The Ultimate Fashion Quiz

Are you a fashion guru? A clothing queen (or king)? This quiz tests your knowledge of styles through the decades to modern-day trends. Think designers, iconic celebrity outfits, catwalk crazes and fashion faux pas for inspiration to ace our free clothes quiz.

You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, and a free PDF printable version at the bottom of the page – Enjoy!

Round 1 – Fashion Designers

1 – Who were Princess Diana’s wedding dress designers?

2 – What was Coco Chanel’s real first name?

3 – Who did John F. Kennedy call “the first Italian Ambassador of fashion”?

4 – H.J. Cave & Sons suitcases inspired which two iconic designers?

5 – Which designer invented the polo shirt?

6 – Which Bronx born fashion designer was named Ralph Lifshitz?

7 – Which designer invented the miniskirt and hot pants?

8 – Which fashion designer is the daughter of a Beatle?

9 – Which fashion designer was shot dead in 1997?

10 – Which fashion designer is known for his red-soled shoes?

Round 2 – Fashion Faux Pas

1 – Which singer had a ‘nip slip’ at the 2004 Superbowl?

2 – Which supermodel fell on the catwalk in a pair of Vivienne Westwood platforms?

3 – Who once wore an outfit made out of raw beef to the MTV Music Awards?

4 – Björk wore a dress of which animal to the Oscars?

5 – Who fell on stage at the Brits in 2015 when her cape got caught?

6 – Which Royal hit headlines for dressing up as a Nazi?

7 – Who wore a completely see-through dress at the 2014 CFDAs?

8 – Which rapper accidentally ripped his pants during a performance on Saturday Night Live?

9 – Who wore a Robocop outfit to the 2007 BET Awards?

10 – Who wore Jean Paul Gaultier’s Braless Braces & Trousers at Paris Fashion Week in 1992?

Round 3 – Clothing Trivia

1 – What is a ‘LBD’?

2 – What were bloomers?

3 – What would you be wearing if you were in your birthday suit?

4 – Cashmere comes from which animal’s fur?

5 – What is a Sombrero?

6 – The Vatican declared what item of clothing ‘sinful’ when it was introduced in 1946?

7 – Designer, Louise Poirier invented what item of lingerie in 1935?

8 – Where would you wear a cummerbund?

9 – Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss invented what?

10 – Where was the first fashion week held?

Round 4 – Fashion Trends

1 – In which decade did Coco Chanel introduce the LBD?

2 – Shoulder pads were everything in which decade?

3 – In which year did the clothes show first air?

4 – Who was one of the first international supermodels and 1960s fashion icon?

5 – Low-rise and Bootcut jeans were huge in which decade?

6 – Lisa Fonssagrives is considered the world’s first supermodel, her career began in which decade?

7 – Flares and Platform heels were popular in which decade?

8 – In 1930 Elsa Schiaparelli created the revolutionary divided skirt, what are they commonly known as?

9 – What is known as one of the most stylish and iconic decades for fashion?

10 – In which decade was ‘Golden Age of Glamour’?

Round 5 – Traditional Clothes

1 – In which country do the men wear Kilts

2 – What was the traditional clothing in Ancient Rome?

3 – Which country has a national costume called Sampot?

4 – In Austria and Bavaria, what shorts are traditional costumes for men?

5 – Name the traditional pleated skirt-like garment worn by Greek & Albanian men?

6 – The Kimono is the national dress of which country?

7 – What is the most traditional Indian clothing for women?

8 – What is the national outfit in most Arab countries for men?

9 – In which country would you wear a Mantilla & a Peineta?

10 – What is the name for traditional Mexican embroidered dresses?




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