A Right Royal Coronation Quiz

Celebrate King Charles III’s Coronation with this Royal Quiz. From the UKs first Coronation celebration to the history of UK Royal Family, think Kings and Queens, past and present for inspiration to ace our free Coronation Day quiz. You’ll find 50 questions divided into 5 rounds, so gather around for some right royal quizzing.

Round 1

1 – On which date did Charles III ascend to the throne?

2 – Charles III ascended to the throne upon the death of whom?

3 – On which date will the coronation of Charles III take place?

4 – Where will the coronation of Charles III take place?

5 – Charles will be crowned in a service conducted by whom?

6 – Where will The Coronation Concert be held?

7 – The Coronation Big Lunch will take place on which date?

8 – The coronation begins with which act that symbolises Charles’ spiritual entry into kingship?

9 – Elizabeth II’s coronation took place in which year?

10 – The coronation of Charles III will take place on which day of the week?

Round 2

1 – Charles is the oldest new monarch in British history – True or False?

2 – Camilla will have the same crowning ceremony as Charles – True or False?

3 – On coronation day, Prince William is no longer allowed to refer to his father as papa – True or False?

4 – A Coronation must be on a Saturday – True or False?

5 – The recipe for the Anointing Oil contains oil of nightshade – True or False?

6 – The first coronation held in Westminster Abbey was in 1066 – True or False?

7 – Elizabeth II’s Coronation dress was worn by her daughter on her 18th birthday – True or False?

8 – Elizabeth II’s coronation took place 16 months after she was made Queen – True or False?

9 – The 2023 coronation will be the first ever non religious ceremony – True or False?

10 – Camilla is not allowed to travel in the King’s Procession – True or False?

Round 3

1 – The Coronation weekend has been code-named Operation Golden what?

2 – How old will King Charles III be when he is coronated?

3 – How old was Elizabeth II when she was coronated?

4 – Which king was coronated on May 12th 1937?

5 – Elizabeth II’s Coronation dress was designed by which British Fashion designer?

6 – Who is Justin Welby?

7 – What item from the coronation chair was returned to Scotland in 1996?

8 – Which precious metal is the St. Edward’s Crown made of?

9 – Which precious gem is located at the summit of the orb?

10 – George VI ascended the throne upon the abdication of who?

Round 4

1 – Who proposed that the coronation of Elizabeth II be fully televised inside the Abbey?

2 – The ampulla flask which holds the holy oil used in the anointing is shaped like which animal?

3 – The Sovereign’s Orb is placed in which hand?

4 – Since 1831, The Coronation ring has been worn at every coronation except that of which queen?

5 – The first televised coronation was broadcasted by which TV network?

6 – Which prime minister was against Queen Elisabeth II’s coronation being televised?

7 – St Edward’s Crown is lined with which colour velvet?

8 – Since the first recorded coronation, how many monarchs have not had a coronation?

9 – Will Charles III be the 10th 13th or 15th monarch to be crowned at Westminster Abbey?

10 – Elizabeth II’s Coronation Bouquet was made up of which colour flowers?

Round 5

1 – The Ministry of Food granted 82 applications for people to roast which animal during Queen Elizabeth’ IIs coronation?

2 – Which dish was invented for the foreign guests who were to be entertained after the Coronation?

3 – How many sitting U.S. presidents have attended a coronation since 1066?

4 – How many horses will draw the Diamond Jubilee State Coach for King Charles and Queen Camilla?

5 – A coronation is paid for by who?

6 – Queen Camilla will hold a sceptre made of which controversial material?

7 – As Charles III is to be the first king coronated in the social media age, an emoji modelled after what was unveiled?

8 – Which part of the Coronation ceremony is closed to the public?

9 – Name one British monarch that did not have a Coronation?

10 – Why was the Coronation ring omitted from Queen victorias coronation?




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