The Ultimate Animals Quiz

Think you know a thing or two about Animals?  From tiny insects to giant zoo animals, this quiz is perfect for animal lovers. Think furry felines and slippery snakes for inspiration to ace our free Animal quiz.

You’ll find 100 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather your family or friends for some animal-tastic quizzing.


Round 1 – Insects & Arachnids

1 – Which insect is the strongest insect on the planet?

2 – What is a black widow?

3 – What insect was responsible for transmitting the bubonic plague?

4 – Which organ do insects NOT have?

5 – Which flying insect is responsible for the spread of Malaria?

6 – Are spiders insects?

7 – Fruit flies were the first living creatures to be sent into space – True or False?

8 – Which green insect, sometimes eats its mates?

9 – What disease is spread by tick bites?

10 – All insects have 6 legs – True or False?

11 – Arachnophobia is the fear of what?

12 – What is the collective noun for a group of cockroaches?

13 – Spiders have blue blood – True or False?

14 – Which insect is considered the greatest allies of farmers and gardeners?

15 – What insects communicate by dancing?

16 – Which insects have pincers?

17 – Which insect has a species called Red admiral?

18 – Which insects die after stinging?

19 – Only male crickets chirp – True or False?

20 – What is a butterfly before it becomes a butterfly?

21 – Which insects produce a substance called royal jelly?

22 – What shape are the cells in beehives?

23 – What is the most common indoor insect problem in households?

24 – Which flying insect tastes with their feet?

25 – Caterpillars have 10 eyes – True or False?

Round 2 – Pets

1- A group of cats is called a clowder – True or False?

2 – What is the most popular household pet in the UK?

3 – Which body part do horses use to communicate with one another?

4 – What breed of dog is the Queen’s favourite?

5 – What is unusual about a Manx cat?

6 – What nickname is commonly given to a dachshund?

7 – What is budgie short for?

8 – Dalmatian puppies are born with spotted fur – True or false?

9 – What is a newborn horse called?

10 – Which breed of dog can’t bark?

11 – What breed is the largest snake ever recorded?

12 – What was the name of Michael Jackon’s pet chimp?

13 – Which type of lizards can change the colour of their skin?

14 – Which breed of dog is the fastest on earth?

15 – What is a baby mouse called?

16 – ‘Felis domesticus’ is the Latin name for which common pet?

17 – Iguanas are herbivores – True or False?

18 – What unusual pet did Harry Potter own?

19 – What is the most popular aquarium fish in the world?

20 – Which popular pet belongs to the weasel family?

21 – What is a female rabbit called?

22 – Which is the only type of bird that can hold their food up to their beaks whilst they eat?

23 – How many toes does a Guinea Pig have – 10, 12 or 14?

24 – What was the name of the cat from ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’?

25 – What was the name of Dorothy’s dog in Wizard of Oz?

Round 3 – Underwater Animals

1 – What is the fastest fish in the world?

2 – What type of fish produces caviar?

3 – What is the most poisonous fish if eaten?

4 – Are sea anemones plants or animals?

5 – What is world’s most consumed fish?

6 – Where would you find a crab’s teeth?

7 – The male of which creature gives birth to babies?

8 – Which creature has eyes at the tips of its arms?

9 – What was the species of the shark from the film “Jaws”?

10 – Which animal is related to sharks, but has a very flat body and can sting its enemies?

11 – Name the very intelligent sea mammals that have long snouts and many teeth?

12 – What is a group of whales called?

13 – What organisms are at the bottom of the food chain and are eaten by many other animals?

14 – Which mammal lives in cold oceans and on the shore, breathes air and has very long tusks?

15 – What is the world’s biggest species of crab?

16 – How many hearts does an octopus have – 0, 1 or 3?

17 – What type of sea creature is Patrick from the cartoon ‘Spongebob SquarePants’?

18 – Which animal is the ‘Great Barrier Reef’ made up of?

19 – Which two sea animals produce pearls?

20 – “The Meg” is a nickname for what extinct species of shark?

21 – There is a species of Jellyfish that never dies – True or False?

22 – What is the largest species of fish?

23 – In the movie Finding Nemo, what kind of fish is Nemo?

24 – Which fish spends most of its time out of the water and can ‘walk’ on its fins?

25 – Name the only British Isles freshwater fish that can swim backwards?

Round 4 – Land Animals

1 – What is a group of crocodiles known as?

2 – What is the tallest land animal?

3 – Which bird lays the largest eggs?

4 – What are the only flying mammals on earth?

5 – Jersey and Highland are breeds of which farm animal?

6 – Koala bears aren’t actually bears – True or False?

7 – What is the largest lizard in the world?

8 – What extinct animal was originally found in Mauritius?

9 – What flightless bird is the emblem of New Zealand?

10 – What is a baby goat called?

11 – What type of animal is Shreks best friend?

12 – What animal is the closest living relative to the T-Rex?

13 – What name is given to the fear of animals?

14 – What is the national bird of The Bahamas?

15 – What type of animal is a mandrill?

16 – What bird is said to deliver babies?

17 -What is the largest primate on the planet?

18 – What kind of animal is the main character in the film ‘Babe’?

19 – What is a group of tigers known as?

20 – Which animal’s baby is known as a ‘cygnet’?

21 – A badger is a marsupial – True or False?

22 – What is the UK’s only venomous snake?

23 – Which plant accounts for 99 percent of a panda’s diet?

24 – What is the largest land animal?

25 – Which is the only big cat that can’t roar?






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