The Ultimate Alcohol Quiz

Alcohol quiz questions are perfect for a pub quiz! From modern-day cocktails to historic events including alcohol. Think tasty tipples and best-selling booze for inspiration to ace our free alcohol quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some HIC-tastic quizzing.

Round 1 – Cocktails

1 – What is the best selling cocktail in the UK?

2 – Which 3 ingredients make a ‘Tom Collins’?

3 – What is the main fruit in a Pornstar Martini?

4 – Which cocktail is made with white rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice?

5 – Which 2 ingredients make a ‘Bellini’?

6 – Which unusual, raw ingredient would you find in an ‘Amaretto Sour’cocktail?

7 – Which cocktail is made with rum, orange juice, triple sec, and sweeteners?

8 – What type of juice is used in a ‘Bloody Mary’?

9 – Which Tequila based cocktail is the USA’s number 1 seller?

10 – Which cocktail is made with ginger, vodka, lime, and soda?

Round 2 – Wine

1 – Which country does Champagne come from?

2 – Approximately, how many grapes are in a standard bottle of wine – 1000, 2000 or 3000?

3 – What is a 3 litre bottle of wine called?

4 – Some people have wine phobia, what is the name for the ‘fear of wine’?

5 – What is Rosé called in Italy?

6 – Which country does Prosecco come from?

7 – From which country does Pinot Noir originate?

8 – How do you say wine in Spanish?

9 – Do white wines Darken or Lighten in colour as they age?

10 – How many 75cl bottles of wine are in a magnum?

Round 3 – Lager, Cider & Beer

1 – Which brand of lagers slogan is “Probably the best beer in the world”?

2 – Desperado lager is flavoured with which spirit?

3 – Which brand of lager “Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach”?

4 – Samuel Allsop invented what?

5 – Which brand of Ale’s slogan is “A tasty change from the usual”?

6 – Which beverage did Captain Cook believe would cure Scurvy?

7 – Which brand of Ale’s slogan is “Unmistakable German Craftsmanship”?

8 – From which country does Stella Artois originate?

9 – What percent of all UK apples are used to make cider – 25%, 45% or 65%?

10 – Where in Ireland was Guinness originally made?

Round 4 – Alcohol Trivia

1 – What is Cenosillicaphobia the fear of?

2 – In what year did prohibition end – 1893, 1933 or 1953?

3 – Corona lager comes from which Country?

4 – In Greek Mythology, who is the god of wine?

5 – What is Sake?

6 – Which fruit is used to flavour Gin?

7 – Which German city does the famous beer festival ‘Oktoberfest’ originate from?

8 – How should a Martini be served according to James Bond?

9 – Name the Swiss cinnamon schnapps which has gold leaf floating in it?

10 – Ninkasi is the Egyptian goddess of what?

Round 5 – True or False

1 – Grapes are the most planted fruit all over the world – True or False?

2 – Dipsophobia is the fear of alcohol – True or False?

3 – It was illegal to drink alcohol during Prohibition – True or False?

4 – Amaretto is flavoured with Cherries – True or False?

5 – Malbec is a wine region in France – True or False?

6 – In the 14th Century children were baptised in cider – True or False?

7 – Effen is the top selling vodka brand in the world – True or False?

8 – As red wines age, they become darker in color – True or False?

9 – The word whisky means ‘water of life’ – True or False?

10 – Guinness is vegan – True or False?




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