The Ultimate Birds Quiz

Will you pass this quiz with flying colours? or will it quack you up? Think bird species, famous birds and feathery facts for inspiration to ace our free bird’s quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some birdtastic quizzing.

Round 1

1 – Which Disney bird wears a sailor suit?

2 – Which cartoon bird’s catchphrase is “I tawt I taw a puddy tat!”?

3 – Which cartoon bird is the Royal Advisor to Mufasa?

4 – What is the name of the “scarlet macaw parrot” in Aladdin?

5 – What is the name of the large yellow bird on Sesame Street?

6 – What is the name of the last male “Spix’s macaw” in the film Rio?

7 – Who is the enemy of Wile. E Coyote?

8 – What are the names of Donald Ducks’ nephews?

9 – What is the name of the Female bird Charles Muntz is hunting in the Disney film Up?

10 – Which cartoon bird has a lisp?

Round 2

1 – All female birds lay eggs – True or False?

2 – A group of Birds is called a Team? – True or False?

3 – The robin is the smallest species of bird in the world? – True or False?

4 – Ostrich Eggs are the largest of all birds? – True or False?

5 – There are over 9,000 species of birds? – True or False?

6 – All birds can fly? – True or False?

7 – Birds are cold-blooded animals? – True or False?

8 – Birds don’t have teeth? – True or False?

9 – A bird’s heart and human heartbeat at the same pace? – True or False?

10 – Birds migrate in search of food? – True or False?

Round 3

1 – Which bird has the largest wingspan?

2 – How many species of flightless bird are there – 5, 34 or 57?

3 – Which species of bird is the fastest in the sky?

4 – King, Royal & Emperor are all types of what bird?

5 – The “American Woodcock” is the slowest bird in the sky, at what speed can it reach?

6 – Which species of bird is the smallest in the world?

7 – What species of bird live’s on every continent except Antarctica?

8 – What is the most popular pet bird around the world?

9 – What birds are known as “Nature’s garbage men”?

10 – Which rainforest bird has a brightly coloured bill?

Round 4

1 – This species of bird is considered the most dangerous- Especially to humans?

2 – Which species of birds are usually released at weddings?

3 – Which bird can only eat when its head is upside down?

4 – Which bird was voted the UK’s most popular wild bird?

5 – The Hooded Pitohui, is the only known poisonous bird, in which country does it reside?

6 – Which birds were used to send messages during the world wars?

7 – What is the name of the rarest bird in the world with less than 30 left in the wild?

8 – How many times can a Woodpecker peck in a second?

9 – Which birds cant move their eyes but can turn their heads 360 Degrees?

10 – Queen Elizabeth owns all of this type of bird in the UK?

Round 5

1 – What is the name of the bird that can imitate most sounds?

2 – Which species of bird has a flexible throat pouch?

3 – What is the most common bird in the world?

4 – Name the bird associated with delivering babies?

5 – This bird’s beak changes throughout the year?

6 – What is the name for the fat bird that resides in New Zealand?

7 – Which bird is found on the emblem of the journal British Birds?

8 – The Bald Eagle is the national bird of which county?

9 – What is the name of birds that eat other animals?

10 – Which birds are born with tiny claws on their wings?




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