The Hardest EVER Football Quiz

Are you a football Fanatic? This football quiz is very hard, and it will test even the most dedicated fans. It has a variety of questions, but they are all so challenging that only the top 1% off dedicated footy fans will stand a chance at guessing them corrctly!

You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds to play online with our click to reveal answers, or a free Printable PDF version.

Round 1

1 – Who scored the only goal in the 2013 FA Cup final?

2 – What club was Nuno Espirito Santo managed by Jose Mourinho at?

3 – What year was MK Dons founded in?

4 – Who did Harry Kane score his first Tottenham goal against?

5 – Who was England’s goalkeeper in their last 2014 World Cup game?

6 – Who did Reece James join on loan in 2018?

7 – Which Russian city hosted games in Euro 2020?

8 – Who did Jamie Vardy make his senior debut for?

9 – Who was the first Tanzanian player to score in the Premier League?

10 – What year did West Ham leave the Boleyn Ground?

Round 2

1 – How many Premier League goals did Matt Le Tissier score?

2 – Who did Peter Crouch score his 100th Premier League goal against?

3 – Which club became West Ham United?

4 – In what year was PSG founded?

5 – How many appearances did David Beckham make for PSG?

6 – How many hat-tricks were scored in Southampton’s home loss to Leicester in 2019?

7 – How many seconds did it take Sadio Mane to score his first hattrick against Aston Villa?

8 – What was the 2015 Football League Cup Final score?

9 – What country does Aubameyang play for?

10 – Who won the first FA Cup?

Round 3

1 – When was the first Merseyside derby played?

2 – Who scored the last goal in the 2019 Champions League?

3 – What club did Edgar Davids retire at?

4 – Who scored the only goal of the Euro 2016 final?

5 – What year did Wilfred Zaha join Manchester United?

6 – Which American club did Pele play for?

7 – Who were the first MLS champions?

8 – Who won the 1997-88 Premier League golden boot?

9 – Who was the first Asian player to score 50 Premier League goals?

10 – Who won the 2014 World Cup golden boot?

Round 4

1 – What is the capacity of the Emirates Stadium to the nearest thousand?

2 – Who won the 1996-97 Champions League?

3 – How many points did Derby County get in the 2007-08 Premier League?

4 – What team was Robbie Keane a player-manager at?

5 – How tall is Peter Crouch?

6 – How many goals did England score in the 1966 World Cup Final?

7 – What academy did Erling Haaland play in?

8 – What year did Robert Lewandowski join Borussia Dortmund?

9 – How many seconds did it take Christian Eriksen to score against Manchester United in 2018?

10 – Who was the youngest Welsh player in the Team GB football squad at London 2012?

Round 5

1 – Which team scored the first UEFA Conference League goal?

2 – Which country scored the first goal in the UEFA Nations League?

3 – What year did Graham Potter become the manager of Ostersund?

4 – Who scored the first Premier League goal?

5 – What was the 2010 World Cup ball called?

6 – Who finished 9th in the 2019-20 Premier League season?

7 – Zlatan Ibrahimović has won the Champions League – True or False?

8 – How many appearances did Jonathan Woodgate make for Real Madrid?

9 – Who scored a brace in the 1998 World Cup final?

10 – What does UEFA stand for?




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