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The one with all the Friends questions! Take our ultimate Friends fan quiz – Only the biggest Friends TV show fans will be able to ace this quiz, think cast, locations, iconic moments and catchphrases to help you ace this one.

Could this quiz BE any harder? You’ll find 100 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather your family or ‘friends’ around for some nostalgic quizzing.

Round 1

1 – Who created Friends?

2 – How many seasons were there of Friends?

3 – What is the total number of episodes ever released of Friends – 200, 222 or 236?

4 – Which actress plays Phoebe Buffay?

5 – Which actress plays Rachel Green?

6 – Which actress plays Monica Geller?

7 – Which actor plays Chandler Bing?

8 – Which actor plays Ross Geller?

9 – Which actor plays Joey Tribbiani?

10 – In which year did Friends first air in the UK?

11 – Friends was originally going to be called ‘Insomnia Café’ – True or False?

12 – What was the name of the actress who played Pheobe’s twin sister in the show?

13 – What was Pheoobe’s twin sister’s name?

14 – Which character is played by James Michael Tyler?

15 – How many times has Ross was married?

16 – Joey was Monica’s first kiss – True or False?

17 – Rachel is scared of swings – True or False?

18 – Which character sometimes gives out the fake name ‘Regina Phalange’?

19 – Which character sometimes gives out the fake name ‘Ken Adams’?

20 – What colour was the couch in Central Perk?

21 – Which sport does Ross try to play to impress Emily?

22 – Which couple had their first date at the Planetarium?

23 – What is the name of the man Pheobe marries?

24 – Name the millionaire Monica dated?

25 – Which character got their own spinoff after Friends finished?

Round 2

1- Which actor played Monica’s millionaire lover?

2 – Which actor played Monica’s older lover Richard Burke?

3 – Which two characters had jobs at Central Perk?

4 – What is Carol’s girlfriend’s name?

5 – Which character makes her first appearance in a wedding dress?

6 – What was the name of Chandler’s roommate before Joey?

7 – Phoebe carried twins for her brother – True or False?

8 – Who accidentally cuts off Chandler’s toe?

9 – Which character has a hairless cat called Mr Whiskerton?

10 – Which character’s teeth glowed in the dark after whitening them?

11 – Chandler once got stuck in a pair of leather pants – True or False?

12 – Which band sang the ‘Friends’ theme song?

13 – Pizza is Joey’s favorite food – True or False?

14 – When Monica was 14 she once got what stuck in her ear?

15 – What is the name of Ross’ first wife?

16 – What iconic instrument does Phoebe play?

17 – Which character was famed for screeching the line ‘Oh My God’?

18 – What was the name of Ross’ first born son?

19 – What was the name of Ross and Rachel’s daughter?

20 – What were the names of Chandler and Monica’s twins?

21 – Joey’s agent was called Esther – True or False?

22 – Whose name did Ross accidentally say at his wedding to Emily?

23 – Which star played Erica on the show?

24 – What was the name of the soap opera Joey starred in?

25 – Which character has a father who is a drag queen called ‘Viva La Gaygas’?

Round 3

1 – Which character got married outside Central Perk?

2 – Which character joined the ‘I Hate Rachel Green Club’ in high school?

3 – Which character is obsessive about cleaning?

4 – What gave Joey the meat sweats?

5 – Monica is allergic to dog hair – True or False?

6 – What infamous dessert did Rachel fail at make at thanksgiving?

7 – Which character got their head stuck in a turkey?

8 – Who says the first ever line on the show?

9 – Who says the last ever line on the show?

10 – Which character does Gunther have a crush on?

11 – Who sang ‘Smelly Cat’ with Lisa Kudrow at the Friends reunion in 2021?

12 – Which character dressed up as the holiday Armadillo?

13 – What is Chandler’s middle name?

14 – In which city is Friends set?

15 – What colour is Monica’s front door?

16 – Rachel got a job with which famous fashion brand in Paris?

17 – Which member of the British royal family appeared on the show?

18 – Maurice was who’s childhood imaginary friend?

19 – ‘Way, No Way’ was the name of Ross and Chandler’s college band – True or false?

20 – What was the name of Ross’ pet monkey?

21 – Rachel smoked to try to get in a clique with her colleagues at which major fashion brand?

22 – What holiday does Chandler hate?

23 – What is the name of the actor who played Phoebe’s husband?

24 – What is the title of the Friends theme song?

25 – Which celebrity hosted the Friends reunion in 2021?

Round 4

1 – Ross sent Emily 75 roses – True or False?

2 – Which country was Emily from?

3 – Ross is allergic to Peanuts – True or False?

4 – Which character won a Vanilla Ice look-alike contest?

5 – Which country did Chandler tell Janice he was moving to?

6 – Which character starred in a men’s lipstick commercial?

7 – What kind of plastic surgery did Rachel have?

8 – Monica, Ross and Rachel attended Lincon high school – True or False?

9 – What did Rachel get a tattoo of?

10 – Which actor who later went on to marry Jennifer Anderson made a cameo in Friends?

11 – What kind of animal is Joey’s friend ‘Hugsy’?

12 – Which actor played the stripper at Phoebe’s Bachelorette party?

13 – What is the name that Joey gives to his recliner chair?

14 – Which character was gifted a Porsche by their father?

15 – Which character makes jokes when they’re uncomfortable?

16 – What was Joey’s famous chat up line?

17 – Phoebe does not believe in evolution – True or False?

18 – What was the first thing Matt LeBlac bought with his first paycheck from Friends?

19 – The fountain from the opening credits is actually the same one from which iconic film?

20 – Which character is the only one not to be nominated for an Emmy for their role on friends?

21 – How many episodes did Gunther star in before uttering his first line/word ‘Yeah’ – 11, 22 or 33?

22 – The show’s original theme song was “Shiny Happy People” by R.E.M – True or False?

23 – Which is the only season to not air a Thanksgiving episode?

24 – Bruce Willis guest-starred on the show for free after losing a bet – True or False?

25 – What was the first thing Courtney Cox bought with her first paycheck from Friends?



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