Tie Breaker Quiz Questions

Have you come to loggerheads at the end of a quiz, and need to crown a winner? It’s time to settle things once and for all…

You’ll find 50 Tie-Breaker Questions divided into 5 rounds, and a free printable version of these questions is available at the end of the post.

What are Tie-Breaker Questions?

A tiebreaker (or Tie Breaker) is a deciding question that is played at the end of a quiz, it is used to determine a winner when two players or teams have the same score.

Tie Breaker Questions are usually harder numerical questions such as guessing dates, weight or time – where the correct answer can be given to the closest guess (so that the game actually does finish).

Round 1 – Animals

1 – The world’s oldest animal, a Madagascar radiated tortoise, died at what age in 1965?

2 – Cheetahs can reach top speeds of up to how many mph?

3 – The Giant Pacific Octopus has how many brains?

4 – Grey-headed Albatross can circle the globe in how many days?

5 – An 8000 year old carving on a rock face in Saudi Arabia shows a man hunting with how many dogs?

6 – The world’s smallest dog was a Yorkshire Terrier, which weighed how many ounces?

7 – How many species of penguins are there?

8 – A Cat has how many muscles in each ear?

9 – What percentage of human DNA is shared with Slugs?

10 – How many species of dolphins are there?


Round 2 – Fame & Fortune

1 – Jeff & MacKenzie Bezos divorced in 2019, how many billions of dollars did she get in her settlement?

2 – In which year was Elvis Presley born?

3 – After her divorce to Paul, Heather McCartney was awarded how much by a judge?

4 – Writer, George Orwell dies in which year?

5 – Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton married in which year?

6 – Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock’s marriage lasted how many months?

7 – Michael & Juanita Jordan divorced in 2006, how many millions of dollars was she awarded?

8 – How many children does Duane “Dog” Chapman have?

9 – How many copies of prince harry’s book ‘Spare’ were purchased on release day?

10 – In which year did actress Audrey Hepburn die?


Round 3 – Historical Events

1 – The Treaty of London was signed by Great Britain, France and Russia in which year?

2 – The wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip took place in which year?

3 – The first basketballs were produced in which year?

4 – How many hours after the launch of Apollo 11 did it take Neil Armstrong to step foot on the moon?

5 – The Black Death first reached England in which year?

6 – How many full years did queen victoria reign?

7 – In which year was the first mobile phone conversation?

8 – In which year was the first ever email sent?

9 – In which year was the first ever video uploaded to YouTube?

10 – The official demolition of the Berlin wall began in which year?


Round 4 – TV & Film

1 – In which year did actress Demi Moore make her film debut?

2 – How many US dollars was Sean William Scott (Stiffler) paid for his role in the film ‘American Pie’?

3 – The Full Monty was released in which year?

4 – How many years did British TV soap opera ‘Brookside’ run for?

5 – How many episodes of TV show ‘Friends’ were released in total?

6 – What is the run time in minutes of Disney’s ‘The Lion King’?

7 – What is the run time in hours of the 1987 film ‘The Cure for Insomnia’?

8 – In which year was the film ‘Rocky IV’ released?

9 – In which year was the first ever Disney feature film released?

10 – How many years did the TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ run?


Round 5 – Facts & Figures

1 – The greatest officially recorded number of children born to one mother is how many?

2 – The largest diamond ever found was how many carats?

3 – Uranus has how many years of continuous darkness?

4 – The adult human body has how many bones?

5 – How many chemical elements are there?

6 – The most complete memorization of Pi lasted how many decimal places?

7 – How many letters of the alphabet are used on the periodic table?

8 – The Roman numeral XVII is what number?

9 – How tall is the world’s largest pyramid in ft?

10 – How many miles long is the river Nile?




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