The Ultimate Christmas Food Quiz

From Christmas Dinner to Christmas foods from around the world, think Traditional Tidbits to Christmas Food in songs and films for inspiration to ace our free Festive Food & Drink quiz.

You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some tasty yuletide quizzing.

Round 1

1 – What date is National Egg Nog Day in the USA?

2 – What Christmas treats can be hung on trees as edible decorations?

3 – What is the name of a male Turkey?

4 – What is traditionally hidden inside a Christmas pudding?

5 – What would you “roast on an open fire”?

6 – In which country did eggnog originate?

7 – Which yellow food item would you find under the icing of a Christmas cake?

8 – In which tin of chocolates would you find ‘The Green Triangle’?

9 – Which sauce is traditionally served with Christmas pudding?

10 – What sweet biscuits are typically left out for Santa?

Round 2

1 – What is the name of a female Turkey?

2 – What beverage company has been using Santa Claus in its advertising since 1931?

3 – In the film ‘Christmas with the Kranks’ which tinned food item does Nora Krank fight over in the supermarket?

4 – In which Country did Panettone originate?

5 – In Japan, which takeaway food is traditionally eaten at Christmas?

6 – There are more than 110 different varieties of which popular vegetables?

7 – There are 100 million Turkeys consumed in the UK every Christmas – True or False?

8 – Stollen is a Christmas confection that comes from which country?

9 – What is ‘The Bûche de Noël’ better known as?

10 – What sweet pies are typically left out for Santa?

Round 3

1 – What are pigs in blankets called in Scotland?

2 – What is the name of the popular Christmas dinner item consisting of a sausage wrapped in bacon?

3 – What aromatic flower buds are often used to decorate and flavour a Christmas/Yule Ham joint?

4  – Which meat is often added to sprouts to make an indulgent Christmas dinner dish?

5 – In which tin of chocolates would you find ‘The Hazelnut Swirl’?

6 – What two colours are traditional candy canes?

7 – Which meat is traditionally eaten for Christmas dinner?

8 – During your Christmas lunch, what item would you find a joke inside of?

9 – Which fruit is traditionally put inside a Christmas stocking?

10 – What vegetables are typically left out for Santa’s reindeer?

Round 4

1 – What drink is typically left out for Santa?

2 – Which sauce is traditionally served with roast beef?

3 – What Bird did Scrooge give the Cratchit family?

4 – Which direction should you stir mincemeat for good luck?

5 – Which pudding features in the song “We wish you a Merry Christmas”?

6 – What type of pastry is used to make profiteroles?

7 – Chocolate Coins represent the money spent on Christmas gifts -True or False?

8 – What spice infused wine is often served warm at Christmas?

9 – Which alcohol is traditionally added to the base of a Christmas trifle?

10 – In Chile they eat their Christmas Lunch at Dawn – True or False?

Round 5

1 – Which sauce is traditionally served with roast pork?

2 – What sauce is poured over a Christmas dinner?

3 – What is the name of the alcoholic cocktail made from champagne & orange juice that is popular at Christmas?

4 – The first mince pies contained meat – True or False?

5 – What kind of pastry is usually used to make mince pies?

6 – Which alcoholic drink is traditionally used to flame a Christmas pudding?

7 – What is the most popular vegetarian Christmas dinner meat alternative?

8 – What is Croquembouche made of?

9 – Which sauce is traditionally served with roast turkey?

10 – Which Christmas goodies are shaped to resemble a shepherd’s staff?




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