The Ultimate Easy General Knowledge Quiz

There will be questions from around the globe, on all manner of subjects, so you will have to put your brain into action if you want to ace this quiz. From history and Geography to celebrities and film. You’ll find 50 easy general knowledge questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some quizzing.

Round 1 – Animals

1 – What type of animal is the cartoon character Garfield?

2 – Snails do not have shells – True or False?

3 – What type of fish is Nemo?

4 – What type of animal from China eats Bamboo?

5 – Who is Minnie mouse’s boyfriend?

6 – Octopus have how many legs – 2, 8 or 20?

7 – Which cartoon animal has the catchphrase “Eh…what’s up doc”?

8 – Tigers have stripes – True or False?

9 – Cartoon characters Pluto, Snoopy, and Scooby-Doo are what types of animal?

10 – Which is the tallest animal in the world?

Round 2 – TV Shows & Films

1 – Name the three Simpson children from the TV show ‘The Simpsons’?

2 – Jafar is the villain from which Disney movie?

3 – Name one of the leading boy characters from the TV show ‘Friends’?

4 – Which DC character with a film of the same name is the king of Atlantis?

5 – Are the Avengers Marvel or DC?

6 – In which film would you find Captain Jack Sparrow?

7 – What type of animals feature in the film Jurassic Park?

8 – Name the little green Grand master of the Jedi from the Star Wars films?

9 – Complete the film title – Reya and the last….?

10 – Are the Suicide Squad Marvel or DC?

Round 3 – Food & Drink

1 – What is the main ingredient of an omelette?

2 – Nandos is famous for which type of meat?

3 – What colour is the outer skin of a watermelon?

4 – Korma is a type of which food?

5 – Pizza originated in which country?

6 – Suchi contains rice and which other raw ingredient?

7 – What type of food is Brie?

8 – What are sheets of pasta called?

9 – What country is jerk chicken from?

10 – Which celebrity chef is famous for his cooking as well as his swearing?

Round 4 – Around the World

1 – Paris is located in which country?

2 – What type of structure is Victoria Falls?

3 – Which country has a white and green flag with a red dragon on?

4 – What does abbreviation ‘UK’ stand for?

5 – The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in which country?

6 – What does the abbreviation ‘USA’ stand for?

7 – Which country has a white flag with a red spot on?

8 – What type of structure can be can be active, dormant or extinct?

9 – What type of body of water is The Nile?

10 – In which country is the Taj Mahal located?

Round 5 – Music

1 – Who sang the song ‘All About That Bass’ in 2014?

2 – Pinkfong released which catchy kids song in 2016?

3 – Who sang the song ‘Roar’ in 2013?

4 – ‘Beliebers’ are diehard fans of which musician?

5 – What is the real name of rapper ‘Eminem’?

6 – Beyoncé is married to which rapper?

7 – A duet consists of how many singers?

8 – Which rapper has kids names, north, Chicago, Saint & Psalm?

9 – DBE is an abbreviation for which British Hip Hop band?

10 – ‘Directioners’ are diehard fans of which band?




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