The Ultimate Kids Football Quiz

Enjoy this simple football quiz with 50 easy questions, divided into 5 rounds that is suitable for both kids and adults that are fans of ‘The Beautiful Game’! Think stadiums, famous sporting event dates and players for inspiration to ace our free football quiz.

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Round 1

1 – What colour is the home kit of both Manchester United and Liverpool?

2 – Which team did Lionel Messi debut for?

3 – What is the top English league called?

4 – Which country beginning with A is Lionel Messi from?

5 – Which country beginning with P is Cristiano Ronaldo from?

6 – What shirt number did Cristiano Ronaldo have when he first arrived at Real Madrid?

7 – Who managed Liverpool when they won the Premier League for the first time?

8 – What is the biggest FIFA international competition called?

9 – What country won Euro 2020 – France, Italy or Germany?

10 – Leicester has won the Premier League – True or False?

Round 2

1 – Which team did Ryan Giggs spend his entire career with?

2 – Who is the son of Peter Schmeichel?

3 – Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham are all based in which city?

4 – How many lions are on the England badge?

5 – What is the name of England’s home stadium?

6 – What position does David De Gea play?

7 – Which country is Pele from – Brazil or Portugal?

8 – How long is one half of a football game?

9 – Which country does N’golo Kante play for – France, England, or Brazil?

10 – What colour is Chelsea’s home shirt?

Round 3

1 – What position does Harry Maguire play?

2 – In which year did England first win the World Cup – 1966, 1967 or 1971?

3 – What country is Gareth Bale from – England, Ireland or Wales?

4 – You get a red card if you get two yellow cards in the same game – True or False?

5 – What country is Zlatan Ibrahimović from – England, Sweden or France?

6 – What is the top Spanish league called?

7 – Harry Kane hasn’t scored over 100 Premier League goals – True or False?

8 – How many players are allowed on the pitch for each team at once – 8, 9 or 11?

9 – What country is Luis Suarez from?

10 – Which Country won the 2018 World Cup – France, Germany or Brazil?

Round 4

1 – What is Manchester United’s stadium called?

2 – Which country is David Beckham from?

3 – Which city do Aston Villa play in – Manchester or Birmingham?

4 – Who was Arsenal’s manager during their invincible Premier League season?

5 – Who was Manchester City’s manager when they became the first team to reach 100 points?

6 – What is an overhead kick also known as?

7 – Which team plays at Vicarage Road – Fulham or Watford?

8 – What colour is the Tottenham home kit?

9 – Who was the England manager at Euro 2020?

10 – Which ‘TT’ was Chelsea’s manager when they won the 2020 Champions League?

Round 5

1 – Which Liverpool player is known as ‘The Egyptian King’?

2 – What country is Heung Min Son from?

3 – What is the league below the Premier League called?

4 – What is Newcastle’s stadium called?

5 – What does VAR stand for?

6 – Which club did Steven Gerrard play the most games for – Liverpool or Manchester City?

7 – Frank Lampard played for Manchester City – True or False?

8 – What country is Jose Mourinho from?

9 – What is the name of the prize that the Premier League top scorer wins?

10 – In which year was West Ham’s stadium used for the Olympics – 2010, 2011 or 2012?




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  1. Hiya my name is Harvey and I am seven and from Dundee I love football and I support dundee and liverpool FC. I scored 9 out of 10 in each section. Thank you ⚽️

    • Hello ???? I’m Maximus and I am 8 years old.I support Oxford United FC and I got a 47/50.I loved the quiz ????⚽

  2. Louis gibson Reply

    I support Chelsea and I am 8 And also I love ❤️ football

  3. I love your quiz and I support Arsenal and I am 8 years old. I got 47 out of 50 on this quiz.

  4. Miller williams Reply

    Hi my name is miller,I am 7rs old,I thought the quiz was really good and I got most of the questions right ????

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