for inspiration to ace our free Stranger Things quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather around for some upside-down quizzing.

Round 1 – Cast

1 – Will Byers is played by which actor?

2 – Eleven is played by which actress?

3 – Sadie Sink plays which character in the show?

4 – Mike Wheeler is played by which actor?

5 – Gaten Matarazzo plays which character in the show?

6 – Chief Jim Hopper is played by which actor?

7 – Jamie Campbell Bower plays which character in the show?

8 – Brett Gelman plays which character in the show?

9 – Robin Buckley is played by which actress?

10 – Joseph Quinn plays which character in the show?

Round 2 – Characters

1 – Who was Max Mayfield’s older step-brother?

2 – What was Eleven’s birth name?

3 – Who does Eleven refer to as ‘Papa’?

4 – What number was Henry Creel (Vecna) during his time as a child at the lab?

5 – Who does Dustin Henderson start dating in Season 3?

6 – Who is Lucas Sinclair’s younger sister?

7 – Who is the leader of the Hellfire Club?

8 – Kali Prasad was what number during her time at the lab?

9 – What is Mike and Nancy’s younger sister named?

10 – Who is the oldest son of Joyce Byers?

Round 3 – Workplaces

1 – What occupation did Billy Hargrove have?

2 – What occupation does Jim Hopper have?

3 – Where does Nancy get an internship as an Investigative Journalist?

4 – Which subject does Mr Clarke teach at Hawkins Middle School?

5 – After his career in Journalism, Murray Bauman became a what?

6 – In season 4 Joyce Byers works from home as a what?

7 – What is the name of the ice cream shop where Steve and Robin worked?

8 – Dmitri Antonov from season 4 had which occupation?

9 – Susan Hargrove had which occupation?

10 – Where did both Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley get hired after they lost their jobs at Scoops Ahoy?

Round 4 – Locations

1 – Where do the Hellfire Club meetings take place?

2 – Where was the top secret government facility ‘The Nina Project’ located?

3 – In which US state is Hawkins located?

4 – Where was the first known gate opened?

5 – Joyce, Will, Eleven, and Jonathan moved where in season 4?

6 – From which diner did Eleven steal french fries after her escape from Hawkins lab?

7 – Who was committed to Pennhurst Mental Hospital after being falsely accused of killing his family?

8 – Where does Eleven go when she uses psychokinetic transport to locate other entities in different locations?

9 – In S4, in which country was Hopper held captive?

10 – Name the shopping center located at 10 Old Highway 77, Hawkins, Indiana?

Round 5 – Trivia

1 – What is the name of the Hawkins High basketball team?

2 – What are the creators of the show known as?

3 – Before being renamed ‘Stranger Things’ what was the show originally called?

4 – What was the song used for Eddie Munson’s guitar solo in Season 4?

5 – On which date did the first ever episode of Stranger things air?

6 – What killed Barbara Holland?

7 – The show’s music is composed by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, who are members of which band?

8 – Which cast member is the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke?

9 – What song did Dustin and Suzie sing over the radio?

10 – What song did Max listen to on her walkman to break Vecna’s control?




If you liked this Stranger things quiz, have any quiz requests, spotted a mistake, or would like to let us know how you got on, please let us know in the comments below…

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