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How Much Do You Know About Eurovision? If you think you know everything about the Eurovision Song Contest, test your knowledge with this 100 Question Quiz all about the World’s Biggest Music Competition!

You’ll find 100 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather your family or friends for some quizzing.

Round 1 – Eurovision

1 – Which country won the very first Eurovision Song Contest?

2 – Who represented Norway in 2012?

3 – Which of these props has NEVER been used at Eurovision: A glittery Piano, or a Piano on fire?

4 – Which act holds the record for the most points scored in the final?

5 – Who was the UK’s first Eurovision Entrant?

6 – In which year were the first nil points scored?

7 – Which country failed to qualify for the first time in 2011?

8 – What is the title of the song that came 3rd in 2015?

9 – Complete the famous Eurovision winning speech by Conchita Wurst: “We are unity, we are ………”

10 – Which country hosted the contest in 1980?

11 – Who commentated for the UK up until 2009?

12 – Celine Dion infamously won the contest for Switzerland in what year?

13 – What animal was Dustin, who represented Ireland in 2008?

14 – What did Silvia Night tell journalists not to do during her press conference for the 2006 Eurovision?

15 – Which of these countries have never won Eurovision: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania?

16 – What colour was Nicole’s guitar in 1982?

17 – Which country debuted in 1981?

18 – Which Eurovision artist had a hit with the song “All The Things She Said”?

19 – Why was the Eurovision Song Contest 1977 almost cancelled?

20 – Australia first competed in which year?

21 – Why did Australia compete in that year?

22 – Which of these song titles is a real Eurovision song: Rat-a-tat, Ding-a-dong, Pit-a-Pat?

23 – What instrument does Waylon play?

24 – Which is the biggest country participating in Eurovision?

25 – What is Iceland’s best result in the contest?

Round 2 – Eurovision

1-Which country has the most wins?

2 – Which country did Cezar represent in 2013

3 – How many points did Loreen receive in 2012?

4 – Who was the first singer to perform at Eurovision in 1956?

5 – Name the San-Marinese singer who has represented the micronation 4 times?

6 – Why did Romania withdraw from the contest in 2016?

7 – Complete the lyrics: “I may win on the roundabout, then I’ll lose on the…..”

8 – Who represented Serbia in 2010?

9 – True or False: Monaco has never won the contest?

10 – Which of these countries has only ever won the contest once? Turkey, Denmark or Italy?

11 – Why was the Eurovision Song Contest cancelled in 2020?

12 – In which Years was the contest held in Jerusalem?

13 – Which of these acts was NOT a Eurovision interval act: The Wombles, Attraction, Riverdance?

14 – What political leader did the conductor of ABBA’s song “Waterloo” dress up as?

15 – Which act holds the record for most viewed song on the Official Eurovision YouTube channel?

16 – Which country was supposed to debut in the contest in 2005 before withdrawing?

17 – What shape is Verka Sedushka’s headwear?

18 – What was the name of the presenter of the 1959 contest?

19 – How many times has Finland finished last in the contest?

20 – What did Marie N famously do during the performance of winning song “I Wanna” in 2002?

21 – Iveta Mukuchyan Controversially showed the flag of which disputed territory in 2016?

22 – Who did Azerbaijan send to the contest in 2018?

23 – What was projected onto the LED’s towards the end of Boggie’s song in 2015?

24 – In which year did Andorra participate for the final time?

25 – What are the first names of duo Jedward?

Round 3 – Eurovision

1 – What garment did Bucksfizz rip off during their performance in 1981?

2 – How many times has Luxembourg participated in the contest?

3 – True or false: Live animals are allowed on stage during a performance?

4 – What was the slogan of the 2008 contest?

5 – What Eurovision score record does Anne Marie David hold?

6 – Which Eurovision host mistakenly implied that Corry Borkken was old during voting in 1998?

7 – What is the name of the Italian music festival that Eurovision is based on?

8 – Which language has never been used in a Eurovision winning song? Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish?

9 – Why did France withdraw from the contest in 1974?

10 – What is the name of the Swedish singer who gave Sweden their first and only non qualification to the final in 2010?

11 – True or False: Carousel represented Latvia in 2019?

12 – Salvador Sobral famously condemned what type of music in his winning speech in 2017?

13 – Which Eurovision winner did Petra Mede dress up as in the interval in 2016?

14 – What is the maximum amount of people that can be on stage at a time during a performance?

15 – Which country came second in 1960?

16 – What is the title of the Eurovision 2014 interval song sung by Emmelie De Forest?

17 – How many times has Spain won the contest?

18 – Sandra Kim is the youngest ever Eurovision winner, but how old was she when she won?

19 – What iconic stage prop did Ukraine bring to the contest in 2014?

20 – Complete the winning song title: “Wild……”

21 – Which infamous pop singer performed in the interval of the 2019 song contest?

22 – What is the name of the monster band that won the contest in 2006 for Finland?

23 – Who represented theCzech Republic in 2009?

24 – Who was the first transgender contestant to win Eurovision?

25 – Which two countries were stage invaded in 2010 and 2018 respectively?

Round 4 – Eurovision

1 – How many times has Poli Genova represented Bulgaria in the contest?

2 – True or false: A duo consisting of a man and a women have never won the contest?

3 – Which of these countries HAS competed in Eurovision: Egypt, Morocco or New Zealand?

4 – What is the time limit on Eurovision entries?

5 – Who represented Ireland in 1978?

6 – Which country won for the first time in 2005?

7 – What city hosted the contest in 2012?

8 – Which 4 countries won the contest in 1969?

9 – What is the next line: “Take me to your heaven, hold on to a dream, take me to your heaven……?

10 – What colour dress did Mariko wear whilst representing Georgia in 2014?

11 – In which year did the United Kingdom receive their first nil points?

12 – Which country won the contest with the song “La la la”?

13 – What did host Eric Saade infamously refer to Petra Mede as in the 2013 contest?

14 – Which country has the longest streak of non wins?

15 – What was special about the Armenian group “Genealogy” from 2015?

16 – In which month is the contest most commonly held?

17 – Which Ukrainian singer was offered a seat in Parliament after winning in 2004?

18 – What is the name of the “Eurovision anthem” that plays at the beginning of each contest?

19 – How many words does the 1995 winner “Nocturne” contain?

20 – True or false: Belgium once sent a song to the contest in a made up language?

21 – In 2015, Georgia and Malta both sent songs called “Warrior”, but which country placed higher?

22 – Which country sent grandmothers in 2012?

23 – Why did Austria boycott the 1969 contest?

24 – Name the band that represented Lithuania in 2006?

25 – Why is performing in the 2nd spot unlucky for entrants?


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