Kids Halloween Quiz

Take our Spooktacular Kids Halloween Quiz which we have made easier for Children to play.  From the history of Halloween to the modern-day trends like Trick-or-treating and Bobbing for Apples. Think Ghosts, Ghouls, and Witches for inspiration to ace our free Halloween quiz.

You’ll find 50 questions divided into 4 rounds, so gather the children for some spooky quizzing.

Round 1

1 – In which month does Halloween fall?

2 – Halloween falls on different dates each year – True or False?

3 – Who are the witches Sarah, Mary and Winifred better known as?

4 – What S is the name of the popular teenage witch?

5 – Which fruits would you traditionally bob for at Halloween parties?

6 – What large fruit do you carve to make a Jack-o-Lantern?

7 – Real vampire bats live in Transylvania – True or False?

8 – What howling creature might someone turn into during a full moon?

9 – In which animated film would you expect to see a vampire called Mavis?

10 – In the film The Witches, what does the potion turn children into?

11 – In the film ‘Monsters Inc’, what is the name of Sully’s green, one-eyed best friend?

12 – Which magical school celebrates Halloween with a feast in the Great Hall?

13 – What C is a group of witches called?

14 – What is the word Halloween an abbreviation of – All Hallows Eve or Haunted Night?

15 – On what date does Halloween always fall?

Round 2

1 – What household item do witches use to fly?

2 – When knocking on doors Halloween night, what words should be spoken?

3 – Which children’s author wrote a famous book called ‘The Witches’?

4 – Which vegetable is said to repel/scare off a vampire?

5 – What type of creature is Shrek?

6 – Who wrote the popular children’s book ‘Room on the Broom’?

7 – Name the popular Halloween treat that consists of a fruit covered in a sticky glaze?

8 – In the animated film ‘Hotel Transylvania’ what J is Dracula’s son-in-law’s name?

9 – Which insect, popular at Halloween parties has 8 legs?

10 – What do you put inside a pumpkin once carved?

Round 3

1 – What is Scooby Doo’s Ghost hunting group called?

2 – How many ghosts visited Ebenezer Scrooge in the book A Christmas Carol?

3 – What animals do Vampires commonly transform into?

4 – Vampire bats solely feed on blood – True or False?

5 – What is the name of the man/creature who hides away in the tower in the novel/film ‘The Hunchback of Notre-Dame’?

6 – Before people used pumpkins, what vegetables were Jack O’ Lanterns made out of?

7 – Which family was considered, creepy, Kooky, Mysterious, Spooky, and altogether ooky?

8 – Which spooky characters often have black cats as pets?

9 – What do pumpkins grow on – Trees or Vines?

10 – What is the name of the large metal pot that witches use to brew their potions in?

11 – You can get purple Pumpkins – True or False?

12 – In Monsters Inc, what is the name of the baby who is not afraid of monsters?

13 – In which iconic Halloween film would you hear the song ‘I Put a Spell on you’?

14 – What is the name of Scooby Doo’s best friend and monster hunting partner?

15 – Which member of the Addams family is named after a day of the week?

Round 4

1 – Halloween was first celebrated by the Druids – True or False?

2 – In the film ‘Ghostbusters’, what is the name of the slimy green ghost?

3 – Which animated character from ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ film is also known as ‘Pumpkin King’?

4 – Someone with Bogyphobia is afraid of what?

5 – What is the name of the uncle from ‘The Addams Family’?

6 – What is Frankenstein’s monster scared of?

7 – Is a banshee likely to laugh, cry, scream or sing?

8 – From the film ‘Hotel Transylvania, finish this sentence. “I don’t say……”

9 – Casper is a friendly……?

10 – What Disney film portrays the celebration of Mexico’s ‘Day of the Dead’?

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  1. Currently sat around the pool on holiday and the family have just taken part in the quiz and we all loved it. Thank you!

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