The Ultimate Gavin & Stacey Quiz

How well do you know this iconic British TV show? Think loveable characters, set locations, and quirky catchphrases for inspiration to ace our free Gavin & Stacey quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather round for some tidy quizzing.

Round 1 – Where & When

1 – Which town is Gavin From?

2 – Where in Wales is Stacey from?

3 – Where in London do Gavin and Stacey first meet?

4 –  At which destination did Gavin & Stacey first admit they love each other?

5 – At which destination did Gavin & Stacey celebrate their Honeymoon?

6 – What is the name of the Italian Restaurant where Nessa tells Smithy she’s pregnant?

7 – What is the name of the Café Stacey works at on Barry Island?

8 -In which Country does Jason live?

9 – At which pub in Barry does Bryn take Gavin for his Stag night?

10 – Gavin proposed to Stacey at which London train station?

Round 2 – Cast

1 – Which actor plays Michael Shipman?

2 – Oscar Hartland plays which character in the 2019 Christmas special?

3 –  Samuel Anderson played which of Gavin’s Mates?

4 – Which two cast members wrote Gavin & Stacey?

5 -Adrian Scarborough plays which Gavin and Stacey character?

6 – What is the name of Gwen’s elderly neighbor?

7 – Which Welsh comedian plays Uncle Bryn?

8 – What is the name of Sheridan Smith’s character?

9 – Which English actor made a cameo as ‘Jammy’?

10 – Gavin and Stacey are played by which Actors?

Round 3 –

1 – What is the name of Stacey’s Stripper at her hen do?

2 – Which Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers hit did Nessa & Bryn duet?

3 – What was the theme of Gwen’s Birthday?

4 – Which girl band was Nessa an original member of?

5 -What is the name of the man Pete and Dawn try to have a threesome with?

6 – What diet is Pam on when she has 3 steaks for her tea?

7 – How many times has Stacey been Engaged?

8 – Which character’s name means Hill in Welsh?

9 – Where did Dave take Neil the baby before Smithy?

10 – How much money does Nessa owe Doris?

Round 4 – Who said it?

1 – “A dead body is the last thing you expect to find coming to work in the morning”

2 – “Fags & weed, Glue and Speed but I draws the line at Crack”

3 – “Only joking I am Gav it’s a one piece it is”

4 –  “Can I ask you a personal question? where’d you get them oven gloves?”

5 –  “Anyone fancy an Omelette?”

6 – “Oh my Christ!”

7 – “I’ve just had my very first brunch”

8 –  “Oh don’t talk to me about that dwarf”

9 –  “The truth is I don’t want anybody in this room being raped, Myself included

10 – “OH…What’s Occurin”

Round 5 Christmas Special

1 – What Christmas gifts did everyone receive from Nessa & Dave ?

2 – Which movie did Bryn receive as a Christmas gift?

3 –  How much is Stacey’s discount at Marks and Spencer?

4 – Where do they find Pete’s mum on Christmas morning?

5 – Which famous female Chef’s recipe does Mick follow for his Christmas Turkey?

6 – How many times has Dawn’s step-brother John been to Nepal?

7 – Which spice girls song does Stacey ask Mick to play on his keyboard?

8 – What did Dave use as an Engagement ring box?

9 – What was the price of Pete’s Christmas Turkey?

10 – Which classic Christmas song did Mick play on the keyboard?




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