The Ultimate Wedding Quiz

Looking for a unique way to celebrate your marriage? Try out our weddings trivia. Think celebrity and Royal weddings, locations, dress designers and vivacious venues for inspiration to ace our free wedding quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some romantic quizzing.

Round 1

1 – In which year did Prince William & Kate marry?

2 – Who walked Meghan Markle down the Aisle?

3 – How did the Queen purchase the fabric for her wedding dress?

4 – Who designed Princess Diana’s Wedding dress?

5 – Why did Charles and Camilla have a Civil Ceremony?

6 – Who is Princess Anne’s first husband?

7 – Which royal did Sarah Ferguson marry?

8 – What date did Princess Eugenie marry Jack Brooksbank?

9 – Which Royal couple had the longest marriage in British royal history?

10 – What is the most famous location for British Royal Weddings?

Round 2

1 – How much did Peter Andre & Katie Price’s wedding cost?

2 – How much did Victoria Beckham’s wedding gown cost?

3 – How many years were Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Married?

4 – Where did Channing Tatum meet his Wife Jenna Dewan?

5 – What colour was Sarah Jessica Parker’s wedding dress?

6 – How many wedding dresses did Paris Hilton wear on her wedding day?

7 – How long was Priyanka Chopra’s wedding veil?

8 – Who did Ellen DeGeneres marry in 2008?

9 – Who has the shortest Celebrity marriage of 55 Hours?

10 – How many times has Nicholas Cage been married?

Round 3

1 – What are white wedding dresses a sign of?

2 – What does “something old” represent?

3 – What does “something new” represent?

4 – What does “something borrowed” represent?

5 – Which colour is worn to represent purity, love, and fidelity?

6 – Where did the tradition of wedding rings come from?

7 – Why is rice thrown at weddings?

8 – Which guests would participate in the Boquet toss?

9 – Why is a sliver six-pence placed in the bride’s shoe?

10 – Carrying the bride over the threshold originates from which country?

Round 4

1 – What is the most popular wedding cake flavour?

2 – Which is the most used flowers at weddings?

3 – When did St Patrick declare Women can propose to men?

4 – In which country did the world’s first same-sex marriage take place?

5 – As of February 2021 what is the most popular wedding ring metal?

6 – Why are Engagement and Wedding rings worn on the fourth finger of the left hand?

7 – In which country do people wear their wedding rings on their right hand?

8 – What is the most popular engagement ring setting?

9 – What colour are most wedding dresses in China?

10 – Which city in the USA is known as the marriage capital of the world?

Round 5

1 – Why do Norwegian brides wear crowns?

2 – Why are Congolese couples not allowed to smile on their wedding day?

3 – Gretna Green in Scotland is popular for couples who want to what?

4 – In Cuba, any male dancing with the bride pins what to her dress?

5 – In Germany sawing a log in half proves what about the newlywed couple?

6 – Where do love spoons originate?

7 – According to Hindu tradition, rain on your wedding day is considered what?

8 – In which country do brides and grooms traditionally cross-dress to confuse evil spirits?

9 – Where does the tradition of wedding cake originate?

10 – What is the name of the wedding ritual in which the bride’s and groom’s hands are tied together?




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