The Ultimate Cocktails Quiz

Do you love a Cocktail? Cocktails are some of the most adored drinks around the world. Everyone has a favourite, and everyone loves to learn a little about their favourite booze.

In this quiz, get ready to answer some tough questions about your favourite spirits and cocktails!

Round 1 – Whiskey and Whiskey Cocktails

1 – What bitters are used in an old-fashioned?

2 – What is another name for American whiskey?

3 – Which cocktail features whisky, honey, lemon, cinnamon and cloves?

4 – From which country does whisky hail?

5 – What is the antiquated term for a measure of whiskey?

6 – What is the favorite whiskey brand of fictional character Ron Swanson?

7 – What citrus is added to a whiskey sour?

8 – What is malted when making malt whiskey?

9 – What popular soft drink was originally intended to be a whiskey chaser?

10 – What condiment is aged in barrels used to make Jack Daniel’s?

11 – What British politician famously drank whiskey highballs all day long?

12 – What variation of whiskey is known to have a slightly spiced flavour?

13 – How long can whiskey last in the bottle before its flavour starts to change?

14 – What is the name of a coffee drink containing whiskey?

15 – What is the name of a traditional whiskey glass?

16 – What is typically used to garnish an old-fashioned?

17 – How long does a spirit need to age before it can be called whiskey?

18 – How much of a whiskey’s final flavour is said to be determined by the cask it ages in?

19 – What is the name of the whiskey that evaporates during maturation?

20 – What is the minimum ABV that Whisky must be bottled with?

21 – Is an old-fashioned made in a shaker or a glass?

22 – Where does the smoky flavour of Islay whiskey come from?

23 – What natural syrup is slowly replacing simple syrup in whiskey cocktails?

24 – What was used to garnish an old-fashioned in the fifties?

25 – Why is the old-fashioned named as it is?

Round 2 – Gin and Gin Cocktails

1- Which City does gin originate from?

2 – What was the first pairing of gin and food?

3 – What berries are used to flavour gin?

4 – Where did a gin predecessor, genever, come from?

5 – What were the other ingredients for the first gin cocktail?

6 – What was genever used for?

7 – What are the ingredients of a martini?

8 – What gin-based hangover cure is seen as a predecessor to the bloody mary?

9 – Is juniper cultivated or picked wild?

10 – Who got a daily ration of gin while at sea?

11 – What is in a gin rickey?

12 – When were olives first popularised in martinis?

13 – What does the etching ‘gin lane’ show?

14 – What temperature should you taste gin at?

15 – What country consumes the most gin?

16 – What can juniper oil be used for, when the berries aren’t used in gin?

17 – What percentage of structures in London had a gin still during the early 1700s?

18 – Where does London Dry Gin need to be made?

19 – What made ‘bathtub gin’ made during the prohibition so dangerous?

20 – Why were so many gin cocktails invented during prohibition?

21 – What is the origin of the name ‘martini’?

22 – What is the name of the pipe at the top of a gin still?

23 – What fictional character prefers their martinis shaken and not stirred?

24 – Who is said to have invented the Vesper?

25 – What made the gin and tonic popular in the British colonies?

Round 3 – Rum and Rum Cocktails

1 – When was rum first made?

2 – What product is rum fermented from?

3 – When was Mount Gay rum originally produced?

4 – When did sailors typically receive rum as part of their benefits?

5 – What brewer has the world’s largest distillery?

6 – Why was rum issued to sailors?

7 – Why was rum added to grog?

8 – Where does the majority of the world’s rum come from?

9 – What does the Spanish nickname for rum translate to?

10 – What is rum said to help with?

11 – What differentiates clear and dark rum?

12 – What are the three names for rum, depending on where it originates?

13 – What ABV is navy rum?

14 – What does 100% proof rum mean?

15 – How is Solera rum produced?

16 – What minty cocktail is made with rum?

17 – What topical cocktail is made with rum?

18 – What simple classic is made with rum and coke?

19 – What citrus-heavy cocktail is made with rum?

20 – What makes up a Dark ‘n’ Stormy?

21 – Where does the rumtopf tradition originate from?

22 – What president loved making rum cocktails?

23 – What is in a rum sling?

24 – What sweetener is used in a rum toddy?

25 – Why is rum associated with pirates?

Round 4 – Vodka and Vodka Cocktails

1 – What was the original purpose of vodka?

2 – How long does a bottle of vodka last after being opened?

3 – Where does vodka originate from?

4 – What are the two ingredients of vodka?

5 – What can vodka be used for other than drinking?

6 – What surprising use of vodka requires it to be watered down and applied with a towel?

7 – What weighs more: a litre of water or a litre of vodka?

8 – What is the origin of the word ‘vodka’?

9 – How many calories are there in a shot of vodka?

10 – What cocktail is made with lime and vodka?

11 – What hangover cure features vodka?

12 – What are the ingredients of a Moscow mule?

13 – What vodka cocktail includes orange juice?

14 – What dairy product is used in a white Russian?

15 – What can a teaspoon of sugar with a few drops of vodka have?

16 – How much is a bottle of the world’s most expensive vodka?

17 – You should reach for the vodka if you get stung by which animal?

18 – How can you use vodka to help remove a band-aid?

19 – What grains are vodka typically made from?

20 – What distant location has vodka been to?

21 – When were you first able to buy vodka in bottles rather than buckets?

22 – What would you use vodka for in your garden?

23 – Where would you keep vodka to develop the flavour?

24 – Roughly what percentage of each bottle of vodka is water?

25 – How can vodka be prepared for people with dietary requirements?



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